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My ancestors Moses HEARNE and Melinda WHATLEY married in Henry Co GA in 1825. Who were her parents? After the 1830 census Moses and Malinda moved to Talladega Co AL where they show up in the 1840 and 1850 census. Accompaning them were Taylor WHATLEY and Matilda (WHATLEY) SMITH. How were they all related? Were they also related to the JORDANs that went with them? Some have said that Malinda was the daughter of Jesse WHATLEY and Rachel TAYLOR. Is there evidence of this? Could Malinda be the teenage daughter shown in the 1820 Morgan Co GA household of Polly WHATLEY? Contact me at

Census Records

WHATLEY Census records for the southern states in html format for easy viewing. Based on other records there are many WHATLEYs that should be here but either didn't make it into the census, or they weren't listed in the published census indices. If you know of any more WHATLEYs in the 1850 census that are not shown here, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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