Pittsylvania County VA
Abstract of Wills

Thomas P Hughes Jr and Jewel B Standefer

(Note that this is just an abstract. If anyone has a transcription of the whole LW&T I would appreciate a copy)
[pg 117]
WISDOM, FRANCIS              D&W, p 57
D: Sept. 3, 1794             Pr: Sept. 15, 1794

Names: "I suppose I have given an equal part to
       each of my children or their representative
       at their leaving me."
       Old Mill and Isbell are to go to which of
       my children or grandchildren they please
       and the rest of my negroes I dispose of
       in the following manner: To Dr. Crawford
       Williams, negroes Lucy, George, Joe, Anny,
       Easter, Alley and Handy; Pheal, Nat and
       Ambrose together; also Nell, Henry, Daniel,
       Aron, Cooling and Shadrick in a Lot; Rachel,
       Jere, Winston, Jonathan and Celdear in a Lot;
       Harry, Toby, Mime, Rhoda and Winnie to go in
       a Lot together
       G.son: Thomas Crag - an equal share with
       Dr. Crawford Williams
       Son: Thomas Wisdom's heirs to have an equal
       part of 1 child's part with rest of my
       G.son: Lewis Wisdom, son of Thomas Wisdom,
       25 lb. extra money out of my estate
       Plantation where I now live and land to be
       sold with stock and household furniture

Executor: Dr. C. Williams, who is married to my grand-
       daughter, Nancy Wisdom

Witnesses: W'll White, Lasarus Dodson, John Hodnett

Will exhibited by Dr. C. Williams, Ex'r
Proved by oaths of two witnesses and O.R.
Sec: William Barksdale, David C. Williams, James
M. Williams, Jesse Smith, Joseph Carter, John
Wilson, William Walters