Orange County, Virginia
Will Book 2

Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman
Washington D.C. 1961

[pg 67]
Pages 332-33 Will of John Wisdom, dated 1 Sept. 1759.

Unto my beloved wife Ann Wisdom all my estate during her
life or widowhood but if she marries to be sold at auction
and the money to be put to interest for the use of my un-
married children by the Gent. hereafter named.

To my son John Wisdom a Negro girl Doll.

My estate be sold to the highest bidder after my wife Ann
Wisdom's decease by Capt. Richd. Thomas and Francis Wisdom
and they divide the money equally among the rest of my
children, John Wisdom Junr. excepted. John to have no other
part of my estate but Negro Doll.

When the aforesaid Gent. divides the money, a proportion-
able part between the two daughters of my son Francis Wisdom,

If any of the estate of Jos. Collings decd. come into the
hands of my wife Ann Wisdom, she improve it for the benefit
of my children and after her decease to be equally divided
among all my children.

My beloved wife Ann Wisdom executrix.

John (J) Wisdom

Wit: Andrew Mannen, Benja. Cave, Mary (X) Peery, Susana
(X) Wisdom.

26 Aug. 1762. Presented into Court by Ann Wisdom. Proved
by Andrew Mannen, Mary Perry and Susana Wisdom. Executrix
with Andrew Mannen and Thomas Graves her security entered
into bond.