Caswell County North Carolina Deed Books 1817-1840

Katherine Kerr Kendall

[pg 5][Deed Book S]
68 Thomas Williams of CC to Bennett Smith of Granville Co., NC, for $1300,
150 A on N Hico adj William Stuart, William Warren, John Warren, John Wisdom,
Thomas Phelps. 2 Oct 1817. Wit: John S. Hutcherson.

[pg 45][Deed Book V]
16-7 Jesse Richmond, Isaac Richmond, Joel Richmond, James Richmond, and Peggy Rich-
mond all of CC to William Richmond Sr., for $480, 115 A on Reedy Fork of Hico adj
Matthew Richmond old line, orphans of Joshua Richmond decd. 7 Nov 1816.
Wit: Marmaduke W. Kimbrough, Step Roberts, Burd Wisdom.

[pg 46][Deed Book V]
25-6 Joel Richmond, James Richmond, Jesse Richmond, Isaac Richmond, Peggy Richmond
all of CC to John Richmond Jr., for $295, 39 i/3 A on Reedy Fork of Hico adj Joseph
Richmond, orphans of Joshua Richmond. 11 Mar 1816. Proved Oct Court 1820.
Wit: Marmaduke W. Kimbrough, Step Roberts, Burd Wisdom.

[pg 70][Deed Book V]
431-2 Bennett Smith (in debt to State Bank of NC) to Nathaniel Torian and to
David Mitchell Senr., John McMullen, Major Wallis endorsers all of CC, for $1,
150 A on Hico adj William Stewart former line, William Warren, John Warren, John
Wisdom, Thomas Phelps; 200 A on Cony Cr adj John Woods, Major Wallis, Villines;
40 A adj Stewart, Phelps; negroes George his wife Nancey, Tom and his wife Sally &
their 2 children Ann & Bill; girl Priscilla, boy John - all sound & healthy
except George & his wife. 8 May 1822. Wit: Wilie Smith, John Smith.

[pg 91][Deed Book U]
315-6 William Burgess, John Burgess, Joseph Burgess to Joseph Dameron, for $355,
142 A on N Hico adj Smith, Steward, McGilvery. 28 Nov 1823. Wit: Joseph Langley,
Jos C. Dameron, Abner Wisdom.

[pg 95][Deed Book W]
2-4 Div land of Thomas Phelps decd to legatees:
1. Larcen Wisdom in right of wife Elizabeth nee Phelps 255 A adj Smith, James
Sargent, Joseph Currie valued at $892.50.
2. James Sergent in right of wife Rachel 255 A adj Wisdom, Thomas Roan, Smith.
3. Thomas Roan in right of wife Nancy 160 A adj Bennet Smith, George Roan, James
4. James, Sarah, & Nanely Roan the heirs of Delpha Roan nee Phelps, 3 lots: one
adj Tract known as Hutcherson tract, Thomas Roan; Owen lot know as Rose Tract
adj William Terry, John Woods, Kendrick, Buterie; lot of 240 A known as Ken-
drick tract adj Terry, John McMullen being total of 409 A value $813.50.
4 June 1824. Commrs: Gabriel Lea, Wm. Lea, Wm. Warren.

[pg 96][Deed Book W]
25-6 Larkin Wisdom and wife Elizabeth of White Co., TN, to John Smith & Samuel H.
Smith of CC for $892.50, 255 A on N Hico which is part of land of Thomas Phelps
decd which they inherited adj James Sargent, Joseph Currie. 8 July 1824.
Wit: Jas H. Ruffin. Elizabeth Wisdom examined in private and she signed deed of
her free will.

[pg 103][Deed Book W]
144-6 Nathaniel Torian of Person co. as trustee for Bennett Smith, to David Mitchell
of CC, for $680, 150 A on Hyco adj William Stewart, William Warren, John Warren,
John Wisdom former corner, Thomas Phelps; 200 A on coney Cr adj John Woods, Major
Wallace, Carver, Villines, dower of Mrs Woods; 50 A adj Carver, Stewart, Phelps.
25 Nov 1824. Wit: Geo Williamson, Wm. Anderson.

[pg 111][Deed Book W]
282 Abner Wisdom of CC to Joseph Langley of same, for $602, negroes woman Peggy,
girl Milly, boy Ben. 7 June 1823. Wit: James B. Johnston, John Mitchell.

[pg 120][Deed Book X]
38 Thomas W. Chandler guardian of heirs of Thomas Wiley Senr decd of CC to Abner
Wisdom of same, for $455, negroes woman Dicy & boy Archy. 3 June 1826. Wit:
Daniel Hightower, E.G. Kimbro. Proved by oath Elijah G. Kimbrough.

[pg 149][Deed Book Y]
136 Moses Langley to Joseph Langley both of CC, for $435, 174 A on Reedy Fork Cr
which came to hime from div of his father's land Thomas Langley who owned 540 A.
Wit: William Dameron, Abner Wisdom. 18 June 1829.

[pg 169][Deed Book Z]
248 Power of attorney - Hugh C. Dobbins to brother-in-law Joseph C. Dameron to sell
100 A on Reedy Fork & Hyco. 22 Nov 1830. Wit: John Montgomery, Barzillai Wisdom.

[pg 170][Deed Book Z]
280-1 Elizabeth Dobbins of CC to Hugh Dobbins, for $32.50, an undirected interest in
100 A drawn by Azariah Dobbins and part of land of John Dobbins decd, said tract
sold by Azariah Dobbins. 22 Nov 1830. Wit: John Montgomery, Barzillai Wisdom.

[pg 187][Deed Book AA]
246-8 John G. Wisdom (in debt to Wm. A. Lea & Wm. A Lea and son for several notes and
as guardian to John G. Wisdom) to William Malone, for $1, cattle, gig & harness,
furniture, tools, violin, loom & spinning wheel, crops. 30 July 1832.
Wit: Caswell Wisdom, Isaiah Cates.

[pg 215][Deed Book CC]
36-7 Joseph Dameron Sen. to his son Williamson Dameron both of CC, for love &
affection, 159.75 A on N Hyco adj Abner Wisdom, John Richmond, Harrison Dameron.
9 Jan 1834. Wit: J.C. Dameron, Jo Langley.

[pg 261][Deed Book DD]
363 James C. Dameron of CC to Daniel R. Coleman of Mecklenburg Co., Va, for $808,
tract on N Hyco & Reedy Fork adj Abner Wisdom, Joseph Langley, Nelson, William
Hightower - including house where Joseph Dameron lived & died and allotted to the
grantor as lot #2. 29 Aug 1837. Wit: Thomas Pool, William H. Morgan.

[pg 288][Deed Book EE]
293 Marmaduke Norfleet to Isaac R. Currie, for $1600, 382 1/2 A both sides N Hyco adj
Nicholas Thompson, Abner Wisdom. 3 Oct 1838. Wit: Geo G. Lea, James McMullin.