Caswell County North Carolina Will Books 1843-1868
Guardian Accounts 1848-1868

Katharine Kerr Kendall

[pg 3][Book P 1843-1844; January Court 1844]
48 Sales property of Joshua Hightower to:
Wm. G. Moore            Mitchell Currie         John K. Brooks          John Morton
Lealan Jacobs           James Currie            Addison Morgan          Rainey Currie
Maj. James Currie       Thomas W. Owen          Hiram Brooks            Green Woods
William Dameron         Lea Matlock             Anderson Brummitt       Wm. Hightower
Joshua Hightower (son of Wm.)                   John Hightower          Bluford Cooper
John H. Fuller          Daniel Jackson          Thomas Martin           Abner Stanfield
John Mitchell           James Crossett          Robert Love             Thomas Turn(er)?
Martha E. Hightower     Wm. S. Hightower        Joseph C. Dameron       Jonathon Nelson
Nathan Oakley           Abner Wisdom            Willie Turner           Sarah L. Hightower
Joshua Hightower

[pg 47][Book Q 1851; April Court 1851]
504 Inv and acct of sales of Williamson Dameron decd sold by James H. Dameron adm
on 20 & 21 Jan 1851. Sales to:
John W. Roan            William Matlock         Byrd Paylor             Wm. H. Parr
B Cooper                John L. Richmond        Yearby Warren           William Long
Archibald Paine         William Cooper          Thomas M. Johnson       Thomas Covington
Colly W. Lunsford       Nathan Oakley           Joseph Hooper           Elijah Morton
Chesley Starks          John Peterson           Ellis Dameron           Elijah Hester
Thomas W. Chandler      John Dameron            Solomon Whitlow         Melon Webster
Micajah Pleasant        Peyton Lunsford         Lea Matlock             Alfred M. Nash
Wm. P. Chambers         James Broach            Ezekiel Broach          Abner Wisdom
the widow               et al.

[pg 68][Book R 1854; Oct Court 1854]
200 Abner Wisdom - Will - w. 31 Jan 1854. All property to be sold and divided as
follows: son William Wisdom $20; grandson James Wisdom son of son William
Wisdom a choice of horses. Balance equal to all children to wit: Nancy Warren,
Sally Roberts, Polly Warren, Caty Vezley, Tavnor Wisdom, William Wisdom's
children to have one share with rest of children; Byrd Wisdom decd by his
children to have one share, Jessey Wisdom decd and his children have one share.
Exec: James Currie. Wit: Samuel H. Smith, Epps Moore.
Admitted to probate.

[pg 69][Book R 1854-55; January Court 1855]
239-241 Inv property of estate of Abner Wisdom taken by William Fuller adm and sales
of property sold 25 Oct 1854 to:
Samuel H. Smith         John Peterson           Wm. Stephens            Isaac R. Currie
Iverson L. Oliver       Wm. Chandler            Edward M. Horn          A.S.G. Woods
Dudley Y. Moore         John Flintoff           John Pool               Wm. Whitlow
Colly W. Lunsford       Nathaniel Oakley        James Evans             Thos. P. Oakley (land)
Gallatin Fuller         Davis Pittard           John Turner             Owen Cook
M.C.A. Webster          John H. Fuller          Ambrose Nelson          Jas McMullin Jr.
George T. Richmond      Joshua Hightower        James Hightower         John Fuqua

[pg 71][Book R 1855]
252 List of insolvents of Caswell County for 1849-52 returned by Franklin A. Wiley,
sheriff, to July Term 1854. (Surnames are first)(Most listed for poll tax)
(Gloucester District) Wisdom Wm. 1850 removed

[pg 79][Book R 1855-56; October Court 1855]
348 William Fuller adm of Abner Wisdom decd acct current, Payments to E.G. Mitchell,
Currie & McKee, Stephen T. Richmond, George Richmond, Joseph Langley, Smith
Constable, Iverson G. Warren, Jackson Nelson, John C. Smith, Rev. Jno Stadler
Samuel P. Hill atty, et al. Special legacy to William Wisdom.

[pg 130][Book S 1862-63; January Court 1863]
583 Inv estate of Joseph Langley decd by F.A. Wiley exec taken 1 Oct 1862.
In Confederate and Bank Notes $4200; in Gold #2287; in Silver $1340.
Bonds on Colley W. Lunsford and Walter H. Lunsford, David Richmond and Adderson
Morgan, Jefferson Whitfield and A. Loftis, John d. Long and Thos Covington,
J.K. Kea, I.& M. Oliver, John Richmond and S.T. Richmond, Joseph E. Moore,
Jno T. Pool, James Y. Richmond and Thos Martin, E.W. Owen & Dr. N.M. Roan,
et al. Doubtful notes on James O. Payne (1853), Wm. Wisdom (due 1840),
W.A. Lea (1857), others dating to 1842's; on Lawrence Van Hook (1834), T.W.
Owen (1846), James Galleher (1844).