Caswell County North Carolina
Will Books 1814-1843

Katharine Kerr Kendall

[3][Book G 1814-1815]
14 Sales estate of James Kitchen on 17 May 1814. Sales to:
{48 people including Abner Wisdom}

[pg 14][Book G 1816]
248 Sale of property of Ann Richmond on 2 May 1816 to:
{32 people including Bird Wisdom}
By James and Jesse Richmond exec.

[pg 15][Book G 1816]
251 Sale of property of Sarah Dameron 1 May 1816 to:
James Darby                  Luke Mathis          George B. Dameron
Patsey Jackson               Charles Mathis       John Hodge
William Dameron              Bird Wisdom          Samuel Hodge
Ann Moorehead Mathis                              Thomas Waterfield
   By Batt Dameron

[pg 54][Book I 1821-1822]
34 Insolvents for 1819
{49 people including Jesse Wisdom}

[pg 62][Book I 1823; July Court 1823]
216 Sales property of Mary Langley to Abner Wisdom, William Brandon, William
Chandler, James Vaughan, William Moore. by Jos. Langley adm.

[pg 63][Book I 1823; July Court 1823]
225 Settlement estate of Brittain Moore by Daniel Hightower and Daniel Jack-
son exec. Notes on Abner Wisdom, Larkin Landers, Thomas Villines, Moses

[pg 64][Book I 1823-1824; October Court 1823]
247 Thomas Phelps - Will - w. 8 Apr 1821. 3 daughters Elizabeth Wisdom, Nancy
Roan, Rachel Sargent; 4 grandchildren Rachel, Betsy, William, Nancy Wisdom
(children of daughter Betsy Wisdom); grandson James Roan to get land where
Rachel Wallis formerly lived; Justin Rone (land where Joshey Wallis former-
ly lived); 4 grandsons of daughter Rachel Sargent; Demsey, William, James,
Thomas Sargent (land where Kendrick lived); children of Nancy Roan: Fanny,
James, Annis, Ann, Sally, Clancy; children of Rachel Sargent: Dempsey,
Dradey, Betsey, Ann, William, James, Thomas. Children of daughter Delphi:
James, Sally, Nancy Boman? Exec: Gabriel Lea. Test: William Lea.
Exec qualified.

[pg 65][Book I 1824; January Court 1824]
260 Sales property of Thomas Phelps sold 6 Nov 1823 to:
Maj. James Currie       Joseph Langley          John C. Vanhook         Thomas Roan
Archibald Lipscomb      John Broughton          Hiram Lockard           Demsey Sargent
Isaac D. Vanhook        Solomon Whitlow         Alexander Griffin       Thomas Greenway
Cuthbert Wagstaff       Elizabeth Sargent       Abner Wisdom            David Drake
Robert D. Wade          James Roan              Wm. McMurray            Sally Roan
Willis Buckingham       James Jay Sen.          Barzillai Nelson        Wm. Wisdom
John Mathis             Nathaniel Torian        Young Burt              Lewis Yalock
Robert Yalock           John Fullington         Jesse Westbrook         et al

[pg 68][Book I 1824; July Court 1824]
314 Div on negroes of Thomas Phelps to legatees agreeable to will:
Children of Elizabeth Wisdom, namely Rachel, Elizabeth, William, & Nancy.
Children of Delphia Roan namely James, Sally, and Nancy Roan.
Children of Nancy Roan namely Fanny, James, Anness, Ann, Acey, Sally, and
Flemming Roan.
Children of Rachel Sargent: Demcy, Drady, Betsy, Ann, Willian, James, and
Thomas Sargent.
Commrs: Will A. Lea, N. Thompson, John C. Vanhook.

[pg 68][Book E 1824; July Court 1824]
316 Power of attorney - William Wisdom, William Stuart and Rachel his wife,
and Elizabeth Wisdom of White County, Tenn., to Larkin Wisdom of county
and state aforesaid to recover from Gabriel Lea of Caswell Co., exec of
will of Thomas Phelps decd., part bequeathed to them by his will.
8 June 1824

[pg 76][Book K 1826; January Court 1826]
136 Sales property of Nathaniel Comer decd sold 17 Nov 1825 to:
James W. Jeffreys       William Long            Tinsley Lea             John McCain
James W. McCain         William Stanfield       David Kersey            Phenias Hubbard
Barzilia Wisdom         Jesse Thomas            Bazil M. Long           John Fullington
Archd. Lea              Hugh Dobbins            William Long            Wallis Eskridge
Thomas Walker           Thomas Stafford         (also same buyers of Margaret Comer sale)

[pg 77][Book L January 1826 - April 1831; January Court 1826 continued]
8 Power of attorney - Martin Southard of White County, Tenn., to friend Larkin
Wisdom of county and state aforesaid to recover from estate of Thomas Phelps
decd late of Caswell Co. in hands of Gabriel Lea exec part due in right of
wife Nancy Southard a div of said Thomas Phelps, said Nancy his granddaugh-
ter and daughter of Larkin Wisdom. 1 Oct 1825. Signed McLin Southard.
Drury Smith and William Irvin, JP's of White Co. Tenn. approve P of A
for Maclin Southard.

[pg 89][Book L 1828; January Court 1828]
262 Gabriel Lea exec in acct with estate of Thomas Phelps, decd. Payments to
following legatees: James P. Roan, Jacob Thomas, Larkin Wisdom, John Stewart,
Elizabeth Wisdom, Allen Wallis, Ann Roan, Rachel Sargent, Elizabeth Sargent,
Patsy P. Roan, Dincy Sargent, Martin Hood, John Smith guardian for Thos. and
Jas. Sargent, William McMurry guardian for heirs of Chas. D. Wade, Alexander
Griffin, James Roan for himself for Sarah Willis and Nancey Keen.

[pg 101][Book L 1830-1831; January Court 1831]
572 Power of attorney - Hugh C. Dobbins to brother-in-law Joseph C. Dameron to
sell land on Reedy Fork Branch of North Hyco in Caswell Co., 100 acres.
2 Nov 1830. Wit: John Montgomery, Barzillai Wisdom.

[pg 109][Book M 1832; April Court 1832]
109 List of property sold of estate of James Nelson decd on 7, 8, & 9 Feb 1832 to:
{41 people including John L. Wisdom}

[pg 134][Book N 1837; July Court 1837]
107 Valuation and allotment of land of estate of Joseph Dameron among heirs to
William Dameron; James C. Dameron (adj Abner Wisdom & Willian Hightower);
Epps Moore and wife Elizabeth (adj Elijah Graves, Samuel Smith); Harrison
Dameron (on east side of Pinson's road adj Wm. Hightower, Thomas Burton).
By William Whitefield, surveyor. Plat included in book.

[pg 150][Book O 1840-41; January Court 1841]
161 Inv & Sales of Moses Fuller decd sold 3 Nov 1840 to Reubin Hawkins, Archibald
Richmond, William Evans, William Woods, William Fuller, Elijah Jacobs, Hiram
Lockard, William Thomas, David Moore, Levi Compton, Newel Jeffreys, William
Wisdom, William Fuller Jr., John H. Fuller, Jonathan Murphey, B. Cooper, et al
By William Fuller Jr. adm.

[pg 183][Power of Attorney from Caswell County Deed Books]
ii 368 Jeptha D. Brown and Deanna Brown of Gwinnett Co., Ga., Deanna a daughter of
Bird Wisdom decd late of Gwinnett Co. and Bird a son of Abner Wisdom decd of CC; David
R. Brown and Margaret Brown of Cample (?) Co. Ga., Margaret daughter of Bird Wisdom;
George W. Brown & Mary Brown of Gwinnett Co. she a daughter of Bird Wisdom - all give
power to John L. Wisdom of Gwinnett Co. to receive from estate of Abner Wisdom.
20 Mar 1857

[pg 189][Power of Attorney from Caswell County Deed Books]
ii 486 James Roberts of Gwinnett Co., Ga., and his wife the daughter of Abner Wisdom
of CC now decd to Abner R. Roberts of Gwinnett Co. to settle estate of Abner Wisdom
14 Sept 1857.

[pg 193][Power of Attorney from Caswell County Deed Books]
ii 487 William Wisdom and Joseph Wisdom of Pontotoc Co., Miss., sons of Bird Wisdom
late of Gwinnett Co., Ga., now decd. said Bird a son of Abner Wisdom late of CC, to
Abner R. Roberts of county & state aforesaid to receive from estate of Abner Wisdom.
14 Sept 1857.