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In the 1800's my FRANKS ancestors settled in North Carolina. The earliest of these was my gggg-grandfather Richard FRANKS who had settled in the Buncombe county area by 1810. He was a neighbor of Jabez JARVIS Jr and both men traded land on the Big and Little Ivy Rivers.

According to his Revolutionary War pension application, Richard was born on March 4, 1754 in Loudon county Virginia. He was raised in the Pittsylvania County Virginia Area and enlisted from there. He fought both under his own name and the name Richard BARRETT. He used the alias Richard BARRETT sometimes. In fact, his pension application reads "Richard FRANKS alias Richard BARRETT. He lived in the area known as Maggoty Creek on the Stinking River in Pittsylvania County Virginia after the Revolutionary War. In the 1790's Richard moved his family to Carter County Tennessee. His wife's name is unknown to me. They were reported to have had six daughters and four sons. I know the names of three sons, but none of the girls. They were Joseph FRANKS, Henry FRANKS born 1791, and William FRANKS, who was deaf and dumb. Henry FRANKS married Amy DAVIS, daughter of Isham DAVIS and Winnefred BROUGHTON WOODARD DAVIS from South Carolina. William married Catherine GIBSON.

Henry FRANKS and Amy DAVIS FRANKS had at least 8 children all born in the Ivy Gap area of Buncombe county. They were

(1) A female born about 1811 who was reportedly Mary Elizabeth... who married Absalom HOOKER, this may be wrong. Mary HOOKER may have been a JARVIS, the daughter, niece, or granddaughter of Jabez JARVIS Jr. She was mentioned in his 1840 will in Yancey County and her birth place is listed as Surry County. She may have been married to a FRANKS before marrying Absalom HOOKER.

(2) William FRANKS born about 1814 who married Pheobe Isabella HUNTER.

(3) James Davis FRANKS born May 6, 1817 who married Sarah AMMONS

(4) Garrett D. FRANKS born 1819 who married Diza {Dicey} CALAHAN

(5) Joshua FRANKS born about 1820 who married Rachel C. TILSON, then Elizabeth WOODARD

(6) Isom FRANKS born 1824 who married Sarah JENNINGS.

(7) Henry FRANKS born about 1827 who married Winna JARVIS

(8) John Robert FRANKS born 1830 who married three times. His wives were Harriet WOODARD, Nancy A. AMMONS, Jene Lula SANDERS.

Henry FRANKS died sometime after 1860. Amy Davis FRANKS born 1788 lived to be in her nineties. She is listed on the 1880 census of Macon County North Carolina, living with her son James Davis FRANKS. Some people list Susannah FRANKS and Millie FRANKS as the daughters of Henry and Amy Davis FRANKS. Others list Millie as their granddaughter. Susannah FRANKS was reported to be the daughter of Henry's brother William FRANKS and Catherine GIBSON. William and Susannah were living with Henry and Amy in 1850 and it is unclear who her parents were.

One source says that Millie FRANKS was the daughter of Mary [ FRANKS?] HOOKER. She was living with Absalom and Mary HOOKER in 1850. Her age was listed as 14. Millie's full name was Margaret Elizabeth FRANKS and she married Joseph Noah WARDROUPE. I have no other information on the children of Absalom and Mary HOOKER. Who was Mary HOOKER? I wish I knew.

William FRANKS and Phebe Isabella HUNTER, the daughter of Nathan HUNTER and Sarah EDWARDS, had nine children. They were

(1) Henry FRANKS born 1833 who married Teresa BARNETT in Madison County NC

(2) Mary E. FRANKS {Polly} born 1853 who married John THOMAS

(3) Amy FRANKS born 1836 who married Jacob HENDERSON

(4) Lenora FRANKS {Linnie} born 1837 who married Richard RAMSEY

(5) Martha FRANKS born March 14, 1839 who married Royal Joshua JONES

(6) Joshua FRANKS born 1841

(7) James W. FRANKS born 1843

(8) Willam Richard FRANKS born about 1848 who married Jane LEE

(9) Garrett Britten FRANKS who was born in 1872 in Georgia married Naomi Adeline CLEMENTS in Tennessee.

Garrett D. FRANKS and Diza Calahan had nine children

(1) died as infant

(2) Nancy E. FRANKS born 1840 married Levi A BLACKBURN, then James WEBB

(3) Mary A. FRANKS born 1843 married Jessie K. WILLIAMS

(4) William H. FRANKS

(5) Elizabeth FRANKS

(6) Amy E. FRANKS

(7) Garret Murray FRANKS born 1849 married Harriet KEENER

(8) Joseph Isom FRANKS married four times. His wives were Julia AMMONS, Nancy WEBB, Melissa Lucy MORGAN, Minnie MYERS

(9) John A. FRANKS born 1856 married Nancy C. FRANKS his first cousin.

Joshua FRANKS and Elizabeth WOODARD had at least four children

(1) Nancy C. FRANKS who married her cousin John

(2) Sarah H. FRANKS

(3) James T. FRANKS

(4) Emerson A. FRANKS

My gg-grandfather {John} Henry FRANKS and his wife Winna JARVIS were both born in the Little Ivy section of what is now Madison County North Carolina. They married in Macon County about 1848 and had ten children.

(1) Rufina FRANKS born 1849 married John BALL in Madison County.

(2) William J. FRANKS born 1853 married Mary HAMPTON then Lucinda FORRISTER, the daughter of James M. FORRISTER and Lucinda MILLSAPS

(3) James H. FRANKS

(4) Mary C. FRANKS

(5) Isom FRANKS

(6) Susan FRANKS

(7) Harriet FRANKS

(8) Henry FRANKS

(9) Rebecca FRANKS

(10) Newton FRANKS.

Henry FRANKS and Winna Jarvis FRANKS were on the 1850 census of Macon County with 6 month old Rufina. In 1860 They were in Washington County Tennessee with most of the FRANKS bunch and several JARVIS families. Also Absalom HOOKER and his wife Mary were found there as neighbors. In 1870 Winna and the children were in Madison County NC. Henry apparently had died and they were living with, you guessed it... Mary HOOKER. Mary's age was listed as 75. Absalom had also died. In 1880 I cannot find Winna Jarvis FRANKS or Newton FRANKS. She would have been about 48 in 1880 so she may have remarried between 1870 and 1880. Several of the children were living with neighbors in Madison County. Two with Wiley C. JARVIS, two with William JARVIS and one with Nancy BROWN and her husband. I don't know the relationship of Winna JARVIS to Wiley C. JARVIS and his brother William JARVIS. On the 1880 census the children are listed as servants. I am sure they were relatives, but I don't know if they were her brothers, or her cousins, or distant relatives.

John Robert FRANKS and Harriet WOODARD had six children.

(1) James Bly FRANKS born 1850

(2) Mary FRANKS born 1851

(3) Eunice FRANKS born 1854

(4) Winna C. FRANKS born 1857

(5) David Wayne FRANKS born 1858

(6) John Tyler FRANKS born 1861

The years of birth I have listed are mostly garnered from the census and may be incorrect. Many people have passed on bits and pieces of this information to me. Especially Glen FRANKS of Georgia, though we have never met. Anyone with information on the FRANKS or JARVIS family feel free to contact me.

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