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Couple of Pictures of my Ancestors

Abner and Martha (Fincher) JARVIS [151,863 bytes]
Elizabeth (Calloway) FINCHER [26,329 bytes]

Finding People and Places



are an important tool in genealogy. Even the government says so in this article and they would never lie to you. I've collected some map related links.


Searching for information on, or other researchers of, particular surnames can be aided by the following links maintained by the RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative

GENNAM-L Archives
The GENNAM-L Archive is a collection of E-Mail messages that have been sent to the GENNAM-L mailing list or to the SOC.GENEALOGY.SURNAMES newsgroup since late 1994. The GENNAM-L mailing list ( is a place for people to submit queries about certain names in order to locate others doing similar research, etc.

ROOTS-L Archive
The ROOTS-L Archive is a collection of E-Mail messages that have been sent to the ROOTS-L mailing list since late 1987. The ROOTS-L mailing list ( is an electronic resource for people to post genealogical queries, ask questions, and collaborate on genealogical research.

Roots Surname List Name Finder
This is a link to the Roots Surname List, a listing of almost 100,000 surnames submitted by over 6,500 genealogists. Type in a surname, hit enter or return, and a list of people researching that surname will be returned.

The USA GenWeb Project

Here you'll find a well organized effort to organize the genealogy materials on the Internet. This project is supported by hundreds of volunteers all across the county. Basically, the system is organized by states, and counties with each county having a coordinator responsible for maintaining a site of resources which are available for that county. You'll also find files of genealogy records, also organized by state and county.

Warren County Georgia

Many of my lines have gone through early Warren Co GA. In an effort to facilitate research there I have transcribed the 1820 Warren Co GA Census and made a partial transcription of the early records of the Long Creek Baptist Church. Please feel free to download these files to your own computer and/or post it on your own webpage.

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Teresa's Queries
Valeska's Queries

Some of My Favorite Genealogy Related Links links

RAND Genealogy Club Home Page
Matt Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
Genealogy SF
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet


The files below that have the extension "ZIP" have been compressed with PKZIP. A text (ASCII) file can typically be compressed by a factor of three or four to one. PKZIP is by far the most popular compression utility for MSDOS. To uncompress the files you need PKUNZIP. If you don't already have these programs you can download them directly from the Penn State software repository as a self-extracting executable.

Text Files With Strange Characters

Many text (ASCII) files, such as those produced by GACP, contain "high" characters. Special consideration needs to be given when reading these files in a Windows program.

Files file cabinet

Some files that you can download that may be of interest are:
binary file      73,523  09-18-96 Great American Census Program Ver 2.20
                                     A widely used MSDOS program for re-
                                     cording US census data 1790 to 1920.
                                     Data can be searched and sorted.

binary file     11,720  01-17-97 Removes information about living 
                                     people from a GEDCOM file.  MSDOS 
                                     freeware.  Removes dates and/or places 
                                     and/or names from everybody born after
                                     a given date.

binary file      8,819  11-23-96 A GEDCOM utility for wrapping long
                                     NOTE lines.  MSDOS freeware.

binary file      30,398  05-22-97 Solves a system of first order
                                     differential equations using a fourth order
                                     Runge-Kutta method.  MSDOS Freeware.

binary file        46,720  01-12-00 Fortran source code and data
                                     files for doing a numerical integration of 
                                     the Solar System


Unleash the power of your computer with linux; the free, robust, multi-tasking, multi-user, operating system.

Start with the The Linux Documentation Project or get answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Some of My Other Favorite Links

Search Engines

The Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information
InfoSeek Net Search

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