Prince George County, Virginia
Wills & Deeds
Weisiger, Benjamin B III
Arlington Public Library GENREF VA.6 P

[pg 012]
105 Inventory and appraisal of estate of John Dew L 37/6/5
by Edward Prince, John Lee, Adam Tapley
Presented by Eliza Dew, adm'x

[pg 034]
264 Will of Thomas Smith of Waynoak Parish, Pa. Geo. Co.
To son John several items
To son Thomas, several items
To son Patrick, several items
To son William, several items
To son Richard, several items
Son John to be bound apprentice to George Hamilton & to have his legacy
at age 21; all sons to have legacies at age 21
Rest to my wife Judith, who with my brother Richard Smith, is exec.
Dated Oct. 12, 1718
Wit:Francis (X) Sheffield Thomas Smith
Elizabeth (X) Rouse
Edward Prince
December 9, 1718 recorded

[pg 039]
306 April 14, 1719 James Vaughan late of Bristol Parish, Pr. Geo. Co. to
Cornelius Fox of same, for L 25 land called The Boyling Spring,
169 acres, next to Richard Vaughan, Daniel Vaughan, John Vaughan, William
Wit: Edward PrinceJames (V) Vaughan
Joseph Simmons
April 14, 1714 Ann, wife of James Vaughan, relinq. dower right

[pg 040]
318 Whereas James Jones the Elder late of this county, deceased, did by his
will made April 6, 1717, amongst other things in his said will made
and devised in there words "All the rest and residue of my personal
estate, goods and chattels whatsoever, I do give and bequeath to my
loveing son James Jones, full and sole executor of this my last will
and testament"
Since the law calls Negro, Mulatto, and Indian Slaves real estate.,
it may be a doubt whether any of the slaves pass to James Jones by this
Gilbert Hay, aged 63 years, deposed as follows; that he wrote the will
and that James Jones wanted the will written to his son's best advantage,
that all the slaves given in former wills to others (except to grand-
child Jane Cook) should go to son James JonesJune 9, 1719
Edward Prince age 39 years, deposes that he was witness to said will
and heard the same as Gilbert Hay.June 9, 1719
Recorded June 9, 1719

[pg 059]
455 Jan. 27, 1720 Alexander Tapley of Pr. Geo. Co. to John Hatch of same,
200 acres on east side of Powells Creek bounded on went by Powells Creek,
south by line of tree that formerly divided Adam Tapley's and Thomas
Tapley's line, east and north by lands of said John Hatch, where he dwells.
Wit: William Harrison
James Harrison, Jr.Alexander Tapley
Eliza. Tapley
Thomas (TH) Harrison, Jr.
Alee (X) Jackson
Eliza. (X) Prince
Henry (H) Harrison
Recorded April 11, 1721

[pg 070]
556 Aug. 10, 1722 Nicholas Brown, Sr. of Martins Brandon Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.
to his son Nicholas Brown, Jr. and Elizabeth, his wife, of same, for
love and affection, 50 acres lying on the south side of Harrys Run in
Pr. Geo. Co. in Martins Brandon Parish, next to John Hobbs, dec'd,
James Jones' house, Mr. John Hardyman.
Wit: Edward Prince
James MoodyNicholas (X) Brewer
Robert (X) Tillman
Recorded Sept. 11, 1722

[pg 073]
579 Feb. 12, 1722 John Davis of Southmark Parish, Surry Co. to Hugh
Golightly of Pr. Geo. Co., for L 9/12.6, 100 acres on north side of
Waughrick Swamp, and is upper part of tract formerly granted by
patent to Hugh Lee, dec'd, which is bounded by Waughrick Swamp,
Hugh Golightly. Said 100 acres were formerly conveyed by Hugh Lee
to Thomas Mitchell and Christopher Davis and heirs; and the said
Thomas Mitchell and Christopher Davis since dying possessed of
said land, it descended to John Davis, eldest son of Christopher
Witt: William (X) Cotton
William Rives
Edward PrinceJohn (I) Davis
Recorded Feb. 12, 1722. Mary, wife of John Davis, relinq. dower rt.

[pg 077]
606 June 11, 1723 Richard Pigeon of Pr. Geo. to John Avary of same, for L 5,
50 acres next to Thomas Harrison, William Short, Joseph Thomas,
Robert Rogers, and said John Avary's land., in Martins Brandon Parish.
Wit: George Hamilton
William CuretonRichard (X) Pigeon
Edward Prince
Recorded June 11, 1723

[pg 082]
675 Dec. 16, 1723 Adam Ivie of Isle of Wight Co. to Edward Prince
of Pr. Geo. Co., 130 acres in Martins Brandon Parish, Pr. Geo. Co.,
for L 35, bounded on the east by Gilbert Hay, south by Robert Hobbs,
and Capt. John Poythress, west by land lately sold by Mr. Peter Poythress,
and north by Gilbert Hay.
Wit: Gilbert Hay
Hugh IveyAdam Ivie
David Dunkesin
Recorded Jan, 14, 1723

[pg 115]
870 Feb. 4, 1725 Alexander Tapley of Pr. Geo. Co. to William Clifton
of same, for L 11/10, 40 acres, on east side of Powells Creek,
next to said A. Tapley and Mr. John Hatch, deceased, and Mr. Nicholas
Hatch's mill path.
Wit: Nicholas HatchAlexander Tapley
Gilbert Hay
Edward Prince
Recorded March 8, 1725

[pg 118]
899 Accounts of estate of Timothy Bridges for 1723
Mentions: { 57 people, including Edward Prince }
By William Hamlin, Administrator

[pg 122]
928 Accounts of estate of Philip Claud
Mention: Mr. William Hamlin, Edward Prince, Mr. Henry Holdcraft,
Richard Nance, William Renn, John Whittmore,
John Simmons, John Carter, Henry Cabinis,
Robert Hunnicutt, Edward Goodrich, Edward Denton,
John Binford, Robert West, Daniel Nance,
Instance Hall, James Thweatt, Nicholas Overby,
Lewis Green, David Crawley, Thomas Weeks.
Dated Dec. 14, 1725 by Richard (RR) Ranye & Hannah (H) Ranye, Adm'rs
Recorded Sept. 14, 1726

[pg 131]
989 Wills of William Jackson of Martins Brandon Parish, Pr. Geo. Co., Smith
To son Joshua, all my land lying on the west side of Cattail Swamp.
also blacksmith equipment, one item of which is at Walter Baly's,
and other items
To son William, the plantation whereon I now dwell, with rest of the
land on east side of Cattail Swamp, and other items, when age 21
To Elizabeth West, items
All rest of estate to loving wife, Eleanor, who is sole executrix
Dated: Oct. 19, 1726
Sons are to remain with mother until they are 20, and wife to enjoy
use of plantation during her life.
Wit: David (X) Barrett
Charles AndersonWilliam Jackson
Edward Prince
Recorded May 9, 1727

[pg 144]
1075 Accounts of Estate of Timothy Connell
Mentions: Col. Henry Harrison, Robert Doby, Michael Rosser,
William Rives, James Davis, Thomas Eldridge,
Jane Barker, Sarah Turner, John Hines,
Edward Bettes, William Harrison - Sherriff,
Timothy Rives, Eliza: Daniel, Henry Mecham,
Charles Gee, William Hamlin, Benjamin Foster,
Edward Prince, Charles Hay, William Harris
by: Charles Gee, Administrator
Audited by John Hardyman & Edmond Irby, Jr.
Recorded Feb. 13, 1727

[pg 145]
1084 Accounts of Estate of Capt. Edward Wyatt
Mentions: Jane Bilbro, Capt. Francis Epes, Col. Harrison,
Edward Prince, James Bell, Frances, Edward, and Elizabeth Wyatt
Robert Cates, Jacob, Denheart
Dated April 8, 1728 Presented in court by Robert Hall and
James Bell, Exces.
Recorded April 9, 1728