Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol I
Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants
Nugent, Nell Marion
Genealogical Publishing Co
LC 63-23761 ISBN 0-8063-0630-0
Arlington Public Library GEN REF VA.6 N

[pg 030][Patent Book No.1 - Part I.]
William Berriman, 150 acs.
Accomacke Co., 6 Aug. 1635, p.270.
In the old plantation Cr., bounding up-
on land of Henry Careleys called by the
name of fishing poynt neck, N.W. by
N. running upon a Cr., S.E. by S.
joyning on a running spring, E. by N.
into the woods & S.W. upon the Cr.
parting Henry Bagnells land & sd. neck.
50 acs. for his per. adv. & 100 acs. for
trans of 2 servts. called John Causey
& Edward Prince.

[pg 117][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
Edward Prince, Gent., 500 acs.,
Chas. City Co., Oct. 10, 1639. page
689. Upon S. side of Apcmuttuck Riv.,
adj. Nathaniell Tatum, running up by
the falls of the river one half mile. Due
for trans. of 10 pers: Seth Briggs, John
Alten, John Randall, George Spurjoye,
John Adye, John Higgins, William
Andrews, Herbert Friffett, Thomas
Masters, Christopher Rawlings.

[pg 118][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
George Mynifie, Merchant, 3,000
acs, Apr. 19, 1638, page 691. East-
ward upon Porrengers Cr., up the river
above the falls with all the islands &
creeks upon the S. side of the river as
far as the two branches of the river.
(No mention of county or river). Due
by order of court at James City, May 9,
1635. If, after survey has been made,
more than 3,000 acs. is contained in the
sd. tract sd. Mynifie is to bring in the
name of a servant transported at his
own charge for every 50 acres. Also
due for trans. of 60 pers., following:
Rebecca Edwards, Thomas Dinsdale,
Alex. Clarke, Nich. Andrews, Tho.
Newman, John Norway, William Harri-
son, Peter Arpp, Garrett Farrell, John
Rogers, Tho. Smith, Martin Kennett,
Henry Hainer, Tho. Loveing, Arthur
Perrin, Margt. Cotton, Thomas Tarrey,
John Sheppard, Owen Jones, John Tur-
ner, Patrick Alexander, Benj. Dugdale,
Thomas Lewis, Mark Haman, Thomas
Hart, Edward Salsbury, Richard Shuter,
Richard Ford, John Johnson, Robert
Croffeild, Christopher Tilman, James
Prince, Robert Edwards, Tho. Hatton,
William Ellin, John Garrince, Robert
Wilkinson. Note: In the foregoing
list there apears 37 names, while this
record states for transportation of three
score. Before the list of names appears
the following: "Negroes I brought out
of England with me." (Presumably
only the white persons were named,
the unnamed Negroes making up the

[pg 120][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
Georg Minifye, Esqr. & one of
the Councell of State, 3,000 acs. upon
N. side of Charles River, Mar. 9, 1639,
page 704. Beg. at the Creek upon W.
side of the Indian Feilds. Opposite
Queens Cr. & down the river to Tim-
berneck Cr. To be augmented &
doubled when he or his assignes shall
have sufficiently peopled & planted the
same. Done by order of court dated
Oct. 11, 1639 & for trans. at his own
costs of 60 pers.: Benjamine Pixley,
Thomas Greene, John Chapman, Henry
Martin, John Burgis, Mathew Ward,
Thomas Prince, James Sheers, Richard
Turner, 4 Negroes bought of Mr. Oldis,
2 Negroes bought of Randall Holt,
William Menifie, Francis Garrett, Tho-
mas Sharples, James Sherbourne, Robert
Williams, William Jones, John Wilkin-
son, Joane Wilkinson, Thomas Wag-
gatt, Georg Kennon, John Kennon, John
Richards, Edward Andrewes, Francis
Young, James Hawkins, Joseph Willis,
Francis Blacke, Thomas Mortar, 9
Negroes bought of Mr. Constable, John
Brooke, Thomas Howler, Humphrey
Dennes, John Tabor, Henry Ashwell,
Robert Mason, Thomas Hearne, John
Williiam, Thomas Holmes, Adam Key,
Samll. Walker, Stephen Leech, Julian
Reed, William Hill, William Munday,
Adam Coote, William Powell, Humphry

[pg 127][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
Thomas Pitt, 872 1/2 acs. Charles
City Co., Dec. 7, 1641, Page 767. At
Appamattocks River near land of Ed-
ward Skyrnes (or Kyrnes). 500 acs.
by assignment from Edward Prince at
a Court held for Henrico Co., 1 Dec.
1641, & 372 1/2 for trans. of 8 pers.:
Thomas Pitt, Walter Johnson, Edwin
Young, Thomas Browne, Samuell But-
ler, William Price, William Strange,
Penelope Laurell (or Lanvell).

[pg 138][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
Thomas Plummer, 207 acs., Oct.
28, 1642, Page 843. Bounding N.N.
E. upon land of Edward Colles, E.S.E.
upon Adam Cookes & S.S.W. upon
land of Edward Prince. Trnas. of 4
pers: Elizabeth Hatchett, Henry Bod-
ney, Humphrey Harwood, Mary Turner.

[pg 152][Patent Book No.1 - Part II]
William Berryman, 800 acs.
Northampton Co., Page 948. Bounded
on the N. by a branch of Nuswattocks
Cr. & land of Francis Martyn, on the S.
by John Tolston & on W. by Garrett
Andrews. Due for trans. of 10 pers: &
by assignment of 300 acs. by Christo-
pher Kirke, dated Oct. 20, 1640: Jonah
Jackson, Robt. Jackson, Jane Jackson,
Tho. Stanton, Millecent Cole, Arthur
Emerson, Edmund Prince, Jno. Free-
horne, Abraham Kelly, Wm. Peirce.

[pg 165][Patent Book No.2]
John Ashcomb, 829 acs., Up.
Norf. Co., Oct. 7, 1646, Page 83. Beg.
at miles end of Michael Wilcox, adj.
land of George White, E. to a place
called Newgate, to Laughleys Cr. be-
longing to the Wwd. br. of Elizabeth
River. 250 acres due by virtue of the
rights of a patent granted sd. Ashcomb
Mar. 6, 1638, which patent is surren-
dered, & 600 acres for trans. of 12 pers:
John Ashcomb, Winifred Ashcomb,
John Ashcomb, Junr., Wm. Lasher,
Richard Galloway, James Goodcross,
Madelow (or Madelene) Powell, Henry
Jones, Edward Wood, Martha Lylls,
Elizabeth Coram, John Moore, Winefrid
Jones, Tho. Salsberry, Gilbert Lake, Ed-
ward Prince, Mary Gallaway.

[pg 177][Patent Book No.2]
Mrs. Jane Pirkins, 27 acs. James
City Co., Sept. 9, 1648, Page 150. Adj.
land of Anthony Coleman & near John
Fitchett. This land was given to Alex-
ander Stoner by Capt. William Peirce
in open court and forfeited by sd. Stoner
unto John Knight, who assigned to to
William Edwards, who assigned it to
Edward Prince, who assigned it to
Robert Miles, who assigned it to the sd.
Mrs. Pirkins.

[pg 259][Patent Book No.3]
Elias Edmonds, 600 acs. Lancas-
ter Co., 10 Oct. 1652, p.99. Upon the
head of another tract of land lying on
the N. side of the Easterne branch of
Corotoman Riv. towards the head of a
N.N.W. branch of same &c. Trans.
of 12 pers: --- Needam, --- Prine,
-- Dilliard, Henry Bray, Elizabeth
Phillips, Thomas Payne, Fra. Morgan;
3 Negroes; Elizabeth Perry, Lawrence
Danby. from Abra. Moone.
{Prine shown in index as Prince}

[pg 340][Patent Book No.4]
John Phips, (Phyps), 120 acs.
James City Co., 23 Feb. 1656, p.69,
(101). Part there of in "James Cittyes
Lybertyes," beg. on the N. side of the
backe street; formerly granted unto Dr.
Jno. Potts, 20 Sept. 1628 & by Capt.
Potts, heir of sd. Dr. Potts, assigned
unto Robert Bristow & by Joane, the
relict of sd. Bristow, assigned unto Ed-
ward Prince, who assigned unto Wil-
liam Parry, who assigned to Sir Wm.
Berkeley, & by him assigned unto sd.
Phips. 108 acs. on a new tytle, beg. at
Eastermost cor. of the first survey,
bounded by land of Mr. Richard James
on the N. side & the branch of Pitch &
Tarr Swamp, Ely. to a point of high
land on Mr. Edward Travers land, on
E.S. with land of Lancelott Elay &c.
Trans. of 3 pers: Eliz. Leichfeild,
Jones Page.

[pg 403][Patent Book No.4]
Will Drummond, Gent., 4750
acs. Westmoreland Co., 20 Sept. 1661,
p.326, (446). Beg. a mile from the
Nominy Riv., S. & Wly. & on the back
of land belonging to Jno. Wood. Trans.
of 95 pers:
{...Samll. Prime (or Prince)...}

[pg 430][Patent Book No.4]
Mr. Richard Webley, Robt.
Davis & Thomas Freshwater,
7221 acs. in Rappa. & N'umberland Co.,
24 Aug. 1664, p.106(603). Beg. up-
on Eastermost br. of Totascay (Cr.)
bounding upon land of Dennis Swell-
fent & Henry Corbin, Esqr., Mr. Tingey
& Mr. Jno. Hull. Trans. of 145 per:
{...Jno. Prince...}

[pg 452][Patent Book No.5]
Cornelius Watkinson, 450
acs. Accomack Co., 10 Sept. 1664, p.
181, (71). Bet. the lands of Occahan-
nock & Machepungo, bounded by trees
of Dorothy Jordan, Arthur Upshott,
Jno. Salvadge, Jno. Stirgies, Edward
Smith & Henry Bishop. Trans. of 9
pers: Xp. Brown, Fran. Lasley(?),
Henry Vernon, Richard Prince, Wm.
Cohild(?), Jane Hopkins, Robt. Leigh-
ton, Samll. Wring, Robt. Berry.

Cavaliers And Pioneers
Vol 2

[pg 018][Patent Book No.6]
Alexander Fleming, 2750 acs.
in the freshes of Rappa. Co., S. side the
river, about 2 mi. up Powmansend Cr.
&c., crossing severall paths to Nanzaticon
&c., to land of Will. White, to Mr.
Robt. Paine &c., to maine run of Poto-
bacco Cr., over severall paths to Nanza-
ticon, thence on maine run of Powman-
send &c. 17 Apr. 1667, p.62. Trans.
of 55 pers: { list includes Samuel Prince}

[pg 029][Patent Book No.6]
John Sanderson, 300 acs. Glos-
ter Co., 20 Dec. 1667, p.104. Adj. Mr.
Cooke, running to a br. of Ware Riv.
&c. Trans. of 6 pers: Rowland Prince,
Wm. Frees, Alexander Smith, Rich.
Badger, Jno. Smith, Joane Sandwicke.

[pg 085][Patent Book No.6]
John & George Mott, 15654
acs. on N. side & in the freshes of
Rappa. Riv., 17 Oct. 1670. p.329. Adj.
Wm. Wilton, Mr. Wm. Ball, Richard
Heabeard, & over brs. of Potomack Riv.,
&c. Trans. of 313 pers:
{ list includes Row Prince}
24 rites trans-
ferd from a patt. in foll. 209 in this
book, that patt. being part of this land;
24 rites more transferd from another
patt. in this booke in fol. 73 being
alsoe a part of this land. P.L. (Phil.
Ludwell) Cl.

[pg 086][Patent Book No.6]
William Coventon, 20 acs. S.
side of Rappa. Co., adj. land on which
he lives. 19 Oct. 1670, p.331.
Same, 300 acs., same Co. & date,
p.332. On a br. of Dragon Sw., adj.
John Cole. Trans. of 6 pers: Ann
Bygott, Eliz. Pickett, Mary Long, Mary
Pearman, Jane Prince, Fra. Enugge(?).

[pg 172][Patent Book No.6]
Humphy Griffin, 750 acs., p.
Par. of Nanzemond Co., 24 Feb. 1675/6.
p.597. Beg. by the Crosse Sw. that
goes out of Barbaicue (Sw. ?). &c.
Trans. of 15 pers: Hester Yarde, Steph.
Powell, Symon Pteacher, Ann Snowe,
Eliz. Williams, Jno. Lea, Wm. Rich,
Wm. Wallis (or Vallis). Ja. Vulgar,
Denis Gresson, Jo. Ramsell, Wm.
Prince, Elinor Kerbye; Tony & Mary

[pg 260][Patent Book No.7]
Mr. John Hobbs, 381 A., 3 R.,
20 P., Chas City Co., Wayonoake Par.,
S. side of James River, 16 Apr. 1683,
p.273. Beg. at the Pouns (or Ponns)
main run, belinging to land of Benja.
Foster; crossing Swift's Br.: to Morris
Rose; on the maine Sw, to forke of the
Cattailes & Poll Run; &c. Trans: of 8
pers: Saray Guy, Hen. Vernon, Wm.
Hilson, Richd. Prince, Susanna Wilnutt,
Jane Hipkins, Robt. Crimley, Robt.

[pg 358][Patent Book No.8]
Joshua Story, 7440 acs., New
Kent Co; N. side of Mattepony Riv;
above the forke where the great run
comes into Morocosick Cr; 28 Apr.
1691, p.131. Part of 10,050 acs. grant-
ed Lt. Col. John Smith, Mr. Jno. Buck-
ner, Mr. Phillip Lightfoot, Mr. Thomas
Royston, & Mr. Jno. Lewis, 25 Feb.
1673/4; due sd. Storey by order, &c.,
17 Oct. 1688, for trans. of 149 pers:
{ list includes Eliza. Prince }

[pg 361][Patent Book No.8]
Joshua Storey, Gent., 11,620
acs., New Kent Co; on N. side of Mat-
tapony Riv., 28 Apr. 1691, p.150. Beg.
against an island, cor. to 5000 acs.
granted sd. Storey & William Morris;
to land granted Lt. Col. Jno. Smith,
Mr. Jno. Buckner, Mr. Phillip Light-
foot, Mr. Thomas Royston, to Mr. Jno.
Lewis; crossing Morocosick Cr., &c.
Trans. 232 pers: { list includes
Jno. Prince (or Prime) }

[pg 369][Patent Book No.8]
Wm. Brookin & Robert
Netles, 270 acs., Glocester Co., in
Pettcoe Par; adj. their own & land for-
merly belonging to Robert Collis; 20
Oct. 1691, p.193. Imp or 6 pers:
Wm. Hargrove, Dorothy Hargrove,
Geo. Warner, Fra. Prince, Ralph Lisney,
Tho. Higden.

Cavaliers and Pioneers
Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants
Volume Three: 1695-1732
Nugent, Nell Marion
Virginia State Library
ISBN 0-88490-083-5
Arlington Public Library GEN REF VA.6 N

[pg 237][Patent Book No.11]
Joshua Poythres, 333 acs. (N.
L.), Pr. Geo. Co; on N. side of Moc-
cosomeck Cr; along line of William
Jones, Junr; 22 June 1722, p.131.
Imp. of 7 pers: Edward Prince, Thos.
Farmer, Wm. Loynes, Christopher In-
golbe, Hugh Clark, John Geurden,
James Robbinson.

Cavaliers And Pioneers
Vol 4


Cavaliers And Pioneers
Vol 5

[pg 090][Patent Book No. 22]
Samuel Carlisle, 190 acs
Surry Co. on the S side of
Nottoway Riv., down Cocke's Br.,
adj. Gilbert Prince; 1 Aug 1745,
p.339. 1.

[pg 353][Patent Book No. 28]
William Battle, 133 acs.
Surry Co. on the S side of
Nottoway Riv., down little
Ploughman Sw.; adj. William
Barlow, Gilbert Prince & Samuel
Carlisle; 5 Sep 1749, p.636. 15

Cavaliers And Pioneers
Vol 6

[pg 021][Patent Book No. 29]
Major Tillor, 400 acs. Surry Co. on
the S Side of Nottoway Riv. & on the E
Side of the Great Sw., adj. Gilbert Prince;
3 Nov 1750, p. 296. 2.

[pg 152][Patent Book No. 32]
Henry Meacham, 400 acs. Bruns-
wick Co. adj. John Knott on the Fast
Road & Sexton; 23 Dec 1754, p430.
2. [John Knott's land can be found in
Grant Book A p.8, 316 acs. dated 26 Oct
1739, gtd. to Harmon Harrison, assignee
of William Niax, assignee of Joseph
Prince, assignee of James Wall]

[pg 239][Patent Book No. 33]
John Thomlinson/Tomlinson,
150 acs. Sussex Co. on the S side of
Black Water Sw., up the Run of Pidgeon
Sw., adj. Joseph Prince & William Heath,
25 Nov 1758, p.509. 15 Shill.

[pg 338][Patent Book No. 34]
Thomas Avent, 193 acs. Sussex Co.
on the S side of Nottoway Riv., down the
Woolf Pitt Br., up the Little Plughman
Sw.; adj. the sd Avents Liners, Joseph
Prince, John Ellis, William Hix, Robert
Sandefur & John Battle; 12 May 1759,

Cavaliers And Pioneers
Vol 7

[pg 093][Patent Book No.36]
John Prince, 253 acs. Brunswick Co.
on the S side of Moor's sw.; adj.
Goodrich, Petvay, Mr Eaton, Vaughan
& Broadnax; 31 Oct 1765, p.929. 1.S5.
[This Greensville Co. Land includes
Surry Co. PB 12, p.166, 235 acs. to
Charles Kymball/Kimball dated 22 Feb