Sussex County Virginia
Will Books A-F 1754-1806
Hopkins, William Lindsay
Iberian Publishing Company
Arlington Public Library GEN REF VA.6 S

[pg 005][Sussex Co. Will Book "A" 1754-1764]
(p. 80) Thomas Avent.... 21 Sep 1756/ 18 Nov 1757.... Son William Avent the land I live on and the land
on north side of Otterdam Swamp below the first great branch commonly called the Cart wheat Branch
and the land that Thomas Johnson lately lived on in Northington Co., North Carolina. Son Peter
Avent all the land on both sides of Otterdam Swamp not devised to son, William Avent, or devised to
be sold. Thomas Avent, son of John Avent, decd., land bought from John Golightly in Sussex Co and
Northampton Co and 175 acres adjoining which was patented in my own name. My five grandchildren
(not named), the daughters of Thomas Avent, decd., when they are 21. Daughter Mary Vincent 193
acres joining Joseph Prince and Robert Lynn in Sussex Co. Daughter Sarah Fox 625 acres whereon
William Fox, her husband, now lives. Land on Dickey's Creek in Lunenburg Co and land on east side
of the Great Swamp to be sold and proceeds to William Avent, Mary Vincent, Sarah Fox and the children
of John Avent, decd. Athaliah (?) Coosiah (Keziah?) Norris. Exors: Son William Avent and son in
law Thomas Vinson (Vincent?). Wit: Nathaniel Wyche, William Dobey, Mary Dobey and John Barlow.

[pg 016][Sussex Co. Will Book "A" 1754-1764]
(p. 222) Account of Estate of Col. Thomas Avent by Thomas Vinson, executor, shows payments to Mrs.
Atheliah Keziah Norris, John Dorch, Matthew Walden, Rev. John Noverion, Joseph Carter, Mr. Peter
Avent, the children of Thomas Avent, Jr., decd., Dr. Samuel Peete, Capt. John Machin, Lewis Solloman,
William Hyx, sheriff of Lunenburg Co for quitrents on 6904 acres, Mr. Major Tiller, Mr. Joseph Prince,
Rev. William Willis, Capt. James Wyche, Mrs. Elizabeth Eldridge, Mrs. Sarah Underwood, Col. John
Willis, Matthew Waldin, Mr. Ingram Blanks, Mr. James Stewart, John Barlow, cash from the sale of 304
acres and 390 acres in Lunenburg Co and William Doby.
19 Nov 1761

[pg 056][Sussex Co. Will Book "C" 1772-1785]
(p. 101) Thomas Atkinson.... 7 Mar 1774/ 17 Mar 1774.... Son Joel Atkinson 375 acres that I now live
on. Son Absalom Atkinson. Daughter Elizabeth Prince, wife of William Prince. Daughter Mary
Atkinson. Daughter Lydda Atkinson her mother's chest. Daughter Frances Adams one shilling. Sell
rest of my estate and divide proceeds among my children viz William Atkinson, Absalom Atkinson and
daughters, Elizabeth Prince, Mary Atkinson and Lydda Atkinson. Exors: Two sons, William Atkinson
and Joel Atkinson. Wit: Henry Gee, Samuel Northington and John Davis.

[pg 056][Sussex Co. Will Book "C" 1772-1785]
(p. 109) Thomas Pate.... 22 Feb 1773/ 21 Apr 1774.... Son John Pate the 50 acres he now lives on. Son
Edmund Pate the 150 acres I now live on. Son Edmund Pate 5 shillings. Daughter Mary Turner 5
shillings. Granddaughter Molly Jones, daughter of John Jones and Sarah Jones. My four youngest
children viz John Pate, Thomas Pate, Edward Pate and Sarah Pate. Exors: Sons, John Pate and Thomas
Pate. Wit: Benjamin Adams, John Prince and Elline Felts.

[pg 063][Sussex Co. Will Book "C" 1772-1785]
(p. 237) Account of Estate of Mr. William Burrow, decd., audited by William Claiborne, Sr. and Will
Hines, shows payments to Benjamin Tedder, Joseph Prince, Thomas Lewellin, Clerk of Lunenburg Co,
Thomas Newsum, John Morris, John Atkinson the Merchant, Dr. James Greenway, Richard Harwell,
William Connelly, Philip Burrow, Jr., Solomon Porch, Mr. Daniel Fisher, Mr. Thomas Fisher, George
Dunn, John Montgomery, John Hay, Mr. Nathan Northington, Dr. James D. Ridley, John Roberts, Lewis
Solomon, Henry Burrow, John Avent, George Wyche, Thomas Avent, John Bigben, Mary Stokes,
Frederick Dixon, Maj. Kello, John Cooper, Ambrose Grizzard, Philip Burrow and John Burrow, Jr.
20 Mar 1777

[pg 077][Sussex Co. Will Book "C" 1772-1785]
(p. 415) Ambros Grizard.... 14 May 1781 / 16 Aug 1781.... Wife Lucy Grizard. Son William Grizard one
half of the land I live on being 575 acres bought from Joseph Prince. Son John Grizard the other half
of 575 acres. Son in law John Avent, Joseph Thorp and Littleberry Mason to decide the dividing line
in the above land. Son Ambroce Grizard, when his brother John Grizard is 18, to have the choice of
a slave. My children viz William Grizard, Mary Grizard, Elizabeth Avent the wife of John Avent, Lucy
Grizard, Ambrose Grizard and John Grizard. Exors: Son William Grizard and son in law John Avent.
Wit: Littleberry Mason, Burwell Wesstbrook and Joshua Thorp.

[pg 087][Sussex Co. Will Book "D" 1782-1789]
(p. 184) Hannah Prince.... 19 Sep 1778 / 21 Aug 1783.... Son Edward Prince five shillings. Son John
Prince five shillings. Daughter Ritter Aldridge five shillings. Daughter Elizabeth Scoggin five shillings.
Granddaughter Lewsy Prince, daughter of Nicholas Prince and Mildred Prince his wife. Son Michael
Prince the rest of my estate. Exor: Son Nicholas Prince. Wit: John Pate and Thomas Pate.

[pg 111][Sussex Co. Will Book "E" 1790-1796]
(p. 135) Robert Seat.... 28 Feb 1791 / 5 Jul 1792.... Son Martwell Seat the 100 acres he lived on bounded
by his brother Nathaniel Seat. Son Nathaniel Seat 100 acres on north side of his brother's land. Son
Josiah Seat the rest of the land land I live on (233 acres). All my daughters (not named). Exors:
Nathaniel Holt and sons Hartwell Seat and Nathaniel Seat. Wit: William Prince and Joseph Prince.
(See page 142 for qualification of executor.)

[pg 120][Sussex Co. Will Book "E" 1790-1796]
(p. 342) Adam Ivey.... 3 Aug 1789 / 7 May 1795.... Son Ephraim Ivey the 100 acres he lives on. Son
Peebles Ivey the 110 acres he lives on being part of a tract I bought from Joel Maclemore with 40 acres
reserved. Wife Mary Ivey the land I live on for life and the 40 reserved acres from the total of 225 acres
I bought from Joel Maclemore. My three daughters viz Millie Prince the wife of Nicholas Prince, Winnie
Ivey the wife of Henry Ivey and Christian Ivey. Son Samson Ivey to dispose of the land I intended for
him to his brother, Aron Ivey. Son Aron Ivey the land I live on including the 40 reserved acres at my
wife's death. Exors: Sons Ephraim Ivey and Aron Ivey. Wit: Gilliam Maclemore, Burrel Maclemore,
Jr. and David Mason.

[pg 135][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 163) William Longbottom.... 27 Jul 1796 / 2 Jan 1800.... Wife Rebecah Longbottom the 125 acres
I live on. Son Jones Longbottom the above land at his mother's death Son Samuel Longbottom, Bolling
Longbottom, Martha Seat(?), Rebecca Pare and Amey Stokes. Sons Harwood Longbottom and Jones
Longbottom. Exors: Harwood Longbottom and John Massenburg. Wit: Robert Pettway and William

[pg 138][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 219) Benjamin Phipps.... 2 Mar 1797 / 1 Jan 1801.... Wife Ruth Phipps my land for life. Son
Richardson Phipps. Son Jordan Phipps. Daughter Patty Prince, the wife of John Prince. Daughter
Susanna Mosby, the wife of Cary Mosby. Son in law Joseph Prince. Son John Phipps my land at the
death of my wife. Exors: Richard Drewry and John Harwood. Wit: Charles Holt, John Key and
Thomas Blunt. (See page 288 for administrator.)

[pg 139][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 237) William Prince.... 22 Feb 1801 / 5 Mar 1801.... Wife Elizabeth Prince 1/3 of my land. My four
children viz Joseph Prince, William Prince, John Prince and Nancy Prince. Exors: Sons William Prince
and John Prince. Wit: Frederick Rowland, Nathaniel Rowland and Moses Stokes.

[pg 144][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 318) Inventory of Estate of William Prince, Sr., decd. 5 May 1803

[pg 144][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 319) Account of Sale of Estate of William Prince, decd., shows Elizabeth Prince, John Prince and
Joseph Prince. 5 May 1803

[pg 144][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 321) Account of Estate of William Prince, decd., with William Prince, executor. 5 May 1803

[pg 151][Sussex Co. Will Book "F" 1796-1806]
(p. 465) Edward Pate.... 29 Oct 1804 / 4 Apr 1805.... Son Cordy Pate 20 acres I purchased of Nicholas
Prince on north side of the new road and whereon he now lives. Daughter Rebeccah Pate. Daughter
Lucy Pate. Two sons Edward Pate and Hartwell Pate to have 2 years of schooling. Son Edmund Pate
to have 1 year of schooling. Three sons Harbert Pate, Hardy Pate and Henry Pate have already received
their shares. Grandson Burrel Pate, the son of my daughter Rebeccah Pate. My two tracts of land to
be sold. Exors: Three sons Harbert Pate, Hartwell Pate and Henry Pate. Wit: William Pate, Peterson
Pate and L. Mason.