Surry County Virginia
Deeds, 1684-1733
and Other Court Papers
Hopkins, William Lindsay
Iberian Publishing Company
Arlington Public Library

[pg 029][Surry County Deeds, Wills, Etc. #4 1687-1694]
(p. 186) 28 Feb 1690.... John Prince appoints his wife, Sarah Prince, as his attorney.
Wit: William Foreman and Robert RandallJohn (X) Prince
Rec: 3 Mar 1690

[pg 111][Surry County Deeds, Wills, Etc. #7 1715-1730]
(p.283) 19 Sep 1720.... Charles Williams and wife, Ann Williams, of Waynoke Parish
in Prince George County, carpenter, to Edward Prince, Clerk of Westopher Parish in
Prince George County, for 8 pounds lawful money.... 145 acres on south side of main
Blackwater Swamp (being part of 295 acres formerly belonging to William Williams of
Prince George County) and bounded by Indian Robins Branch and William Williams.
Wit: Robert Jeffreys, Richard Rives and George (X) IvyCharles (X) Williams
Rec: 19 Oct 1720

[pg 143][Surry County Deeds, Wills, Etc. #7 1715-1730]
(p.803) 10 May 1728.... Thomas Weeks of Prince George County to John Rosser of
the same for 5 pounds current money.... 100 acres on Black Swamp. Elizabeth
Weeks, wife of Thomas Weeks, relinquished her Right of Dower.)
Wit: Gilbert Hay and Edward Prince.Thomas Weeks
Rec: 15 May 1728