Surry County, Virginia
Deed Book 4 (1742-1747)
TLC Genealogy
Fort Worth Public Library GEN 975.5562

[pg 23]
Page 157. Apprenticeship. Sep 21, 1743 indenture between
Mary Hays of Southmark Parish in S, in behalf of her son
Edward Griffis, and James Anderson of Austin County. Mary
Hays has put and bound her son as an apprentice, to serve
Anderson until he reaches age 21, during which time, the
apprentice shall not frequent ordinaries, horse races, or
other public places without leave first had, nor otherwise
absent himself from his master's service, harm his master,
well and orderly to behave himself to his master or mistress
and the rest of his family, diligently observing his
master's legal commands. In return, Anderson will teach
Griffis the art and mystery of a carpenter's trade, find him
sufficient diet, washing, clothing, and lodging, pay his
levy, and at the expiration of the term, give Griffis 3 or
the value in goods, and also to find him tools to build a
house, that is, hand saws, drawing knife, adds, hammer, 2
chisels, a gouge, 2 augers square & rule & compasses. Signed
- Mary Hays, James Anderson. Wit - Augustine Jones, George
(X his mark) Barker, Jas Anderson [sic]. Recorded Sep 21,

[pg 23]
Page 158. I, Elizabeth Hight of Southmark Parish in S, bind
myself to David Dunkinson of same in the sum of 100 this
Apr 14, 1730. Elizabeth Hight is about to marry David
Dunkinson, hence this marriage contract. I promise that if I
survive David, although there are laws that make certain
provision for widows, yet I do have, for divers good causes,
agreed with David that in lieu of such lawful allowance, I
will be fully satisfied with such a part of his estate as
shall seem to him convenient to bestow upon me. Signed -
Elizabeth (E for mark) Hight. Wit - John (H his mark) Hay,
Susanah (P her mark) Prince Recorded Sep 21, 1743.

[pg 34]
Page 226. Jun 13, 1744 from William Peebles of the Parish of
Martins Brandon in the County of Prince George, to William
Adams Jr of same, for divers good causes and for 7, about
100 acres on the south side of the main Black Water Swamp in
Albemarle Parish in S, and is part of a greater tract of
land granted to the said William Peebles by patent dated Oct
13, 1727, and bounded by Edward Prince, Peebles' Meadow.
Signed - William (WP his mark) Peebles (Pleebles). Wit -
Joseph Carter, Daniel Winn, Daniel Carter. Recorded Jul 18,

[pg 65]
Page 488. Nov 18, 1746 from William Adams of Prince Georges
County, to John Tomlinson Jr of S, for divers causes and for
10, one message or parcel of land on the west side of
Black Swamp, being one half of a tract of land patented to
William Peebles on Oct 13, 1727, bounded by Peebles Meadow
on the Black Swamp, thence to Edward Prince, the dividing
line between John Peebles & Thomas Peebles, about 100 acres.
Signed - William (+ his mark) Adams, Hannah Adams. Wit -
Joshua Tatum, John (I his mark) Underhill. Recorded Jan 21,
1746. This deed was acknowledged by William Adams and
Hannah, his wife.