Surry County, Virginia,
Wills, Estate Accounts and Inventories
Hart, Lyndon H III
Southern Historical Press
Fort Worth Public Library GEN 975.5562 H

[pg 08][Deed, Etc. Book No. 8, 1730-1738]
Page 285: Thomas Simmons of Lyons (Lawnes) Creek Parish, Surry. Will.
Date: 7 Feb. 1725/26. Rec.: 18 Apr. 1733. Joseph Sim-
mons, Executor. Sons: Thomas, Joseph and Edward. Wife:
Sarah. Daughter: Elizabeth Simmons. Witnesses: Bernard
Sykes, Edward Prince and Edward Prince, Jr.

[pg 67][Will Book 10]
Page 138: Gilbert Hay of Surry. Will. Date: 14 Apr. 1758. Rec.: 18
Apr. 1758. Edward Weaver and James Holloway, Executors. Son-
in-law: John Griffis. Cousin Gilbirt Hay, son of Charles.
Sister: Ruth Solowman, wife of William. Brother: Richard.
Legatees: Thomas, son of Edward Griffis and Edward Griffis;
Betty Prince, wife of Nicholas; Nathan, Henry and Nicholas
Prince; Jane Jarret, wife of Nicholas; Stephen Johnson;
Lucy Cotton, wife of John; James Holloway, son of John, Sr.;
Mary Weaver, wife of Edward; Edith Griffis, daughter of
Thomas; Betty Tatum. Godchildren: Gilbirt Hay, Lucy Cotton,
Richard Corlisly, Jane Jarret, Stephen Johnson, James Hol-
loway, Luccey Griffis and Betty Prince. Witnesses: William
Cooke, James Cook and John Johnson.