The South Carolina Historical
and Genealogical Magazine
Volume I

[pg 184][First Council of Safety of the Revolutionary Party]
We The Subscribers Whose Names Are here Under
Writen do Volluntarely list & In roll Our Selves In a Val-
lanteer Company of Horse to be Commanded by Capt Mathew
Singleton Isham Moore John Singleton In the Parrish of
St Marks subject to the resolves of the General Provinsial
Congress & the Counsell of Safety for the service of the
Collinies Purely to Acct. within this Collony & to be ready
Upon Any & Every Emergency when thereunto Cauled by
the Counsell of Safety and do hereby bind Our Selves in A
band by all the Ties of religion & honour to be furm in Our
duty to Our Officers and Agree Willingly And Uanumasly to
be Subject to the Acct. for Mutiny & desursion As Other
Companies in like Surcomstances are so far to be Tried by
Our Own Officers of ridgment & Companies to Which We
belong In Witness Whereof We have hereunto set Our
hands this 26th day of August 1775

William Williams Joseph Rodgers Mattw Singleton
Charles Brunson Jas McCormick John James
George Brunson Zachariah Howell Isham Moore
Mathew Brunson ------------- Joseph Hill
John Malone Isaac Jackson Thos Moffett
Edward Lane Henry Wheeler William Brunson
John Foster Willis Ramsey Jacob Chanbers (x)
Joseph Singleton Billinton Taylor Daniel Jinnings (x)
William () Harrow Robert Fleming Peter Matthews
Francis Martin Thomas Jackson Jno Singleton
Thomas Wells Drury (x) Fletcher James Farmer (x)
  Josiah Gayle Junr Jesse Temple
  Edward Hill Caleb Gayle
  Samuel D witt Saml Tynes
  Sabe Stom-- Rich Wills
    Elliott Holaday
    Richard Harvin
    Epheram Pettypool Junr
    Jacob Brigman
    James Brunson
    Charles Goodwin
    Hope Ridgway
    Henry Hannsworth
    James Allen