Moffett Bible

Handwritten copies of the "Moffett Bible" and "Diary" were made in 1963 by Irene Robinson, a descendant of Jacob MOFFETT. At that time the Bible and diary were in possession of Ethel (Williams) McCrary of Evergreen (Brooklyn Rt) AL. Mrs McCrary died in 1978. Mrs Robinson died in 1997.

Irene Robinson sent copies to Frances Lawrence on 04/23/1979. Typed copies of the documents were prepared under the direction of Mr Grady Williams, a descendant of Thomas Oliver Moffett.

Frances Lawrence sent information from these documents to Family Puzzlers of Sep 29, 1983, No. 832. These documents are also the source, by way of Frances Lawrence, of the MOFFETT information in Georgia Genealogical Gleanings by Emma Barrett Reeves.

It is unfortunate that we do not have a xerox copy of the actually pages in the Bible. Some of the dates and all the commentary in the transcipt below were apparently added well after the fact. Some of it is just plain wrong.

There is no evidence that Thomas Moffett was born in SC. In all probability he was born in Scotland or, perhaps, Northern Ireland. There are also grounds for thinking he was born prior to 1761. Nor is there any reason for believing Abigail was born in SC. All evidence suggests that she was born in North Carolina, probably Chowan Co.

Margaret Moffett and Nathan Jackson were married several years before 1812. In his will written in 1854 he specifically says that he has been with Margaret for 49 years.

Jacob Moffett and Sarah Saunders married in Jul 1822, not Jan.

Nathan Moffett married Ally Carden in 1817, not 1815. The 1813 marriage date for Nathan is correct though. That was to his first wife Elizabeth Blount.

     In a Bible known as the "Moffett Family Bible" with the front piece
fly-leaf missing, but with fly-leaf to the New Testament entact,
as follows:
                               New Testament
                                  of our
                             Lord and Saviour
                               Jesus Christ

                         Out of the Original Greek
                       With the Former Translations
                      Deligently Compared and Revised
             By The Special Command of King James I of England
                Printed for Matthew Carey No 118 Market St.
                             October 27, 1802

     The following marriage, birth and death records have been found as set
forth here in:

(1)  James Moffett (Moffat) born July 17, 1730 in Scotland - died
     September 2, 1809 in Lincoln County Georgia.
     Name of first wife not known -
     (a)  Elizabeth born 1750 - died 1835 (age 85) mentioned as
          being the "eldest and only daughter" married James
          Samuel Hunter.
     (b)  Son - died on voyage to America, "buried in ocean"
     (c)  Son - died on voyage to America, "buried in ocean"
     Name of second wife not known -
     (d)  Thomas born February 2, 1761 - died March 18, 1820. 
          Married Abagail (Jordan) Carpenter
          [James Moffett (Moffat) came to America from Scotland,
          before the Revolutionary War, settled first in S.C.
          later in Ga.  He was married five times but only had
          children by his 1st & 2nd wives.]

(2)  Thomas Moffett (Moffat) born February 2, 1761 in S.C. - died
     March 28, 1820 in Jasper County Ga.  Married September 10, 1782 -
     Abigail (Jordan) Carpenter born February 10, 1751 in S.C. - died
     November 4, 1822 in Jasper County Ga.

     (a) James born February 2, 1789 - married Sally Bellamy December 20, 1820
     (b) Margaret born June 28, 1783 - married Nathan Jackson February 9, 1812
     (c) Jane born June 2, 1786 - married David Hunter (stepson of
     Elizabeth Moffat Hunter)
     (d) Elizabeth - married Elijah Boynton February 27, 1814
     (e) Nathan born August 15, 1791 - married Alba Cardan September 2, 1815
     (f) Jacob born August 15, 1791 - married Sarah Hunter Saunders Jan 25, 1822.

     Thomas Moffett (Moffat) was a Revolutionary soldier, going in
     at about 16 or 17 years of age serving first as a courier, and
     afterward as soldier.  It is recorded in Knight Roster of Georgia
     that he received a certificate of Col. Elijah Clark February 2,
     1784 for land in Franklin Co. Ga. for "Rev. Services"

     After the war he married Abigail (Jordan) Carpenter whose husband
     had been killed in the war leaving her with five (5) children.

     (3)  Jacob Moffet born August 15, 1791 in Lincoln Co. Ga - died May
     29, 1869 in Brooklyn Ala. - married Jan. 25, 1822.  Sarah Hunter
     Saunder born Oct 10, 1806 died Dec. 21, 1879

     (a) Elizabeth Jane - died March 3, 1891 - married William Carey Bickley.
     (b) Josephine Caroline born December 20, 1831 - died January 17, 1898 
         married Andrew Jackson Robinson
     (c) Ellen Hunter - died 1875 - married first to John Freeman
         Williamson November 28, 1855.  He was killed in civil war.
         Married second to Isaac L. Hill
     (d) Margaret Ann - died March 1, 1886 - married A. T. Callihan December 14, 1859
     (e) Mary Arthur (Molly) - married G. Pitman Jones
     (f) Thomas born June 25, 1841 - died January 18, 1864 in the civil war in Tenn.

[ The Jacob Moffetts (Moffat's) lived about 20 miles from Francesville
Ga. a town or village on Flint River.  The name "Moffat" later changed
to Moffett but is identical family name - despite the change in the last
syllable (so stated by Josephine Caroline Moffett Robinson in her diary
in 1884).  Jacob and Sarah Moffett moved from Ga. to Brooklyn Ala to live
with their daughter and son in law, Josephine C. and Andrew J. Robinson
the latter part of 1865.]

Moffett Family Bible Records


Thomas & Abigail
His wife was married September
Ye 10th 1782

Nathan Moffett, son to Thomas
Moffett was married September
ye 2 1813

Nathan Jackson and Margaret Moffett,
His wife was married February the ninth 1813

J     6  1842 William C. Bickley was married
to Elizabeth J. Moffett

February 27th 1814
C. S. Boynton was married to Elizabeth Moffett

December 20th 1820 James Moffett was married
to Sally Bellamy

Jan 25th 1822 Jacob Moffett was married to
Sarah Sanders

November 28th 1854 Freeman Williams was married
to Ellen H. Moffett

Moffett Bible - Family Record


James Moffett was born July ye 17h 1730

Thomas Moffett, Son of James Moffett Sen
was born February ye 2nd 1761 - Abigail,
his wife, was born February ye 10th 1751

Margaret Moffett was born June ye 28 1783

Jane Moffett was born June ye 2nd 1786

James Moffett Jun. was born February ye 2nd 1789

Nathan & Jacob Moffett was born August ye 15th 1791

Elizabeth Moffett was born December ye 10th 1795

Matildy Moffett was born December ye 25 1815

Williams Moffett was born Mar 27 1818

Alba Cardan wife of N. Moffett was born August 18th day 1795

Elizabeth Moffett, daughter of N. Moffett was born June 10th day

          by Moffett was

Sarah Sanders was born in the ye October 10th 1806

Elizabeth Jane Moffett was born June ye 17th 18

Lauison A. Moffett was born January ye

Moffett Bible Family Record


James Moffett died September 2, 1809 - Age 79

Thomas Moffett died March 28, 1820 - Age 59

Abigail Moffett died November 4, 1822 - Age 71

Louisa A. Moffett died November 17, 18

Elizabeth Hunter died February, 1835 - Age 85