Lincoln County Genealogy and History
Compiled by: Robert S Davis Jr and James E Dorsey
Published by: Magnolia Press; PO Box 3; Swainsboro GA
Copyright 1987 by Magnolia Press

[pg 12][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
Thomas Dean and wife Sarah of Wilkes County to James Smith of
the same. 1 November 1794. Deed for 400 acres in Wilkes County on the
waters of the Savannah River at the head of Shivers Creek bordered on
the north by Samuel Horton and John Smith, westward by James Moffet
and Colonel Triplet's land, south by Benjamin May's land, and east by
David Davis. Tract is part of 2,600 acre grant to Richard Call and sold for
taxes to Mr. Meriwether, who sold it to Col. William Triplet, who sold it to
Thomas Deen. Witnessed: James Davis and John Smith. Registered 27
January 1798. Pages 94-95.

[pg 12][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
William Triplet of Wilkes County to Thomas Deen of the same. 12
February 1794. Deed to tract in Wilkes County on the waters of Camp and
Shivers Creeks, bordering James Moffet's line, Samuel Hunter's line, and
Francis Smith's line. Also on Robert Ware's and William Morse's lines. It
contains 1,000 acres granted to Richard Call Esqr. Witnessed: John Piper,
Joreh Alison, and Enoch Lunsford. Registered January 27, 1798. Pages

[pg 14][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
James Swords and Elenor his wife to Samuel McKinney. 15
December 1796. Deed for 100 acres on the west side of Queen's branch on
the waters of Well's Creek, adjoining a road that leads to John Lockhart's
Esq. and adjoining Thomas Moffett's line; part of 585 acre tract granted 1
January 1788 to James Moffett and sold by him to James Swords.
Witnessed: David Burks and Thomas McGill (by mark). James and
Elinor Swords sign by mark. Registered June 10, 1798. Pages 126-27.

[pg 15][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
James Moffett of Wilkes County, planter to James Swords, of the
same. 27 June 1791. Deed for a tract in Wilkes County of 300 acres on both
sides of Queen's Branch. Witnessed: Brittain Lockhart before John
Lockhart, J.P. Registered June 15, 1798. Pages 130-31.

[pg 16][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
James Smith to James Maffitt. 13 December 1797. Deed for 29
acres on Shiver Creek, part of a grant of 2,600 acres to Richard Call Esq.
on 23 September 1786 and purchased for taxes by Mr. Meriwether, who
conveyed it to Col. Triplett, who sold it to Thomas Deen, from whom
James Smith bought it. It adjoins said Moffitt's line. Witnessed: John
Smith and Thomas Moffitt. Registered August 10, 1798. Pages 143-144.

[pg 16][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
John Farrar and wife Sally to John Harris. 20 November 1797.
Deed for 675 acres on Cherokee Creek and Double Branches. Adjoins
James Ware's land, Richard Call's land, Thomas Moffett's land, Loveless
Savages's land, Robert's and Henry Smith's lines, and Shadrack Mimm's
land. It is part of a grant made to John Farrar. Witnessed: John Ware,
Elizabeth Brown (by mark), and Henry Ware, J.P. Salley Farrar signs by
mark. Registered August 10, 1798. Pages 148-49.

[pg 16][Deedbook A, 1796-1799]
Thomas Moffett and Abigail his wife to William and Daneil
Kelley. 31 January 1797. Deed for 199 acres on Cherokee Creek, a
branch of Little River, originally granted to Thomas Moffett as a
headright, 8 March 1785. Witnessed: David Burks, David Hunter, and
Michael Tolley. Abigail Moffett signs by mark. Registered August 11,
1798. Pages 151-52.

[pg 21][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
Col. William Triplett of Wilkes County to James Moffett. 11
December 1797. Deed for 314 acres, part of grant for 2,600 acres granted to
Richard Call Esq. 23 September 1786. It is on the head of Shiver Creek on
the Savannah River, adjoining Jacob Jorden's, William Wallace's, Thos.
Moffett's, James Smith's lands and the road from Augusta to Petersburg.
(Plat is included.) Witnessed: John Talbot and Matthew Talbot before A.
Lipham, J.P. Registered April 17, 1799. Pages 20-21.

[pg 26][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
David Nelson of Wilkes County to trusty friend James Maffett. 3
September 1792. Power of attorney to receive from William Graves that
land which is in dispute. Witnessed: Henry Ware, J.P. Registered
February 26, 1800. Page 136.

[pg 39][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
James Moffet of Wilkes County to Thomas Moffet. 31 December
1792. Deed for 250 acres in Wilkes County on Wells Creek. Witnessed: John
Carpenter (by mark), Sarah McClendal (by mark), and Henry Ware, J.P.
Registered May 7, 1801. Pages 308-09.

[pg 39][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
Jacob Jordan to Thomas Moffet. 7 February 1801. Deed for 270
acres on Wells Creek. Witnessed: Samuel Boyd, Rebecca Crafford (by
mark), and Robert Fleming. Jennet Jordan also signs the deed as grantor
and by mark. Registered May 7, 1801. Pages 309-11.

[pg 39][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
James Moffett to Thomas Moffett. 4 January 1798. Deed for 150
acres on Shurr Creek, waters of the Savannah River, adjoining Lick
Branch, Spring Branch, Moffet, Jordan, and Richard Call. Witnessed: D.
Burks and William Wallace. Registered May 7, 1801. Pages 311-13.

[pg 40][Deedbook B, 1799-1802]
James Moffett and Susanna his wife to Robert Fleming of
Columbia County. 28 November 1799. Deed for 150 acres, part of a 200 acre
grant to James Moffett on Shiver's Creek, adjoining Moffett and Swords.
Witnessed: Robert Paul and John Chancey Jordan. Registered June 8,
1801. Pages 331-32.

[pg 49][Deedbook C, 1802-1803]
Jacob Jorden and Jennet his wife to John Fleming of Columbia
County. 20 January 1801. Deed for 250 acres, part of 1,750 acres granted to
Zachariah Jordan 17 January 1787. It is on branch of Cherokee Creek,
adjoining McCall, Applewhite, Wadsworth, and Jemison. Witnessed:
Samuel Fleming and James Moffett. Gennt Jordan signs by mark. Pages
7-8. Registered May 17, 1802.

[pg 62][Deedbook D, 1803-1805]
William and Daniel Kelley to John Kelley. 28 February 1801.
Deed for 180 acres on Cherokee Creek of Little River granted to Thomas
Moffett on his headright 8 Mar 1785, adjoining Michal Solley's Spring,
John Bennett, M. Benson, and Isaac Hawes. Witnessed: Benj. Carter,
Shenier Haws (by mark), and Wm. Dowsang. Registered February 9,
1804. Pages 27-9.

[pg 67][Deedbook D, 1803-1805]
Newel Walton Senr. and Elizabeth his wife to John
Lockhart. 14 June 1804. Deed for 368 acres granted to Newel Walton 11
November 1804. Adjoins Lockhart, Moffatt, Sword, Wallace and Hardy.
Witnessed: Archd. Stinson, Catherine Thompson, Thomas Murry, J.P.,
and Thomas Dooly. Registered July 21, 1804. Pages 123-24.

[pg 72][Deedbook D, 1803-1805]
James Moffett Senr. and Sussanah, his wife, to Jacob Jordan.
6 February 1805. Deed for 227 acres on Shiver's Creek. James and Susanna
Moffett both sign by mark. Witnessed: Nathan Jackson and Wm. Stokes,
J.P. A plat is included. Registered 29 March 1805. Pages 203-05.

[pg 75][Deedbook D, 1803-1805]
James Moffatt to children Thomas Moffett, Jacob Jordan,
and Elisabeth Hunter. 30 April 1805. Deed of gift for personal
property. Mentions wife Susannah. Witnessed: Jas Fleming, Robert
Fleming, and John Lockhart, J.P. Registered July 30, 1805. Pages 258-59.

[pg 76][Deedbook D, 1803-1805]
Thomas Moffatt, Jacob Jordan, and Elisabeth Hunter to
James Moffatt. 30 April 1805. Agreement to take care of Susannah
Moffatt. Elisabeth Hunter signs by mark. Registered July 30, 1805.
Witnessed: Jas. Fleming, Robert Fleming, and John Lockhart, J.P.
Pages 259-60.

[pg 79][Deedbook E, 1805-1809]
Thomas Carpenter to Reuben Carpenter. 20 November 1805.
Deed for 148 acres sold by Thomas Moffett to Thomas and Reuben
Carpenter 27 August 1803. Where Thomas Carpenter now resides. Mary
Carpenter also signs as a grantor and by mark. Witnessed: Nathan
Jackson and Edward Hardy. Registered March 4, 1806. Pages 43-4.

[pg 79][Deedbook E, 1805-1809]
Thomas Moffet to Thomas Carpenter and Reuben
Carpenter. 27 August 1803. Deed for 148 acres. Witnessed: Chas.
Ashley, Francis Pickett, and R.F. Winn, J.P. Registered March 5, 1806.
Pages 45-6.

[pg 89][Deedbook E, 1805-1809]
John H. Walker and Elisabeth his wife to Job Hunter. 16
August 1805. Deed for tract adjoining William Linville, Thomas Morphat,
and others containing 150 acres. Elisabeth Walker signs by mark.
Witnessed: Robert Walton, J.I.C., and John Miles. Registered 25 March
1805. Pages 195-96.

[pg 97][Deedbook E, 1805-1809]
Thomas Moffett to Nathan Jackson. 21 December 1807. Deed for
125 acres. Witnessed: R. Fleming, J.P., and Starkey Hunter. Registered
February 26, 1808. Pages 323-24.

[pg 203][Inferior Court Minutes, 1797-1804][August Term, 1797]
1. Jurors: James Seales, William Arrington, Thos. Moffitt, Martin Bin-
son, Thomas Ratliff, William Seago, Elisha Holmes, William Stewart,
Thos. Graves, Drury Stovall, Chs, Stovall, Anthony Seal.

[pg 205][Inferior Court Minutes, 1797-1804][August Term, 1798]
13. Tavern license: Jacob Jordan, James Moffitt.

[pg 207][Inferior Court Minutes, 1797-1804][July Term, 1800]
12. Tobacco Inspectors: James Hughes, Robert Harper, Andrew Willia,
Thomas Moffitt, William James, James Hester, James Bird.

[pg 211][Inferior Court Minutes, 1797-1804][July Term, 1801 (sic)]
8. Jurors: {12 men including John Carpenter}
9. William Williams et. al. vs. James Moffitt and Samuel Hunter.
23. William Williamson vs. James Moffett and Samuel Hunter.

[pg 320][Estrays, 1797-1807]
1798 Finder - Thomas Moffoot Appraisers - none
1798 Finder - James Jeter Appraisers - Oliver Jeter and James Moffet

[pg 327][Insolvent List, 1814]
{ 38 names including Nathan Moffat and J. Jordan}