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Who were the parents of Abigail JORDAN and where did she come from? She was born in 1751. At age 15 or 16 she married Unknown CARPENTER and had sons Reuben, John, and Thomas; along with two daughters. CARPENTER was killed in the Revolution and in 1782 she married Thomas MOFFETT. About 1785 they were living in the part of Wilkes Co GA that became Lincoln Co. By MOFFETT she had sons James, Jacob, and Nathan; along with daughters Margaret, Jane, and Elizabeth.

What was her relationship to the other JORDANs in the neighborhood: Charles JORDAN, Zachariah JORDAN, Jacob JORDAN, Nathan JORDAN, and John Chancey JORDAN?"
In the 1830 census of Henry Co, Moses and Malinda (WHATLEY) HEARNE are found near Milton and Matilda (WHATLEY) SMITH and near Taylor WHATLEY. Among them are James D JORDAN, John C JORDAN and John M JORDAN, a son of either John C or James D. Also, living next to Moses is David and Mary (JORDAN) EIDSON. Charles JORDAN is living elsewhere in the county near his son William Riley JORDAN. In 1840 the HEARNEs, SMITHS, WHATLEYs, EIDSONs and JORDANs are all living close together in Talladega Co AL.

In 1850 James D has disappeared. Living next to (or with?) Milton and Matilda SMITH is a 69 year old Catherine JORDAN. In 1860 Catherine JORDAN is living with the SMITHs in Randolph Co.

Moses and Malinda (WHATLEY) HEARNE named their first child "James D". Milton and Matilda (WHATLEY) SMITH had one son named "Jordan" and another son named "James".

Please contact me if you can shed any light on these people.

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JORDAN Marriages in Georgia

Marriages based on CD-5

Carroll Co marriages contributed by Jerry Wright Jordan.

JORDAN Census Extractions and Indices for Georgia


Free whites in 1820.

ZIP file with complete census extraction; including slaves, free colored, and surnames of neighbors.

Map showing the JORDANs in 1820


Free whites in 1830.


Free whites in 1840.


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JORDAN Wills in Georgia

Absolem JORDEN, Elbert Co GA, 1798

Georgia Land Lotteries

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JORDAN Extractions From Published Sources

Early Records of Georgia - Vol I - Wilkes County
Grace Gillam Davidson
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Early Records of Georgia - Vol II - Wilkes County
Grace Gillam Davidson
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[Originally published in Macon GA 1933]

Gone To Georgia; Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and Their Neighbors in the Western Migration
William C Stewart
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Roster of the Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia
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Three volumes

Some Georgia County Records
The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
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Vol II

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Georgia Revolutionary Bounty Land Records
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Index to The Headright and Bounty Grants of Georgia
Georgia Genealogical Reprints

Lincoln County Genealogy and History
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North Carolina

Early NC Marriages

1790 Census

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I

History of Perquimans County

Nash Co Land Deeds

Granville Dist Patents Vols 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

Colony of North Carolina 1765-1775 Land Patents

Johnston Co NC

Wake Co NC

South Carolina

1790 Census

Edgefield Co Deeds

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