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"A softe paas he wente over the strete
Un-til a smith men cleped daun GERVEYS,"
- The Miller's Tale - ca 1390

"With silent step he went across the street
Unto a smith whom men called Dan Jarvis"


was born around 1720 or 1730, perhaps in New Jersey. Sometime after 1750 he left New Jersey for Frederick Co Maryland where he rented land in 1763. By 1769 he was in Rowan/Surry Co NC. The descendancy chart below is very incomplete and undoubtedly contains errors. Any additions or corrections you can make would be greatly appreciated.
   text file icon j2desc01.txt    181,120  07-23-02 Descendants of Jabez JARVIS Sr
Note: The wife of Jabez JARVIS was NOT Kezia RIDGE.

James JARVIS (Rowan Co)

was married to Sarah KELLY but records have not been found to document when or where. Very little has been found to document their lives in MD, but we know James JARVIS did lease "Quince Orchard" in Frederick Co MD in 1770 from Henry CLAGETT. Mr. CLAGGETT'S will mentions "Widow JARVIS" still living on the land in 1777. All of their children migrated to Rowan Co., NC in 1781 and settled in Wachovia, near Muddy Creek. James and Susannah stayed and lived their lives out in that community but their brothers and sister migrated to South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, and Michigan. [This information from Faye Moran. Be sure to check her home page]
   text file icon james.txt      9,632  08-10-96 Descendants of James JARVIS

James JARVIS (Wilkes Co)

was born in 1766. He died in May 1850 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina. James JARVIS is the first JARVIS to appear in Wilkes Co., and therefore is probably the ancestor of most of the Wilkes Co. JARVISes. James and a female are listed in the 1787 census as between 21 and 60 years of age, with no children and no blacks in the household. Based on their lack of children, it is very likely that they were recently married and of a fairly young age. According to the 1850 mortality schedule, James would have been 21 years old at the time of the state census. This information has been provided by Ed Slane. For further information see the website at
   text file icon wilkes.txt     60,970  03-07-99 Descendants of James JARVIS

William JARVIS

was born 1776, probably in Virginia. He moved to Kentucky and later to Illinois where he died in 1841 leaving sons James Edmund and Ephraim. My thanks to Chris and John Jarvis for this information.
   text file icon william.txt    16,268  04-20-97 Descendants of William JARVIS

Where They Were

Here's where the North Carolina JARVISes were in 1850. For enlarged copy of this map click here.
Map of NC

Census Records

I hope to eventually get all the JARVIS census records extracted for the southern and border states. Here are some of the ones extracted so far:

North Carolina

   binary file icon      4,215  08-15-96 JARVISes in the 1820 census for North Carolina
   binary file icon      7,596  05-23-96 JARVISes in the 1830 census for North Carolina
   binary file icon      8,615  05-10-96 JARVISes in the 1840 census for North Carolina
   binary file icon     17,753  05-10-96 JARVISes in the 1850 census for North Carolina

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   binary file icon      3,841  10-01-96 JARVISes in the 1850 census for Tennessee


1850 Texas Census

1860 Texas Census

1870 Texas Census

1880 Texas Census

1900 Texas Soundex

1910 Texas Soundex

1920 Texas Soundex

JARVISes and JERVISes in the Civil War

In April 1865, during the final days of the Civil War, as the Confederate Government evacuated Richmond, its archives were shipped south, burned, or abandoned. Some of the military records passed into the hands of Union Army officers and were sent to the War Department in Washington. There the Adjutant General in July 1865 established a bureau in his office for the "collection, safekeeping, and publication of Rebel Archives." In 1903 the Secretary of War persuaded the Governors of most Southern States to lend the War Department the Confederate military personnel records in their possession for copying.

These captured and copied Confederate records, as well as Union prison and parole records, were abstracted by the War Department between 1903 and 1927 to compile military service records of Confederate officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted men. NARA, however, does not have any Confederate pension files, which are state, not federal, records.

[Note: I copied these in the order that they appeared on the microfilm. There are duplications and errors on the original. ("Bryan", "Bryant", and "Ryan" are surely the same individual.) I undoubtedly introduced more errors in my transcription. Sorry 'bout that. I believe the two ranks represent the rank going in and the rank coming out, but no guarantees.]

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Is Anyone Researching The Long Island JARVISes?

The given name "Eliphalet" occurs among the Long Island JARVIS and among the descendants of Jabez JARVIS of Surry Co NC. Is there a connection?

Eunice JARVIS, daughter of Thomas JARVIS, married Daniel KELLOGG in 1724 in Huntington Long Island. How do these JARVIS tie in with the other JARVISes? Contact Michael Hurdle .

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