John Warren JACKSON

John Warren Jackson died in 1846. The records of the Williams Creek Baptist Church say the following about him. ( Minutes, 1787-1920:, Reel No. 876", page number 159.)
"John W. Jackson was born June 1st 1756 in the state
of Maryland. At 13 years of age he emigrated to the
state of N. Carolina with his Father

In the year 1776 he served from 17th of May until
the 19 August under Capt Sewel as a volunteer
and was stationed at Willmantown

In the year 1781 he served a tour of duty and
was at the battle at or near Guilford Courthouse
under Capt Eaves & under Gen Green, the length of
time not recollected

Was recd as a member of the Sandy Creek Church
by experience & baptism {by Rev William Walker} Oct

emigrated to this state & settled himself on Rocky Comfort
in Warren County in the fall of 1790 and raised a family
of ten children Was Married oct 30 1777 blind from 15 to 18
years,53...Died Sept. 14, 1846 age about 90 years.
Lydia Jackson died May 14, 1837."

Is It True?

So far, little of this has been verified. We know that Benjamin Seawell did lead men from Bute Co NC. We know that William Walker was a preacher at Fishing Creek Baptist Church in Bute Co. This church had three branches, one of which was Sandy Creek.

Two big question marks are his birthplace and the death of Lydia. There are reasons for believing he is connected to the "Jacksons of Lower Virginia" (see The Virginia Genealogist). In the 1840 census John Warren JACKSON is living with his son Lewis JACKSON. Also living with them is a female age 70-80. If this isn't Lydia, who is she?

Who Were His Children?

According to the church obituary above, he and Lydia had ten children. His last will and testament only names four sons; Nathan, Aaron, Thomas, and Lewis. Who are his other children?

Candidate #1
William JACKSON. Marriage records of Warren Co GA show that a William JACKSON married a Candace B__ in 1806. I've seen her last name given as BIRD but am not familiar with the evidence. William JACKSON and "Candis" JACKSON were members of the Williams Creek Church. In 1814 a land purchase by William JACKSON was witnessed by John "Wm" JACKSON. In the 1820 census of Warren Co there is a William JACKSON enumerated next to "Aron" JACKSON. He is (26-45), she is (26-45), a male (10-16), three males (0-10), and three females (0-10).

Candidate #2
Elizabeth JACKSON. She married Elijah Snow BOYNTON in 1813. BOYNTON later (1814) married a sister-in-law of Nathan JACKSON. Still later he married a niece (by marriage) of Nathan JACKSON.

Candidate #3
Sarah JACKSON. Married John JONES in 1821. He is probably the brother of the Mary JONES who married Lewis JACKSON. In 1830 they are living a couple of households away from John W. JACKSON. Her descendants are shown here.

Candidate #4
Nancy JACKSON. Married Jesse PATE in 1824. John Warren JACKSON had some interaction with the PATEs. In 1822 he witnessed the will of Harbert PATE and in 1843 he sold land to Jesse and Nancy PATE.

Records and Timeline

of John Warren JACKSON

Descendants of John Warren JACKSON

Nathan JACKSON of Henry Co GA

Aaron JACKSON of Warren Co GA

Thomas JACKSON of Troup Co GA

Lewis JACKSON of Warren Co GA

Sarah JACKSON of Taliaferro Co GA

Who Was Lydia?

Speculation has long been that Lydia was a WALKER. At least two of John Warren's grandsons are known to have the given name "Walker" and the name has been carried down to the current generation. The first records of John Warren JACKSON show him involved with William WALKER Jr and Peter WALKER. These were sons of the Rev William WALKER that baptised John Warren JACKSON. The Rev William WALKER is also known to have had a daughter named "Lydia". Is this the "Lydia" that married John Warren JACKSON? Another son of the Rev William WALKER was Joel WALKER. Joel WALKER married Holliberry PERSONS. Holliberry (PERSONS) WALKER joined the William's Creek Baptist Church in Warren Co GA at the same time John Warren and Lydia JACKSON did.


The following are some of the people who have provided information about the descendants of John Warren JACKSON
Ann Cates,

Bill Jackson,

Cleo Gardner,

Diane Redkevitch,

Jerry Wright Jordan,

Jim Andrews,

Joel M Pate,

Junie Boiles,

Karen Klaene,

Margie Scogin,

Mary Jane Collins,

Ray Crumpler,

Sharon Grasshoff,

Steve Martonak,

Terry Wheeler,

Keith Moody,

Joyce Rowe,