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Warren County, North Carolina Records
Vol II Supplement
Abstracts of Bute Co., N.C. deeds registered in
Warren Co. Deed Books 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7, 1776-1779

[pg 226]
DB-6, page 245. 5 November 1777. James Murphey to William
Walker Jr., both of Bute Co., Pro. N.C. 30 Pds. Procl. money
for 50A. in Bute Co. adj. Vinson, Smart & sd. Murphey. Wit:
John Warren Jackson, Drury Vinson. Proved by Drury Vinson, Bute
November Court 1777, Thos. Machen, C.C. Reg: 2 February 1778,
by Jas. Johnson, P.R.

Warren County, North Carolina Records
Volume I
Abstracted Records of Colonial Bute County, N.C.
1764-1779 and Bute County Marriages

[pg 61][Warren County Will Book 2]
WB-2, page 232
Account of Sale of Estate of Peter Walker, dec'd. Dated 24
February 1778. Henry Hill, Esq., Sheriff. Recorded May Court
1778. Mentions: Drury Vinson, Peter Cox, James Walker, John
Hoof, Henry Hill, John Warren Jackson, Mary Walker, James Gant,
George Bevin, Philip Vison (Vinson), Britain Wood, -- Putnam,
William Wood, James Merony, William Vinson, Benja. Bell,
William Walker, Thomas Vinson, Francis Caps, Theophilus Bass,
Peter Robinson, Richd. Ransom for James Carlisle, Benjamin
Putnam, George Bion (Bovin) Sam. Thornton, Mathw. Thomas,
Demsie Gatlin, Richard Ransom, Thos Cooper, Samuel Thomas,
Nicholas Murphey, Fred. Davis, John Broom, John Robinson,
Edward Richardson (Richison), Edward Carlile, John Persons,
Thomas Nelms, Bennitt Hill, Benjamin Wester, John Carr.

Abstracts of the Early Deeds of
Franklin County North Carolina 1779-1797
Watson, Joseph W
Meridional Publications; Wake Forest NC 27587

[pg 011][Deed Book 1]
#69 p. 69 Micajah Yarbrough of Franklin Co., to William
Stuart of same, Feb. 2, 1780, for 301 pds. a tract of 55 acres
adjoining said Yarbrough, JACKSON, Briton Wood, Jas. Wood, and
said Stuart. Wit: John Warren JACKSON, John Lenard.

[pg 011][Deed Book 1]
#71 p. 71 William Suart (Stuart) of Franklin Co. to John
Leonard of same. Feb. 2, 1780, for 301 pds. current money a
tract of 100 acres beginning at a black gum on the Miry Prong
and adjoining William Leonard and Ephraim Gilliam. Wit: John
Warren JACKSON, William Leonard.

[pg 014][Deed Book 1]
#90 p. 90 William Stuart of Franklin Co. to Micajay Yarbrough
of same, Feb. 2, 1780, for 40 pds. current money a parcel of
five acres, with no adjoining landowners named. Wit: John
Warren JACKSON, John Lennard.

[pg 074][Deed Book 4]
#552 p.17 Ely Eley of Franklin Co. to Richard Drake of same,
Nov. 1, 1783, for 100 pds. specie a tract of 150 acres lying on
the Red bud prong. (This deed is also dated Nov. 21, 1783.)
Wit: John Warren JACKSON, Ely Drake.

So far, these are the only records of John Warren JACKSON I've
found in North Carolina. There are other records of a John
JACKSON, but is he our John Warren? The fact that John Warren
JACKSON is using his full name suggests that there may be
another John JACKSON in the vicinity.

1792 John and Lidia JACKSON join the Williams Creek Baptist
Church in Wilkes/Warren Co.

1793 John W JACKSON pays taxes on 200 acres. Wilkes Co GA.
This part of Wilkes Co became part of Warren Co.

1794 John W JACKSON pays taxes on 200 acres Rocky Comfort
Creek. Warren Co GA.

1805 John Warren JACKSON pays taxes on 200 acres. Warren Co

1805 "Warren John" JACKSON has two draws in the lotter. Warren
Co GA.

1807 John Warren JACKSON wins twice in lottery. Warren Co GA.

1814 John "Wm" JACKSON witnesses deed from Joshua Hoplins to
William JACKSON. Warren Co GA.

1817 Recorded Warren Co GA that John Warren JACKSON witnesses
sale of slave

1818 John W JACKSON paid taxes in Warren Co for himself and for

1820 John W JACKSON of Warren Co a fortunate drawer in lottery.
Why was a winner in the 1807 lottery able to draw?

1820 census 000101=10201. The eldest male and female are John
and Lydia. One of the females 16-26 is probably daughter
Sarah. Don't know who the others are.

1822 John W JACKSON witnesses will of Harbert PATE

1830 census 1 male 70-80, 1 female 70-80

1840 census Living with Lewis JACKSON. Shown as Revolutionary
Soldier age 84.

1843 John W JACKSON sells land to Jesse and Nancy PATE

1844 John W JACKSON gives slaves to daughter-in-law Mary, wife
of Lewis JACKSON

1846 writes LW&T

The same day he deeds slaves to Aaron, Nathan, and Thomas.

Document: Deed - John W. Jackson to Aaron, Nathan, and Thomas Jackson
Document Location: Georgia Archives, roll 103-27
Document Condition: Excellent
Cite: Warren County Deeds, book Y, p. 149.
Signed: 20 February 1846
Recorded: 30 March 1850
Date read and transcribed: 26 February 1993, by Steven Norris


Warren County

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I, John W. Jackson, for and in
consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear for
and toward my sons Aaron Jackson, Nathan Jackson, and Thomas Jackson (the
said Aaron resides in the County of Warren, the said Nathan in the County
of Henry, and the said Thomas in the County of Troup, all in the state of
Georgia) as well as in consideration of the sum of ten dollars to me in
hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I have given and
granted and by these presents do give and grant unto my three sons Aaron,
Nathan, and Thomas, the following Negroes, to wit: Albert a negro man about
twenty-four [years] of age, Edy a woman about twenty-two or three years of
age, and two children of the aforesaid Edy, to wit: Nelmond, a boy about
four years of age, and Mary, a girl about three years of age, together with
the increase of said Negroes, to have and to hold the aforesaid Negroes to
the proper use, benefit, and behoof of my three sons Aaron, Nathan, and
Thomas, forever. And I, the said John W. Jackson, for myself, my heirs,
executors and administrators, the aforesaid bargained Negroes to the
aforesaid Aaron, Nathan, and Thomas, their heirs and assigns, will forever
warrant and defend against the claims of myself, my heirs, and all other
persons whatsoever.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day
of February 1846.

John W. Jackson (by mark)

Joseph W. Thomas (L.S.)
Nathaniel Parham (L.S.)
Samuel F. Jackson (L.S.)

Recorded: March 30, 1850 by B.F. Roberts, J.P.


He died 14 Sep 1846