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[pg 8][Book A]
Rogers, Job. Inventory R. 8 Feb 1773 p 27
Notes: I.C., M.B., B.B., Burrell Brewer, John Sawer,
Ezekiel Sawyer, John Sawyer, Jeremiah Mobley, Bu. Brewer,
Richard Reese, Josiah Gather, James Hedgepeth, Mr. Mann,
Thomas Chester, James Johnson, Richard Bayley, Edward
Mobley, Benjamin H., Elijah Thompson, Joseph Denson,
Charles Jordan, Isaa Bledsoe, Richard Bradford, John
Mays, Mr. Abbott. Bad debts: one jodgment obtained of
Laton, a runaway; warrant against Rochell; and John

[pg 42][Book B]
Allen, Reuben Bill of sale R. [Undated] p 11
Jordan, Tabitha & Mary
Peter Coffee and John Alston bought Negroes: Lyda, Davy,
Anthony, India, Fill, Dafny, Crinda, Frank, Laveny from
the Jordans. 28 Mar 1775. Tabitha (T) Jordan
Mary (
) Jordan
Witnesses: Silvey Rochell, Wm. Ashley (Jurat), Thos.
Hines (Jurat)

[pg 42][Book B]
Coffee, Peter & Mortgage R. 24 Mar 1784 p 12
Alston, John
Mortgage of Peter Coffee and John Alston as security for
George Jordan to abide by a writ from the Court of Chan-
cery at the instance of Robert Reid & Co.
Witnesses: William Ashley, Thomas Hines

[pg 51][Book B]
Jordan, James Will R. 28 Jan 1786 p 79
In the name of God amen. Son Liles Jordan: 214 a. on W.
side of Buffelow Creek. Son Reubine Jordan: 214 a. on W.
side of Buffelow Creek, the other half of that given to
his brother Liles. Son William Jordan: 250 a. on W. side
of Buffelow Creek joining Josiah Nichols' line. Son Amos
Jordan: about 290 a. on east side of Buffelow Creek to
Warren Alford's line. Son Elias Jordan: 250 a. including
the land whereon I now live. Son James Jordan: feathers
for a bed. Son William Jordan: copper still. Son Henry
Jordan: 5 S. Daughter Mary Wilder: 5 S. Daughter Selah
Lewis: 5 S. Daughter Edey Eddins: 5 S. Sons Liles, Reubin
William, Lias: feather bed. Grandson Levi Jordan: stock.
Wife Elisabeth Jordan: 90 a. part of that tract of land
divided to Amos Jordan joining Samuel Horton, and the
plantation whereon I now live; livestock; household goods
for her widowhood. Son James Jordan: stock. 8 Jan 1785.
Executors: Henry Jordan, Amos Jordan
Witnesses: George Warren (Jurat), Josiah Nichols

[pg 60][Book C]
Jourdan, George Inventory R. 20 Apr 1788 p 165
Notes of Thomas Thomlinson; books; tack; clothing.
Admr: Micajah Ferrell

[pg 62][Book C]
Jordan, George Estate sale p 186
Buyers: William Ferrell, Micajah Ferrell, Amey Wade.
D[eputy] S[heriff]: William Ferrell

[pg 68][Book C]
Fallow, James Inventory R. 16 Feb 1790 p 243
Livestock; tools; clothing; food stuffs; notes of: Elisha
Woodward, James Proctor, William Marriott, Mary Jones,
Benjamin Brewer, Amos Jordan. Dec 1789.
The within bacon valued on oath by Benja. Hill and Hardy
Miles to 4L 18s. Sworn the 14th of October 1789 before
Robert Gulley, J.P., No. Carolina, Johnston County.
Admr.: william (+) Prewitt

[pg 71][Book C]
Little, William Estate sale R. 9 Apr 1791 p 267
Buyers: Sarah Little, Willis Jones, David Daniel, Gabriel
Shaw, John B. Shaw, Thomas Collier, John C. Jordan, Sher-
ard Harris, Reynold Allen Jr., Samuel Alley, Williams Ship
William White, Isaac Hicks. 30 Dec 1790.
D[eputy] Sheriff: John Humphries

[pg 72][Book C]
Jordan, Charles Estate sale R. 9 Apr 1791 p 277
Sold: Peggy Jordan household goods [most of the items
mentioned in the sale], Richard Wilkins Sr., Zachariah
Shaw, Richard Banks Esq., Micajah Ferrell, William White,
John C. Jordan, James Nichols, Britain Fuller, John Con-
yers, Woodson Daniel one Negro woman & two boy children.
15 Oct 1790 and 7 Mar 1791.
Coroner: John Humphries

[pg 75][Book C]
Jordan, Charles Inventory R. 15 May 1792 p 301
Livestock; furniture; farm tools; household goods; 1000
lbs. tobacco due from Chancey Jordan; bond of William
White for two likely young Negroes between 12 & 20 years
of age; one wagon, three swingletrees payable the first
of Dec 1790. 9 Jun 1790.
Admr.: Peggy (X) Jordan

[pg 79][Book C]
Hendon, James Will R. 26 May 1792 p 340
Witnesses: ..., Abraham (A) Jordan (Jurat) ...

[pg 95][Book C]
Davis, Humphrey Acct current R. 5 Nov 1793 p 482
Paid: Comer Peak, Thomas Clements, William Pollard, Hai-
ley Talley, Richard Banks, John Phipps, George Brasfield,
Richard Bennehan, James Alston, John Conyers, William
Davis, William Ferrell, J. Hicks, John C. Jordan, James
Parker, John Tuggle, Samuel Pittard, Pen [?] Sanders. 20
Jul 1793.
Executor: Ethel Tucker
Subscribers: John Humphries, William Reves, David Delk

[pg 98][Book C]
Jordan, John C. Bill of sale R. 11 jan 1794 p 512
Chancy Jordan for 100L current money paid by Richard Mas-
say Sr., sold to Jesse Olive a Negro slave named Fanny,
about 14 years old. 4 Dec 1793.
Witnesses: Tignl. Jones Jr., Wm. Dennis

[pg 111][Book D]
Filgo, David Will R. 26 May 1797 p 61
Edee Strickland the girl I have raised, horse; furniture.
Penny Strickland: cattle at Luke Earp's in Nash County.
Miles Stevens: livestock at my dwelling. Brother Wm Coke
Filgo: Negro Ned; horse; clothing. James Laton: horse;
all my ready money; note on William Boyakin in Southamp-
ton for 15 Virginia currency. Moses Tod: 270 a. where I
now live; stock; household furniture. Corn & meat divi-
ded between Wm Coke Filgo, James Laton. N.B. James Laton:
200a. in Johnson Co. between Jesse Wooten and Henry Jor-
Moses Tod: 59 pounds of iron, 22S. in money
after settling accounts with Josiah Crudup. Iron and
money in hands of Crudup with some balance due from Shad-
rick Talbot. 7 Mar 1794.
Executor: William Coke Filgoe
Witnesses: Judd Strother, Thomas Pullen (Jurat), Sion

[pg 112][Book D]
Benton, Moses Estate sale R. 27 May 1797 p 70
Buyers: {61 people including James Jorden}

[pg 117][Book D]
Hinton, James Estate sale R. 8 Jun 1797 p 126
Buyers: { 65 people including Nicholais Jordan }
Additional sale Jan 1795. Buyers: {22 names}
Admr: John Hinton

[pg 130][Book D]
Jordan, James Will R. 20 Jul 1797 p 253
Wife Barbery Jordan: 200 a. homeplace for widowhood then
to sons [unnamed]. Three daughters Sinthea, Polly, Betsy:
stock; household goods. 21 Dec 1792. James (+) Jordan
Executors: wife Barbery Jordan, Reuben Jordan
Witnesses: Thomas (T) Cole (Jurat), Elias Jordan (Jurat)

[pg 131][Book D]
Jordan, Amos Will R. 22 Jul 1797 p 264
In the name of God amen, Wife Sarahry Jordan: land, live-
stock; furniture [last line on page taped. Top line on
next reads "Then equally divided among my ch-" Rest
is illegible.] 11 Dec 1795. Amos (X) Jordan
Executors: Wife and Ruben Jordan
Witnesses: John (I) Cole (Jurat), Henry Jordan (Jurat)

[pg 135][Book D]
Beasley, Frederick Inventory R. 3 Aug 1797 p 310
Livestock; household goods; farm tools; food stuffs;
tack; notes of Wm Brodgen, A. Jordan, Isaac Copland, John
More, Abner Jordan, Thomas Parrish, Thos Etheldredge,
Richd Rivers, Ryals Brit, Hugitt Parres.
Admr.: B. Sanders, Simon Turner

[pg 136][Book D]
Jordan, George Acct current R. 16 Aug 1797 p 327
Paid: John Pollard, Amy Walle, Harris Gillum, James Moor,
Wm Pollard, Nancy Pollard, Peter Coffee, Micajah Ferrell,
Note of Tomlinson, 17 Sep 1794.
Admr: Micajah Ferrell
Commissioners: Charles Briggs, John Humphries, D Delk

[pg 137][Book D]
Little, Wm Acct current R. 20 Aug 1797 p 336
Paid: Danniel Malone, Major Pollard, William Ferrell,
Mary Patterson, John C. Peek, Saml Chappel, Richd Banks,
James Carpenter, B Ridley, Wm Dennis, Wm White. Cash from
Ws Jones, Chance Jordan, D Danniel, Sterling Talley, Capt
John Shaw, Gabriel Shaw, John C Jordan, Richd Tomlinson,
John Humphries, Thomas Collyer, Joel Rasbie, J. Hicks, Wm
Dennis, Wm Ship, Richard Wilkins, Runels Allin.
Admrs.: B. Seawell, Jno Marshall

[pg 138][Book D]
Saunders, W Inventory R. 22 Aug 1797 p 357
300a.; household goods; tack; farm tools; tobacco due
Willie Jones; Cilas Jordan due 50S. 1789; Joseph Lees
27 1 Mar 1795; Wm White 40S. due 1 Sep 1794; Benjamin
Matthews 16/6 due 25 Dec 1794; Molly Malone 10 due 7 Jan
1796; Jones Muckle 3/6; Joseph Lees 20 Va. money due 25
Dec 1796.
Admr.: W. Saunders

[pg 149][Book E]
Sanders, John Acct current R. 1 Feb 1798 p 34
Paid: Benjamin Matthews, Molly Malone, Allen Wilkins,
Silas Jordan, Willie Sanders, Elizabeth Matthews, Joseph
Lees, William White. 2 Sep 1797.
Admrs.: Willie Sanders, Betty Sanders

[pg 158][Book E]
Daniel, Woodson Acct current R. 7 May 1798 p 144
Paid: Thomas Banks Sheriff, William Ferrell Constable:
David H. Burton, Thos Thomlinson, Pumphry Edwards, Isaac
Hicks, Dennis Bradby, Richard Banks, George Brasfield Sr,
James Sinclair, Peggy Jordan, James Walker, Hazlet estate
Hezekiah Ferrell, David Daniel, Richard Banks, Nicholas
Dunning, Joel Lane, David Brasfield, Richard Wilkins,
William Carpenter, Samuel Peek, John Cain, John Chaney
Jordan, Dr. John Conyer, Joel Perkerson, John Daniel, Jo-
seph Taylor Esq, Willis Hinto Register, William Ashby,
John Mann, Henry Lane, Mary Williams, Allen Wilkins,
Dempsey Speir, William White, Isaac Shemwell, William
Clements, Etheldred Tusler. Sold by Sheriffs Banks, Al-
ford, and High to satisfy legacies.
Exrs: John Daniel, Wm Reves

[pg 160][Book E]
Beesley, Frederick Acct current R. 12 Jul 1798 p 172
Paid: James Banks, Wm Williams, Isaac Copeland, Joseph
Smith, John Williams, Thomas Rycroft, Richd A. Smith, Ed-
ward Stevens, Caleb Penny, Matthew Wade, John Humphries,
B. & E. Sanders, Henry Johnston, Henry Potter, Charles
Pope. From: William Bridgers, Isaac Copeland, Thomas Eth-
Admrs: Britain Sanders, Simon Turner
Examiners: Aaron Sugg, James Peters
Note of Abner Jordan given to William Pope, guardian of
the orphans, to collect.

[pg 162][Book E]
Wright, Joseph Estate sale R. 7 Nov 1798 p 200
Buyers: { 42 people, including Rece Jordan, Henry Jordan }

[pg 163][Book E]
Beesley, Frederick Acct current R. 7 Nov 1798 p 206
Paid: James Banks, William Williams, Isaac Copeland, Jo-
seph Smith, John Williams, Thomas Roycroft, Richd A Smith,
Edward Stevens, Caleb Penny, Matthew Ward, John Humphries,
B & E Sanders, Henry Johnston, Henry Potter Esq, Charles
Pope, William Beesley, James Beesley, Nathl Lane. From:
William Bridgers, Isaac Copeland, Thomas Etheridge. 18
Jun 1798. Note of Abner Jordan to William Pope, grardian,
to collect.
Admrs.: Britain Sanders, Simon Turner
Subscribers: Aaron Sugg, Jas Peters

[pg 173][Book E]
Johnston, Robert Estate sale R. 15 Apr 1799 p 324
Buyers: Thomas Roycroft, William Daily, Britain Baucom,
Nicholas Jordan, Edmund Busby, Michael Tedrick, William
Turner, John Sturdevant, Lewis Atkins, William Ivy, Thom-
as Busby, Isham Moore, Micajah Medlin, Drury Medlin, Amy
Johnston, Nicholas Atkins, Needham Smith. 1798

[pg 183][Book F]
Jordan, John Will R 16 Oct 1799 p 5
In the name of God amen. Wife Sarah Jordan; all land and
the rest of estate for her life. At her death land to
John Jorden Jr, son of Jonathan Jordan my son. 2 Jan 1798
Executor: John Scoggin
Witnesses: John Scoggin, John (+) Roberts (Jurats)

[pg 184][Book F]
Jordan, John Inventory R. 17 Oct 1799 p 10
Livestock, farm tools, household goods
Exor.: John Scoggin

[pg 219][Book F]
Sanders, B & E Acct current R. Aug 1801 p 290
Recd from: {about 300 people, including John Jourdan }