Edgefield County South Carolina
Abstracts of Deed Books 1-12; 1786-1796
Volume One
Hendrix, GeLee Corley
Southern Historical Press 1985
ISBN 0-89308-545-6

[pg 64][Deed Book 5]
P; 254-258. 1 Jun 1791: Samuel Edwards & Mary, his wife, of
Edgefield Co. SC to Abraham Richardson of same place for 30
pounds, sold 100 acres on the deer Savannah in Winton County,
being part of 200 acres granted to Elijah Merry Baitie 19 Aug
1774. Said tract was divided and the 100 acres above being on the
SE side of said tract or the opposite side from the Deer
Savannah. S/ Samuel (X) Edwards, Mary (X) Edwards. Wit: William
Jordan, Daniel Hearn, Charles Banks, who swore by oath 29 Aug
1791 before Joseph Hightower, J.P. Rcd. 12 Sep 1791.

[pg 172][Deed Book 11]
P;. 155-157. 3 Oct 1794: Bill of Sale: William Blackley of
Edgefield Co. SC to Moody Burt for 54 pounds, a negro lad named
Ben which I left in Nottoway Co. VA 1791 in hands of Thomas
Jordan. s/ Wm. Blackley. Wit: Shadrack Stokes, Evan Stokes, who
swore by oath 9 Oct 1794 before James Harrison, J.P. Rcd. 10 Oct

Edgefield County, South Carolina
Deed Books 13, 14, 15
Carol Wells
Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books c1997
ISBN 0-7884-0600-0

[pg 56][Conveyance Book 14]
p. 128-131 Thomas Dalton late of Augusta and Sarah his wife to Chancey
Jourdan. Deed 18 May 1797, $400, 120 acres known as Richland on Savannah River,
certified for Josiah Frisbey 18th Feb, 1785 by Harwood Jones DS. Wit Henry (x)
Dalton, Nathan Jordon. /s/ Thomas (D) Dalton, /s/ Sarah (+) Dalton. [Plat by David
Buks D S, & April 1797 for Chancey Jourdon purchased from Thomas Dalton, shows adj
land of Joseph Tucker, Wm Anderson, & Catlet Corley.] Proven 28 June 1797 by
Nathan Jordon; Henry Key J P. Recorded 3rd July 1797.

[pg 56][Conveyance Book 14]
p. 131-134 Benjamin May of Wilkes County, Georgia, to William Wallace Senr of
sd county & state. Deed 9 August 1794, #100 sterling, 150 acres on Savannah River,
it being part of a grant to Richard Kennedy 1 Decr 1772. Wit D Burks, Nathan
Gordon, William Jemison. /s/ Benjamin May. Proven 28 June 1797 by Nathan Jordon;
Henry Key J P. Recorded 3rd July 1797.

[pg 57][Conveyance Book 14]
p. 134-136 Benjamin May of Wilkes County, Georgia, to William Wallace Senr of
Wilkes County, Georgia. Deed, 9 August 1794, #50 sterling, 100 acres on Savannah
River, granted to William Brooks 3 July 1786. Wit D Burks, Nathan Jordon, William
Jemison. /s/ Benjamin May. Proven 28 June 1797 by Nathan Jourdon; Henry Key J P.
Recorded 3rd July 1797.

[pg 57][Conveyance Book 14]
p. 137-138 William Wallace to Nathan Jordon. Deed of Gift. William Wallis of
Wilks county, Georgia, for love & affection to son Nathan Jordan and Rebeccah his
wife of Edgefiled County, South Carolina, 150 acres where sd Nathan Jourdain now
lives; after their decease to my grandson Levi Jourdain; likewise another tract of
land 150 acres adj sd tract first granted to Richard Kennedy I give to sd Nathan
Jordain and his wife Rebeckah and after their decease to be equally divided among
my four granddaughters to wit Margaret Jordain, Abegal Jordain, Leah Jourdan, Sarah
Jordain. Wit John Wallace, John Chancey C Jordan. /s/ William Wallace Senr.
Proven 20 June 1797 by John Chancey Jourdan; Henry Key J P. Rec 3rd July 1797.

[pg 78][Conveyance Book 14]
p. 546-548 John Thornton to John Hamilton. Deed, 11 December 1797, #15 ster-
ling, 100 acres being part of tract of 250 acres originally granted to Peter Ledger
3 April 1775, on old road from Cambridge to McCoys ferry on Savannah river. Wit Wm
(x) Jordan, John Jordan. /s/ John Thornton. Proven 11 November (sic) 1797 by
William Jurdin; James Harrison JP. /s/ Wm (x) Jourdin. Rec 14 Decr 1797.

Edgefield County, South Carolina:
Deed Books 16, 17, 18
Wells, Carol

[pg 68][Deed Book 17]
p. 399-401 Michael DeLoach to Thomas Lee Senr. Deed. 9 October
1799, #50 sterling, 150 acres granted to Ann Jordan 21 Feb 1772 adj
Jacob Smith and Russell Wilson. Wit William Case, Grandboy (X)
Floyd, Jacob Smith. /s/ Michael DeLoach. Proven 9 Oct 1799 by Jacob
Smith; Russell Wilson JP. Rec 10 Oct 1799.

[pg 74][Deed Book 17]
p. 496-498 Nathan Jordan to Christopher Cox. Bill Sale, 14
September 1799, cattle [description here omitted], other livestock,
household goods and tools, and the lands where I now live, this
property to satisfy sd Cox for the sum of $170 to be paid on March the
first day of the insuing year, sd Jourdan by paying sd Cox above sum is to
have the property again; if Jourdan do not pay Cox, sd Cox is to sell sd
property to sales sd sum; if there is not enuf to satisfy sd sum the sd
Jurdan do oblidge myself to make sd sum good to sd Cox. Wit
Bethany Cox, Jno Lewis, Fereby (o) Cox. /s/ Nathan Jourdan. Proven
17 Oct 1799 by Bethany Cox; Henry Key JP. Rec 17 Oct 1799.

[pg 80][Deed Book 17]
p. 561-562 Nathan Jordan to his Children Margery Jordan, Abigal
Jordan, Leah Jordan, Sarah Jordan, Levy Jordan. Deed Gift, 1 August
1799, goodwill, all I am possesed of and its increase hereafter [not
here enumerated] all which property is to remain in my and my wife's
hands during our national lifetimes and at our deaths to be equally
divided. Wit David Burks, Jean (X) Burks. /s/ Nathan Jordan. Proven
20 Nov 1799 by David Barks; Chas Old JP. Rec 20 Nov 1799.

Edgefield County, South Carolina:
Deed Books 19, 20, 21, 22
Wells, Carol

[pg 71][Book 20]
p. 435-437 John Chaney Jordan to Garland Jeter. Lincoln County,
Georgia. Deed, 16 March 1801, $400, 120 acres. Wit A Snowdon,
James Jeter, John Guyeny, James Jeter. /s/ John Chaney Jordan, /s/
Roidy (X) Jordan. Proven 16 March 1801 by Aaron Snowdon; A Smith
J.P. Recorded 26 October 1801.

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