Johnston County North Carolina Abstracts: Deed Books
A-1, B-1, Transcript-1, D, D-1 1759 thru 1771
Vol I
Haun, Weynette Parks

[pg 116][D-1,#72]
D-1:228: 1 May 1764, Edward Moore, Granville Co to John Jorden, Jo Co, 300# proc
318 A a plantation (cng) on ES Neuse riv beg at a red oak on the bank of the riv &
running thence N87 E250p to 2 scrubly White Oaks: N3 W234p to 2 small pines: S87
W230p to 2 red oaks & a hickory saplin on the bank of the riv: down the same to the
1st sta...Wit: James Daniel, David Daniel+.

[pg 117][D-1, #730]
D-1:235: 27 Aug 1764. John Stevens, Jo Co, Planter to John Foulk, Sr, Dobbs Co,
80# proc, 470 A in Jo Co and BS of Little riv beg at a red oak on the NS of the riv:
N240p to a hickory: W to a White oak: along a line of marked trees to the head line:
E to the beg...being part of a larger tract granted to Ambrus Blackburn by Granville
deed dated 21 July 1761... John Stevens
Wit: John (X) Foulk+, Cornelius Jordan, Sr.

[pg 22][B-1, #131]
B-1:198: 29 Jan 1762. Richd. Tyner, Jo Co, planter to James Jordin, same, planter,
5# proc, 250 A in Jo Co on SS of Little Riv beg at a Red oak on the given line: Run-
ing a NN course to a White Oak on the sd Riv: runing up the several courses of sd
Riv to the given line: along the Given line to the 1st sta it being part or Moiety
of land which he the sd Richd. Tyner obtained a Right to of My Lords agants by a deed
dated 21 July 1761 as appears by the plat surveyed by Charles Young, the 14th day June
1760... Richd (X) Tyner
Wit: Harris (X) Tyner, Edward (X) Hocut
Apl Ct. 1762 provd by Edward Hocut. Examd by Lod Tanner, Aaron Hoskins. Test. Robt.
Rainey CC

[pg 25][B-1, #148]
B-1:234: 19 June 1762. Richd. Tyner, Jo Co, planter, to Edward Hocut, (cng), planter
40# proc...300 Akirs (cng) lying on the NS of Little River beg at the Riv thence N to a
cor White Oak: W to the Riv: down the Riv to the 1st sta...
Wit: Harris (X) Tyner, James (X) Jordin Richd (X) Tyner
Apl Ct 1762. prvd by James Jordin. Test: R.Rainy CC.

[pg 70][Tr-1,#408]
Tr-1:4 (177): 12 Aug 1769. Richard Weatherton, Jo Co to Henry Hill, same, 60# proc
200 A in Jo Co On NS Neuse Riv beg at a pine? on the SS of Mill cr runing E144?p:
N280p: W114p: S280p to the 1st sta being part of land granted to William Ambrose &
survaid by Charles Young Surveyer by Granville Deed...Wit: John Cheves, John (X)
Scott, John (X) Jurdon. From Page 6 Richard (X) Wethereton

Johnston County, North Carolina Abstracts: Deed Books
E-1, Transcripts 2 & 3 (F-1, N-1, P-1, Q-1, R-1) 1764-1791
Vol II
Haun, Weynette Parks

[pg 54][Tr-2, #334]
Tr-2:24: 13 Feb 1769. Charles Jordan, Chowan Co, for natural love etc. I bare unto
my son John Jordan & his wife Sarah, the use & benefit of all my land & plantation in
Jo Co during both their natural lives & after their deceas to my Grand Son Charles
Jordan the son of my son John Jordan...the land bounded at the mouth of a large
Gut at Gum a cor tree of John Pettegrows land on the riv & runing down the riv to
Colberds line to a Beach & then the several corses of the patent to Pettegrows line &
then along Pettegrows line to the riv to the beg being 231 A ...Wit: Edwd. Moore, Jurat
Jacob Jordon, James Bond. 22 Feb 1769 before R. Henderson.

[pg 42][E-1, #275]
E-1:398: 21? Oct 1767. Edward Moore (More), Granville Co to Charles Jordan Seanr.
Chowan Co, 300# proc. 331 A in Jo Co on Neuse riv beg at a br in Nicholas Colberts
line on a the sd riv: along sd Colberts line S45 W60p to a red oak S27 E172p to a
Pine: new line S45 W218p Srossing a lardge pine to a black Jack to a line at marked
trees that was markt between this sd land & the land that James Jordand held & then
along Js. Jordans line to the riv: down sd riv to the beg... 334 A ... Wit: John Jordan+,
Phil Pryor, Jacob Jordan.

Johnston County North Carolina Court Minutes
Weynette Parks Haun
243 Argonne Dr
Durham NC 27704

[pg 2][4][last Tues Apr 1759]
Ordered that John Sanders do serve as Constable and Isaac Powell do serve in ye
room of Willm. Talton. Also that ye following persons do serve viz: Thos. Horn,
Robt. Lee (who took ye Oath of Constible). William Henat, James Jordan, Thomas
Johnson & Willm. Owen.

[pg 16][35-20][3rd Tues Jul 1760]
Ordered that Mark Hardin do serve as Constable in the Room of Willm. Owens & that
Joshua Sugg be continued & That Willm. Utley serve in ye Room of Thos. Horn & that
Isaac Powell be continued, and that Thos. Branom do serve in the Room of James
Jordan, and that Richd. Edwards do serve in ye Room of David Holiman, & Joel
Williams in ye Room of John Sanders and John Brady.

[pg 23][48][3rd Tues Jan 1761]
Ordered that Willm. Fowler be appointed Constable in the room of James Jordan.

[pg 24][49][3rd Tues Jan 1761]
Ordered that
John Cox Moses Cox John ONeels, Junr. Roland Cornelius
James Jordan Jacob Bracewell Drury Rogers New Taply
Aron Rodgers Thos. Procter Robt. Moodey Thos. Driver
Willm. Allen Robt. Snipes & John Snipes, be summoned to ye Sherrif to
appear before John Giles Thompson ye Third Tuesday of March next to be Qualified
for any 12 of them to lay off a New Road to Begin at James Lees on Mockason Creek
to come ye nearest & convenientest way into Tarvers Road on News River and they
are hereby appointed a jury for the Purpose...(X)

[pg 52][101][3rd Tues Apr 1762]
A deed of Sale from Richd. Tyner to James Jordan of 250 acres of Land was proved
by ye Oath of Edwd. Hoket? Ordered to be Registered.

[pg 55][108-57][3rd Tues Jul 1762]
Abraham Jordan acknowledges himself indebted to his Sovereign Lord ye King in ye
sum of Forty pounds, and Nicolas Terrell & Jacob Harrill acknowledge themselves
to be Indebted to his Sovn. Majs. ye King in ye Sum of Ten pounds each. The Con-
dition of the above oblige. is such That if ye sd. Abrm. Jordan Do atted ye
Court & not depart without Lyscenc.

[pg 56][111][3rd Tues Jul 1762]
Ordered that James Jordans Mark be recorded which is a crop & a slit on the left
ear & a swalow Fork on ye Right.

[pg 98][199][3rd Tues Oct 1764]
Order'd that Abraham Jordan's mark be recorded which is in the right ear a Crop
and Slit & half Moon underneath & in the left a Crop & half Crop.

[pg 100][204-105][3rd Tues Jan 1765]
Present: The Worshipful Joseph Lane, Nedham Bryan, Benjn Hardy, David Hollyman,
Grand Jury
Abraham Hill Charles Jordan Richd. Johnson James Jones
Robt. Nutt Jno. Youngblood James Downing Jno. Blace
George Reaves Alex Avera Jas. Embrow William Calvet
Josh. Sugg Jas: Lawhon James Chatween
Exhibited into Court an Account of the Interest of the Estate of John Gurley, Dec'd.
Petty Jury
Willm Albot Arthur Pearce Willm Thomason James Jordan
Isa?: Atkins Jethro Norris Jacob Yelverton Willm Brown
Joel Johnson Charles Wilkinson Richd. Bridges Robt. Tanner

[pg 101][206-106[3rd Tues Jan 1765]
A Deed from Edw: Moore to John Jordan was in Court duly proved by the oath of
David Daniel & was ordered to be Registered.

[pg 108][221][3rd Tues Jul 1765]
John Humphrys vs. James Jordan
Nathl. Kinbrow being summon'd as guarnishie declar'd that at the
time of levying the attacht. he had in his Hands one Rifle gun
and one Horse which some time after was stolen from him by the
Defendt. upon which the said Kimbrow was discharged.

[pg 109][222][3rd Tues Jul 1765]
Wm Humphrys vs James Jordan
Jepthah Terrall being summon'd as guarnishie declares that he has
not anything in his hands.

[pg 111][227][3rd Tues Oct 1765]
Petit Jury: Luke Harp Richd. Nall Wm. Wiley
Edwd. Hucut James Mays Jacob Patton Benjn. Britt
George Poole James Jordan Aaron Rogers Thomas Holliman
John Odam

[pg 119][248-127][3rd Tues Oct 1766]
A Deed from John Jordan & Willm Johnston prov'd by Willm Chisenhorn.