Kinfolks of Nash County North Carolina
Joseph W Watson
Rocky Mount NC, 1979

[pg 30][Deed Book 5]
p. 47 Lewis Jordan of Isle of Wight Co., Va.
bill of sale to William Edmondson of Halifax Co.,
Nov. 20, 1787.

[pg 101][Deed Book 10]
p. 254 Benjamin Bains, Jonathan Jordain, Salley
Jordain, Charity Bains, Henry Bains, and A. B. Bains,
lawful heirs of Henry Bains, deceased, deed to Ritch-
mond Bains, Feb. 3, 1815.

[pg 128][Deed Book 12]
p. 203 John Jordan of Upson Co., Ga. sold land,
Sept. 15, 1827.

[pg 180][Deed Book 17]
p. 193 David Jordan, Jesse Jordan (by his attor-
ney, David Jordan), and Bartley Deans, Jr. and wife,
Elizabeth Deans, heirs of Stephen Jordan, deceased,
all of Nash Co. and Indiana, sold land on the Edge-
combe Co. line, Nov. 7, 1839.

[pg 195][Deed Book 18]
p. 256 Josiah D. Jordan of Edgecombe Co. bought
land, Nov. 15, 1843.

[pg 203][Deed Book 19]
p. 23 Thomas Jordan and Cornelius Jordan, Jr. of
Edgecombe Co. deed to Cornelius Jordan, Sr. of same
for land in Nash Co., Jan. 4, 1847.

[pg 204][Deed Book 19]
p. 34 Perry W. Barnes of Edgecombe Co. deed to
Thomas Jordan and Cornelius Jordan of same for land
in Nash Co., March 11, 1846.

[pg 214][Deed Book 19]
p. 516 Cornelius Jordan, Sr. of Edgecombe Co.
sold land, Jan. 15, 1849.

[pg 226][Deed Book 20]
p. 274 Fanny Creekmore (Creekman), wife of Thos.
Creekmore, was formerly Fanny Vaugn; deed from Josi-
ah D. Jordan of Edgecombe Co., Jan. 5, 1852.

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