Some Georgia County Records; Vol 3

Being Some of the Legal Records of Bibb, Butts, Fayette, Henry, Monroe, and Newton Counties, Georgia

The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

Southern Historical Press
ISBN 0-89308-058-6

[pg 3][Bibb County Will Book A, 1823-1855]
Smith, James
April 28, 1830. June 24, 1830. ...of sound mind and senses.
To wife Mary Jane Smith, negro boys Ben and Mingo, cattle and hogs,
lot of land No. 117 in 3rd District originally Houston now Bibb
County. After death or intermarriage of wife, the said land and
stock of cattle and hogs to become the property of my youngest child
Martha Jane Smith and her legal representatives. To wife, my stock
of horses, household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools. To
Martha Jane Smith, the negroes Harry, Sawny, Eady, and Mariah. To
Thomas Smith, James Jessop, Stephen Smith, Hiram McCullers and Jacob
Lewis, land in 32nd District Lee County No. 14. Also two negroes
Willis and Milly to be sold by the Executor and the proceeds divided
between Thomas Smith, Stephen Smith, James Jesop, Hiram McCullers,
and Jackson Lewis. To Milborn Farmer, two dollars. Executors:
John A. Tharp and Joshua Jordan. Wit: Wm. Bowden, Wiley A. Thomas,
B. G. Riddle. (p. 18)

[pg 26][Bibb County Marriages, 1827-1839]
Page    Groom                 Bride           Date
232     Parker, Burwell       Nancy Jordan    10 Jan 1837
[pg 35][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 54-55: Return of Charles Baley, Guardian for John M. D.
Taylor, minor of George D. Taylor, dec'd. Dr. hire of
negroes Pat, Leroy, Anthony, Rheno, Rose, Alfred to Thomas B. Bailey.
Thomas Howard, Jr., Thomas B. Bailey, Joshua Lovet, James C. Johnson,
G.C. Walton...Vouchers paid to 1826 Nov. 16, CC. Ordinary, 1827 Feb.
14, Joshua Lover, John Hardeman, Isaac Hardeman % Co., June 23, George
Scot, Dec. 31, Smith Hombs...1828 Jan. 1, Samuel Thompson, James Gilles-
pie, John Jordan, Briton Stamps, J. McIntire, Paris Pace, P. Pace Adm.
J. M. Nelson, James Butler, Charles Bailey, Guardian, Charles Whiting.
Total paid $333.93 1/4...C. Bailey, Guardian.

[pg 35][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 56-57: Return of Charles Bailey, Guardian for Noah W. Taylor
minor of G.D. Taylor dec'd. Dr...1827 hire of Harry and Genny to
T.B.Bailey, Randal to T.B. Bailey, Milly to Bedford Caid, Polly to
William Lester, Clarisa to C. Bailey...Vouchers paid to Ordinary,
Brition Stamps, J. McIntire, George Scot, James Gillispie, Smith &
Combs, Charles Whiting, John Hardeman, Isaac Hardeman & Co., Paris Pace,
George R. Gilmore, Joshua Lovet, Dr. Ira T. Smith, James Butler, Charles
Bailey, F.D. Cummings, Edward Coxe, James To. Jordan, Robert Freeman,
John F. Wallis, Paul Carter, Smith & Combs, B.F. Hardeman, John W.
Caldwell. Total $195.64 3/4...Recorded May 6, 1829, John McCord, C.C.O.

[pg 56][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 267-276: Amount of Property sold by Elizabeth C. Dennis,
Admtx. on Estate of John Dennis, dec'd...Sold on 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th
of Nov. 1833. Buyers: {88 names including William Jourdan and
William Jordan} Total Sale $5545.20 1/2. Certified sale on 27th, 28th, 29th,
30th, Nov. 1833. E.C. Dennis, Admx.

[pg 60][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Page 317: The Estate of John Dennis, dec'd...To E.C. Dennis,
Adm. cash paid Samuel Griswould, William Dennis, John Dennis, T.J. &
W.H. Atwood, Solomon Humphris, H.F. William, Daniel Tys $1238.66 1/2...
Credit: received from
{29 names including William Jordan}...Total $2796.40 1/2...
Recorded Jan. 14, 1835, John McCord, C.C.O.

[pg 67][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 389-401: Inventory and Appraisement of Estate of Allen
McClendon late of Butts County taken on Dec. 23, 1835...Items listed
first names of 72 negroes valued at $30, 400, goods and chattels, notes
on Isaac C. Parks, Archibald Smith, William Hilloway, Adam Blair, William
Jones, Charles Hobbs, Hiral Lester, Turner McGlaun, Austine Cook, John B.
Russell, William R. Anderson, Sarah & Peurefoy Tingle, William F. McTyre,
William Russell, William Haden, John Jones, Eli Parks, Jesse Tolleson,
Arthur Hamilton, James G. Norris, Amos Edmonds, Heath & Clemans, Joseph
Campbell, Peter W. Walker endorsed by Henry C. Gills, John Weaver, R.
Bickerstaff, Pouncey Maxcy, E. L. Young & Co., William Benson, Thomas J.
Ferguson, John Goldsmith, William McWhorter, Fergason & Evans, John
Tillery, Daniel T. Dupree, Isaac Hendrick, George Eubanks, Edward Weaver,
John M. Phillips, Hugh Wise, David Evans, Thomas Bearden, Joel McClendon,
Daniel Osborn, Kirksey & Hendrick, Power & Powers, William B. Dickerson,
Low & Mickelberry, John H. Weaver, William F. Mapp, Zion R. Ballard,
David Madden, James Hagen, L. Long, William Duffie, John Akins, Nathan
Jordan, William Pryor, J. R. Martin, Martin & Andrews, John Parham, Jordan
Milam, David Montgomery, Bazel Smith, Jefferson Hicks, John W. Newman,
Cook & Gray, Matthew Orr, William Akin, Dudley Cook, Lemmon Rogers,
John Reed, Bolin Brown, Gillis Wright, William McCulloch, VanBiber Leek
& Cunningham, Edmond Head, Joseph Sentell, Thomas Coker, William Hardy,
Rainey Neil & Cunningham, Thomas Fincher, William Miles & Co., Frances
Miller, Lovejoy & Martin, Waller & Waller, Alfred Anderson, S. H. Horn,
Washington C. Cleveland, Nicholas Peurefoy, Isaac Parks, McClendon &
Martin, Allen W. Prior rec'd. for collection 4 notes on Nicholas & Cas-
well Peurifoy and one note on Jeptha McClendon, Andrew Tenant, James H.
Edwards,... Listed were 15 farm items in Pike County...Total of estate
$40,758.96 1/2. Certification by Appraisors James H. Campbell, J.M. Mc-
Clendon, John Goodman of true appraisement of goods, chattels and credits
of estate of Allen McClendon, dec'd. as furnished by William F. Mapp,
Admr...Sworn before Charles R. Waller, J.P. Mar. 14, 1836...Recorded
Apr. 16, 1836 John McCord C.C.O.

[pg 70][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 423-424: A list of hireing the negroes and renting the land
belonging to estate of Allen McClendon, dec'd...Jan. 4, 1836 on a credit
til Dec. 25, 1836 William F. Mapp, Adm. Plantation whereon dec'd. lived
to Mary S. McClendon; mill and 30 acres to J.M. McClendon & J.J. Mapp
the Towaliga plantation; S.W. Thaxton 20 A of land; William Powers 35A
tennant place; H.J. Smith store house; George Jordan workshop; Negroes
hired to Samuel Mitchel, J.J. Mapp, James H. Stark, G.M. Hartsfield,
William F. Tyre, William W. Ford, Mary S. McClendon, George Jordan,
David Andrews, Howel Andrews, D.S. Patterson, Lewis Bennett, Isaac Nolan,
William F. McTyre, J.M. McClendon, John Higgins, Thomas G. Giles,
Moss Mounts, A.F. Thompson...Total $2484.00...William F. Mapp, Admr.
Recorded Aug. 31, 1836 John McCord, C.C.O.

[pg 78][Butts County Deed Book A]
Page 94: Laurens Co., Ga. March 3, 1824. Jackson Hammock and
Samuel G. Brown, county of Jefferson, Ga. $200. 202 1/2 acres Dist. #1.
Signed: Jackson Hammock Wit: Jacob W. Goodown (Goawdown?) and John B.
Hudson. John Jordon, J.P., September 2, 1826.

[pg 101][Butts County Deed Book A]
Page 417: Dec. 14, 1825 between Ezra B. Jones, Baldwin Co. and
Gustavus Hendricks Jones Co. for $500 for 202 1/2 acres in the 1st Dist.
of Henry, Lot 219. Signed: J.S. Jordan, Jos. Day, JJC. Sgd: E.B.

[pg 168][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 232: Feb. 27, 1823. Charles Jordan of Jesse Johnson both of
Henry Co., for $150, 101 1/4 acres or half of Lot No. 98 of the 9th Dist.
Henry Co., being the east half of the said lot. Witnesses: Asa Hearn,
Thomas Carpenter, Hugh Longino, J.P.

[pg 184][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 390: Deed headed Henry Co., dated 23 Dec. 1823 bet. Charles
Wilder and Charles Jurdin both of Co. and State afsd...consid of $800,
conveys to Charles Jordan tract in Henry Co. on waters of Toweliga River,
cont. 202 1/2 acres, Lot No. 208 in 3rd Dist. gtd. to George Parmer on
27 Dec. 1821. Signed: Charles Wilder. Wit: Stephen Smith, James D.
(X) Jordan, John C. Hand, J.P. Rec. Jan. 9, 1821.

[pg 185][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 395: Sheriff's Deed headed Henry Co., on writ from Superior
Ct. Oglethorpe Co. in suit of Fleming & Lewis J. Jordan agst. Wade
Goolsby, James Fletcher, Sheriff of Henry Co., seized property of sd.
Wade Goolsby and on 6 Jan. 1824 sold same to Fleming Jordan for sum of
$170...Deed dated 6 Jan. 1824, for consid of $170...tract in Henry Co.
Lot No. 239. Signed: James Fletcher, Sheriff. Wit: Thos. C. Benning,
David Johnson, J.P. Rec. Jan. 15, 1821.

[pg 185][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page j396: Sheriff's Deed from James Fletcher, Sheriff Henry Co. on
writ from Justice Court of Elbert Co., in suit of F.&R. Jordan agst.
Joel Brawner, seized land on 6th Jan. 1824 sold same to Fleming Jordan
for sum of $50. Deed dated 6 Jan. 1824 for tract in Henry Co., Lot No.
218 in 12th Dist. Signed: James Fletcher, Sheriff. Wit: Thos. C.
Benning, David Johnson, J.P. Rec. 15 Jan. 1824.

[pg 189][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 439: Deed headed Baldwin Co., dated 7 June 1823 bet. Thomas
Jordan of Jefferson Co. and John Simms of Oglethorpe Co...consid. of
$250...conveys tract in 2nd Dist. Henry Co., Lot No. 33 cont. 202 1/2
acres. Signed: Thomas Jordan. Wit: B.P. Stubbs, Jas. Fleming, J.P.
Rec. March 26, 1824.

[pg 197][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 508: Deed headed DeKalb Co., dated 14 Feb. 1828, bet. John
Kirkpatrick of Henry Co. and James Kirkpatrick of Decalb Co.... due me
from Charles Jordan for a field on James Kitchens lot of land, hogs, a
75 gallon still...etc...etc...Signed: John Kirkpatrick. Wit: G.B.
Butler, William Ezzard. Rec. 29 April 1828.

[pg 238][Monroe County Deed Book A]
Page 110: Ga. Monroe Co., 27 Dec. 1821, Elias Goff of Hall Co., Ga.
to John H. Ponder of Co. afsd. for $200, 202 1/2 acres, lot #129 in the
13th district of Monroe on Rockey Creek. Signed: Elias (X) Goff. Wit:
Benj. Jourdan, F.W. Arnold, Joseph Morton J.P. Recorded 23 Sept. 1822.

[pg 239][Monroe County Deed Book A]
Page 120: 28 June 1822. Robert Bucherstaff of Jasper Co., Ga. to
Littlebury Gresham of Monroe Co. for $500, 202 1/2 acres, lot #81 in the
14th district on the District line on the Towaliga River. Signed:
Robert Becherstaff. Wit: Benjamin Jordan, William Scott. William
Scott swore to the deed before Abner Durham J.P. L Sept. 1822. Recorded
4 Oct. 1822.

[pg 246][Monroe County Deed Book B]
Pages 32-33: 30 Dec. 1822 Abraham North of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. to
James Garlington of Jasper Co., for $200, 202 1/2 A in Monroe Co., lot #47,
13th Dist., grant made out to sd. North 2 Dec. 1822. Abraham North
(Seal). Wit: John Wise, Cuthbert Colier, Josiah Jordan J.P. Rec. 18
Dec. 1823.

[pg 252][Monroe County Deed Book B]
Pages 107-108: Monroe Co. In obedience to a writ of fiere facias
issued out of the court of Oglethrop Co. at the suit of Fleming & Reubin
Jordan against Wade Goolsby. John Cureton Shff, did seize property sold
on 6 Jan. 1824 for $65, lot #237, 7th Dist. Monroe Co. sold to sd.
Fleming & Reubin. John Cureton Shff (LS). Test: Amos P. Perry,
Anderson Baldwin J.P. Rec. 6 Jan. 1824.

[pg 256][Monroe County Deed Book B]
Page 171: Jasper Co., 9 Dec. 1823 James B. Martin & Minerva his
wife to Edward A. Elder for $600, lot #85, 14th Dist., 202 1/2 A. James B.
Martin (LS), Minerva Martin (LS). Wit: Fleming Jordan, Thomas Gaston
J.P. Rec. 2 Feb. 1824.

[pg 256][Monroe County Deed Book B]
Pages 175-176: 10 June 1823. James Holloway of Monroe Co. to
Benjamin Jordan of Putnam Co. for $50, 1/2 of lot $51, 13th Dist. Monroe
Co. given to me for my services in obtaining the sd. lot for the State
from Allen Hudson who drew the lot fraudulently, 50 1/2 A. James Holloway
(seal). Wit: Thomas J. Vass, Horatio Shield, Jesse M. White.
Putnam Co., proven by Thomas J. Jass, 6 Sept. 1823, before Wmson
Roby J.P. Rec. 2 Feb. 1824.

[pg 259][Monroe County Deed Book B]
Page 220: Wilkison Co., 17 Jan. 1822 James Davidson for $500 make
over all title to tract drawn by Nancy Winn (?) of Twiggs Co. to Joseph
Davidson Junr. of Lawrence Co., lot #125, 12th Dist., Monroe Co., James
Davidson (LS). Wit: A. Jordan, William Davidson (X). Rec. 3 Mar. 1824.
Proven by A.W. Gordian, 1 Mar. 1824. Before Alfred Peacock J.P.
Rec. 5 Mar. 1824.