Some Georgia County Records; Vol 2

Being Some of the Legal Records of Clarke, Jasper, Morgan, Putnam, Oglethorpe and Greene Counties, Georgia

The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

Southern Historical Press
ISBN 0-89308-057-8

[pg 36][Clarke County Marriages, Book A]
Zachariah Jordan Tabitha Stokes Oct. 27, 1807

[pg 51][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1]
Page 73: Letters of admr. on est. of Sterling Jordan and warrant
of appraisment granted to Henry Jordan & Haynes Pain and Thomas Lewis
entered themselves security for $3000.

[pg 53][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1]
Page 87: Ordered that Thomas Traylor, Robert Owen, Henry Jordan, John Pain,
and William Traylor proceed to divide the est. of Joseph White, decd.

[pg 55][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1]
Page 99: William Johnson and Henry Jordan, securities for James
McGhee admr. on est. of Edward McGhee decd. having made application to
the court to be discharged from their securityship...ordered that James
McGhee appear at next term of this court.

[pg 76][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1]
Page 248: L.W.&T. of Joseph Wilson was exhibited and proved by
oaths of Obadiah Echols, Allen Kelly & Burton Kelly subscribing witnesses
to the same, letters testamentary issued to Sarah Wilson who was duly
qualified to execute the same...warrant of appraisement issued to William
Barnett, Bennet Crawford, Isaac Kindall, Robert Tuggle & Benjamin Hill.
L.W.&T. of John Picket decd. proved by oath of Joseph Williams one of
the subscribing witnesses to same. L.W.&T. of Catherin McLemore
was proved by the oaths of John S. Drew and Thomas Ray, two of the sub-
scribing witnesses to the same...letters testamentary were issued to
Yancey Thornton one of the exrs. named...warrant of appraisement issued
to Fleming Jordan, Benjamin Fudge, Solomon Fudge, James Smith & John S.
Drew. L.W.&T. of Anna Taylor decd. was proved by the oath of Elisha
Brooks one of the subscribing witnesses.

[pg 77][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1]
Page 253
subscribing witnesses...warrant of appraisement issued to John S. Drew,
Fleming Jordan, Benjamin Fudge, James Smith & Solomon Fudge...letters

[pg 100][Morgan County Marriages]
212 Samuel W. Adkison Nancy Jourdan 28 Oct 1818

[pg 110][Putnam Co. Wills, Book A, 1808-1822]
Pages 82-84: Will of William Spivey of Putnam County. Dated 20
Feb. bel. wife Molly Spivey dur. life my mansion house and
tract of land where I now live with one other square cont. 202 1/2 acres
known by the Strahorn tract...also negro man and 6 other negroes with
all stock of cattle, hogs, etc...lend wife dur. nat. life 2 feather
beds and furn. with all household and kitchen furn...also notes and
money I have in son Joshua Spivey a negro girl and $50 cash...
son Moses Spivey a negro woman and her 3 children and a negro boy...also
son William Spivey after death of mother a negro woman...son John
Spivey a negro man and girl, one bed and furn., cow and calf...son
Caleb Spivey a negro woman and other negroes, one bed and furn., one
cow and calf...with the square of land where I now live after death of
his mother...son Henry (or Harry) Spivey to have negro man...(rest deff.
to read)...dau. Christian Pue(?) $100...dau. Saly Jordan, 2 negroes,
cow and grandaus. Patsey Spivey a negro girl...grandau.
Christian Spivey a negro girl...dau. Elizabeth Hardin are negro woman...
dau. Polly Parrish, several negroes, cow and desire that the
square of land known by the Charles tract cont. 202 1/2 acres be equally
div. bet. sons John & Henry...the rest of property not given away be
div. at death of wife bet. sons: Moses, William, John, Caleb and
Henry. Appt's sons John & Caleb Spivey. Exors. Signed: William
(1)Spivey. Wit: Wm. E. Adams, Wilson Williams, thomas Huff. Pro. 3
March 1817.

[pg 119][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 15-17: L.W.&T. of Adam Manning of Putnam Co...wife Mary
Manning...son Isaiah Manning...son Littleton Manning...son John B.
Manning...dau...Patsey Hale...dau. Betsey Saterwhite...dau. Rebecca
Waterwhite...dau. Polly Hall...dau. Nancy Moon...Exrs. son Isaiah &
Thomas Hall...Adam Manning (A) (LS). Wit: John Hamilton (X), Benja.
Jordan. Dated: Oct. 29, 1823. Proven: Dec. 29, 1823.

[pg 121][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 35-37: L.W.&T. of Asa Read of Putnam my 2 grand-
children heirs of Hiram Read & Mariah Read his wife, Rebecca Ann
Elizabeth, Read & James Washington in Baldwin (now Putnam
Co.) adj. John Buston, richard Burk, Zacheus Burk (Burt?) and est. of
John cutliff, dec' my sons David Read & Nathan Read...til David
Read shall attain the age of 21...A. Read (LS). Wit: Stephen March-
man, Wilie Jordian, Isham Brooks. Dated: Oct. 31, 1825. Rec: Dec.
2, 1825.

[pg 130][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 136-137: L.W.&T. of Isiah Faver...Putnam Co...wife
Sarah...dau. Eliza L. Jordan...her husband Williamson
Ellmore Calloway in trust for dau. Eliza L. Hourdan...Ellmore Calloway
& my son Christopher C. Faver and wife Sarah Exrs. Isaiah Faver (Seal).
Wit: G.R. Thomas, James Whitfield, B.W. Janford(?). Dated: June
12, 1831. Proven: March 16, 1839 by B. W. Sanford...

[pg 132][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Page 159: L.W.&T. of Williamson Jordan...Putnam Co...Benjamin
Jordan Exr...if my child lives to come of age...he may think best...
Williamson Jordan. Wit: Wiley B. Jordan, David W. Martin, Benjamin
Rook. Dated: Oct. 4, 1841. Proven: Jan. 20, 1842.

[pg 134][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 184-186: L.W.&T. of John Ingram...Putnam Co...wife
Nancy Ingram...children viz...William Ingram, Benjamin Ingram, Mary
Ann Pasket, John G. Ingram, Richard R. Ingram...when sons John F.
Ingram and Richard P. Ingram become of age...four grandchildren viz.
Elisha Weaver, John Weaver, Jinney Weaver & Wm. Weaver...son in law
Benjamin P. Jordan. John Ingram (L). Wit: John A. Cogburn, Wm. S.
Scott, Albert Winchel. Dated: Feb. 13, 1843. Proven: April 2, 1844.

[pg 135][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 197-199: L.W.&T. of Handey Waller...being aged and infirm
son Robert Waller...son Robert Waller...and grandson John Hill...and
his three sisters the children of Eliza Hill, dec' I bought
of Green H. Jourdan in Putnam Co...except the lot adj. William Sanford...
Proven: Dec. 25, 1845.

[pg 138][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 244-246: L.W.& T. of Frances Swanson...Putnam
Ellis W. Sammons to hold in trust for my niece Frances Warren, wife of
James M. Warren...niece Rebecca Caroline Allen, wife of John Allen...
my late husbands property Lot Jaoel Jacob Lewis James Mackson McLendon. Elmir Calla-
way, Ellis W. Sammons & James W. Mappin Exrs...Frances Swanson (Seal).
Wit: W.B. Jordan, James M. Warren, Thomas J. Maddox. Dated: 1850.
Proven: Nov. Term 1850.

[pg 141][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 289-291: L.W.& T. of John Hudson...Putnam Co...son Irby
B. of dau. Julia Louisa now deceased,
late wife of Warren H. Jordan of Moxubee(?) Co., Miss. to son John
William Hudson of dau. Anna Maria now deceased, late wife
of Benson W. Adams of wife Ann Young Hudson...the four
children of my deceased dau. Julia Louisa Jordan...John James Jordan,
Anna Adelinah Jordan, Julia Jordan & George Irb John William
Adams & Ellis Hudson Adams children of my dau. Anna Maria Adams dec'd...
John Hudson (L). Wit: Alexander S. Reid, Even Harvey, Alexander Reid,
Dated: Aug. 2, 1856. Proven: July Term 1857.

[pg 153][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, Book A, 1793-1807]
Pages 92-93. Richard Harvie of Albemarle County - in perfect health - My
dear mother shall have the use of my Negro fellow Stephen &
Negro wench Easter during her natural life and then to return to my estate.
Two hundred pounds to George Kippel? & Co. in gratitude to those gentlemen
for taking me among the first of the Virginia store keepers. A good head
of tobacco should be sent to my good a worthy school[?] master Mr. Alexr.
McCaul of Glasgow. The residue of my estate to be divided after Daniel
Gaines Moore my nephew attains the age of 21, to be equally divided between
the children of my brothers John, Daniel & William Harvie and my dear sis-
ters Mary Meriwether, Martha Moore, Margarett Davenport, Elizabeth Marks &
Jennett Jordan. Exors: My good friend [torn] Irving, my brothers John
Daniel & William [torn]. I further desire that my gun Blunderbuss and
[torn] sword be given to Mr. Charles Irving. Dated 8 May 1783. Signed:
Richard Harvie. Wit: Francis Meriwether, Christopher Clark, Mordica
Hand [?]. Rec. 23 June 1800.

[pg 154][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, book A, 1793-1807]
Pages 105-106. Martha Harvie of Oglethorpe Co. To my grand daughter
Martha G. Harvie, daughter of my son Wm. Harvie, my Negro
girl named Millinda. To my grand daughter Janette my Negro girl Matilda.
To my son William Harvie my Negro woman Letty, and whatever children Letty
has hereafter to be distributed among William's children. When my son Wm.
dies, Letty is to live with one of William's children of her choice, and is
to receive five dollars a year in token of my regard for her. My Negro man
Gabril to be sold if he so chooses, and to receive ten dollars. To my
grand daughter Martha G. Bradley blankets and counterpain. To grand daugh-
ter Lucy P. Moore blankets, etc. To Massy Powers in consideration for the
great regard I have for her, $40. My lands in Jackson Co. to be equally
divided between my grand son Daniel Harvie and the first son my son William
may have. To my grand daughters Mary, Margret & Janette[?] $100 each. To
my son Wm. Harvie, my grandsons Nicholas M. Marks & Daniel g. Moore and my
friends Thomas Meriwether & John Davenport, in trust, for the use of my
daughter Martha Moore, that part of my estate from the will of my late hus-
band John Harvie dec'd, which would have descended to my daughter Martha,
the reversion of which I have bought of John Moore, also $100; at Martha's
death to go to her children except Martha G. Jordan & Wm. Moore, who have
already been provided for. The rest of my estate to be left in the hands
of my son Wm., to be equally divided between my grand children Peggey &
Betey Jordan, Frankey Harvie, Betey & Peggy Moore, Martha Guerry[?] and
Polley Marks, daughter of my grandson John H. Marks. Exor: son Wm. Dated
25 Sept 1801. Signed: Martha Harvie. Wit: James Bradley, Nicholas M.
Marks. Rec. 2 Feb 1802.

[pg 157][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, book A, 1793-1807]
Pages 140-143. Thomas Johnson of Oglethorpe Co. - sick and weak - To my
taining 203 acres, adj. Lewis Pope & Edmond Jordan, and at her death or
Rec. 13 Feb 1805

[pg 158][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, book A, 1793-1807]
Lewis Pope of Oglethorpe Co. - weak of body - To my well
beloved wife Jemima Pope my land and plantation whereon I
now live during her lifetime, to raise and educate my youngest children,
Zachariah & Patey, and after her decease, my property to be distributed
among all my children equally. To my daughter Polly Ridley Jourdan one
negro woman named Anaka valued at #350 which she has in her possession. To
my son Archelus Pope the 200 acres where he now lives valued at #800 and a
Negro man Limas valued at #200, now in his possession. To my daughter
Rebecca Ogilvie one Negro woman Mary valued at #350 now in her possession.
To my daughter Betey Pope a Negro girl Amey and Negro boy Partrick. To my
daughter Jemima Phillips one Negro woman Violet valued at #350 now in her
possession. To my sons Willis Pope ^ Zachariah Pope after my wife's de-
cease the tract of land where I now live, to be divided between them, the
part whereon the mantion house stands to go to Zachariah. To my son Willis
a Negro boy named Alek. To son Zachariah a Negro boy named George. To my
daughter Patey Pope a Negro girl Jeney and Negro boy Isaac. To each of my
children a horse creature valued at #100. Exors: wife Jemima, son Archa-
lus Pope and son in law George Phillips. Dated 20 Sept 1803. Signed:
Lewis Pope. Wit: Alexr. Lester, Wm. Hatchett, Benjn. Wilks. Rec.14 Feb 1805.

[pg 158][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, book A, 1793-1807]
Page 149. Nathan Johnson of Oglethorpe Co. To my wife Elizabeth all my
estate during her life, and at her death, to my daughter Mary
Johnson a feather bed, cow & calf, a mare worth ten quineas, and a good
woman's saddle. To my son Luke Johnson the rest of my estate, he paying to
my other children not heretofore mentioned, one quarter of a dollar each.
Exor: wife Elizabeth, son Luke Johnson. Dated 7 Jan 1797. Signed: Nathan
(N) Johnson. Wit: Jno. Moore, J.P., Fleming Jordan. Rec. 20 June 1805.

[pg 159][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, book A, 1793-1807]
Pages 158-161. Jacob McGehee of Oglethorpe Co. - much indisposed in body -
when three children Isaac, Jacob & Nancy arrive at age 21. Exors: son
Edward McGehee, son in law William C. Humphries and friend Josiah Jordan.
Dated 26 Sept 1805. Signed: Jacon (X) McGehee. Wit: Jno. Jordin, Thos.
Hill, Ja[?] (X) Watkins. Rec. 7 Jan 1806.

[pg 178][Greene Co. Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 194-196: Aug 1787. James Alford of Greene Co. to Thomas Cre-
dille of same, for 20 pds., 200 acres on the waters of
South Ogechee, adj. Poythress, Jordan, Rogers, Michael Rogers, James
Rogers; granted the said Alford 12 July 1787. Signed: James Alford. Wit:
D. Love J.P., Wright (X) Taylor. [his mark a backwards 'R': shm]

[pg 185][Greene Co. Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 277-278: 21 Nov 1788. James Alford of Greene Co. to Michael Rog-
ers of same, for 25 pds. sterling, 200 acres on waters
of the South Fork of Ogeechee adj. Larrence, James Rogers, John Frazer,
Thomas Credille, Demcy Jordan, Robert Smith; part of a tract granted the
said Jas. Alford 12 July 1787. Signed: James Alford. Wit: Josiah Hill
Rogers, John (I) Rabon, W. Fpatrick, J.P. Rec. 25 Apil 1789.

[pg 280][Greene Co. Deeds, Book 2]
Pages 413-414: 29 Oct 1796. Solomon Jordin of Hancock Co. to William
Christopher of Wilkes, for $500, 100 acres in Wilkes Co.
when surveyed, on Little River, granted the said Solomon Jordin 18 June
1793. Signed: Solomon Jordan. Wit: Ransom Harwell J.P., Isaac Morgan
Faney (X) Jordan wife of Solomon, signed over her dower rights for $10 to
William Christopher in Oct. 1796.

[pg 287][Green Co. Deeds, Book 2]
Pages 476-478: 28 Aug 1800. Newel Walton Senior Deputy Marshall of the
district of Ga. to Seaborn Jones of Augusta, Attorney;
whereas in obedience to a Writ of Fierefacias issued out of the circuit
court of the U.S., Dist. of Ga., at the suit of James Gregory & son again-
st William Greaves, the said Newell Walton seized the several tracts of
property of said Greaves for public sale at the Market house in Augusta,
and Seaborn Jones was the highest bidder at $1173.00, for the following
tracts of land. 1) 400 acres on the dry fork of Soap Creek in Lincoln Co.
granted to Micajah Williamson 14 Jan 1786 bounded at time of survey SE by
Richardson's land 2) 665 acres on the dry fork of Soap Creek & Wells'
Creek in Lincoln Co. orig. granted said William Greaves 17 June 1789
bounded at time of survey E by Applewhite's, SE by Jourdan's and Call's,
NW by King's, Colyer's, Williamson's & McBurnett's land, 3) 525 acres on
Grays Creek in Lincoln Co. granted to said Greaves 17 June 1789 bounded at
time of survey NE by Call's, N by Richardson's, SE by Bentley's, SW by
Matthew Talbot's, 4) 270 acres on a branch of the dry fork of Soap Creek
in Lincoln Co. granted to said Greaves 17 June 1789 bounded NW by Pendall's,
E by D. McBurnett's, NE by Harper and other sides by Call's land. 5) 846
acres on Wells Creek in Lincoln Co. granted to said Greaves 17 June 1789
& bounded at time of survey NW by Call's, Crutchfield's, Jourdan's, Cager's
& Kings's land, SW by Applewhite's, SE by Thompson's, Jourdan's, & Moffat's
and NE by Greaves, Jone's & Walker's land. 6) 100 acres on Loyd's Creek
in Wilkes Co. granted to said Greaves 23 Nov 1792 and bounded at time of
survey N by William Greaves E by Kilgore's and all other sides by F.
Gaitrill(?). 7) 575 acres on Shoulderbone Creek in Greene Co. granted to
Bernard Heard 17 Aug 1786 bounded at time of survey E by said Creek & John
Heard's, W by Ezekiel Offutt, N by Thomas Kelly 8) 575 acres on the River
Hatamaha in Montgomery Co. granted to Chesley Davis and bounded at time of
survey SW by the Alatamaha River, SE & SW by land belonging to the heirs
of Robert Adams 9) 575 acres on the Ohoopie River in Montgomery Co.
granted to Chesley Davis bounded SW by the Altamaha River and SE by heirs
of Robert Adams. 10) 575 acres on the Ohoopee River in Montgomery Co.
granted to George Walton 5 Jan 1785 bounded at time of survey NW by Charles
Adingsell(?), E by Ohoopie River. 11) 287 1/2 acres on Shoulderbone Creek in
Hancock Co. granted to George Dooley bounded at time of Survey by W. Law
& S. Evans. Signed: Newel Walton D.M. Wit: Robert Walton J.I.C., Nancy
Hornsbey, Isaac Herbert, member City Council Augusta. Rec. 9 Sept 1800.