Roster of the Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia
McCall, Mrs Howard H
Genealogical Publishing Co; Baltimore; 1968/1969
Originally published Atlanta 1941
Three volumes

[pg 6 Vol I; pg 267 Vol III ]
The graves of the following REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS in Georgia have been
located by the Georgia Society, Daughters of the American Revolution.
John Jordan.........Washington

[pg 23 Vol I; pg 10 Vol III ]
CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY. b. in Va., 1744; d. 1815, on a visit to
Cincinnati, Ohio. Served as a REV. SOLDIER in Va., and drew land
for his services in Wilkes Co., Ga. Married (1) Judith Moorman.
1. Mary, mar. David Terrell.
2. Joseph, mar. Rhoda Moorman.
3. Charles, mar. Elizabeth Harris.
4. Elizabeth, mar. William Ballard.
CHRISTOPHER ANTHONY married (2) Mary Jordan of Nansemond
Co., Va. (dau. of Samuel and Mary (Bates) Jordan).
5. Christopher, mar. Annie H. Couch.
6. Samuel, mar. Mary Irwin.
7. Hannah, mar. (1) -- Johnson; (2) John Davis.
8. Sarah, mar. Henry Davis.
9. Jordan.
10. Penelope.
11. Charlotte, mar. Eph Morgan.
12. Rachel, mar. Lot Pugh.

[pg 74 Vol I; pg 89 Vol III ]
THOMAS MERIWETHER GILMER (son of Peachy Ridgeway Gilmer
and his wife Mary Meriwether of Va.), b. in Va. 1760; d. 1817, Broad
River Settlement, Ga. Served as private under Marquis de La Fayette
and also had active service in Ga. Received grant of land for his ser-
vices. Married Elizabeth Lewis (1765-1855) (dau. of THOMAS LEWIS,
REV. SOLDIER of Va. (1718-1790), and his wife Jane Strother).
1. Peach, mar. (1) Mary Bontwell Harvie; (2) Caroline Thomas,
widow. Moved to Ala.
2. Mary, mar. (1) Warren Taliaferro (son of ZECHERIAH TAL-
IAFERRO, b. 1730 in Va., d. 1811 in S.C.; a REV. SOLDIER,
and his wife Mary Bontwell). She mar. (2) Nicholas Powers.
3. Thomas Lewis, mar. (1) Nancy Harvie; (2) Ann Harper.
4. George Rockingham, b. 1790; mar. Eliza Frances Grattan (dau.
of ROBERT GRATTAN, REV. SOLDIER of Va., and his wife
Elizabeth Gilmer). He was a Soldier of 1812, and also Gover-
nor of Ga.
5. John (1792-1860); mar.(1) Lucy Johnson; (2) Susan (barnett)
6. William Benjamin Strother; mar. Elizabeth Marks. Moved to
7. Charles L., mar.(1) Nancy Marks; (2) Matilda Kyle, widow.
8. Lucy Ann Sophia, mar. Senator B. S. Bibb of Ala.
9. James Jackson, mar. Elizabeth Jordan.

[pg 89 Vol I; pg 113 Vol III ]
ABRAHAM HILL, b. Chowan Co., N.C., 1732; d. Wilkes Co., Ga.,
Feb. 4, 1792. Served as private under Lieut. John Cropper of Va.
Troops. Move from Wake Co., N.C., 1785, to Wilkes (now Oglethorpe)
Co., Ga. Married Christiann Walton (dau. of Thomas Walton, member
N.C. House of Assembly).
1. John.
2. ABRAHAM, b. 1759; d. 1818. Murdered in Oglethorpe Co., Ga.
Served as private in Capt. John Reid's troops of Light Dra-
goons, Lieut. - Col. Wade Hampton's N.C. Reg., Gen. Sumpter's
Brigade. Married May 5, 1791, Elizabeth McGehee (1773-1816).
Children: (known)
1. Abram Scott (1807-1866); mar. Susan F. Halsey.
2. Elizabeth Ann, b. 1810; mar. Blanton Meade Hill.
3. Judith, mar. Josiah Jordan.
4. Clara (1763-1798); mar. Henry Augustus Pope.
5. Sarah (1765-1816); mar. Benjamin Blake.
6. Henry (1767-1829); mar. Betty Andrew (dau. of BENJAMIN
ANDREW, a REV. PATRIOT and Member of Council of Safety,
7. Theophilus (1769-1829); mar. Polly Jordan.
8. Noah (1771-1805); Mar. Ann Pope (1780-1805)(dau. of BUR-
WELL POPE, a REV. SOLDIER, b. 1752 in Va.; d. Wilkes Co.,
Ga., and his wife Priscilla Wooten).
9. Miles (1774-1844); mar. Tabitha Pope (dau. of BURRELL and
Priscilla (Wooten) Pope).
10. Wylie Pope (1775-1844); mar. Martha Pope (dau. of BURWELL
and Priscilla (Wooten) Pope).
11. Mary (1777-1849)
12. Thomas, mar. Sally McGehee. She mar.(2) Dyonosius Oliver.

[pg 98 Vol I; pg 127 Vol III ]
NICHOLAS JOHNSON, b. in Va.; d. in Ala. Lived on the Broad River,
Wilkes Co., Ga. Served in Ga. Line. Received bounty grant of land for
his services (son of THOMAS JOHNSON (1735-1803), REV. SOLDIER
of Va., and his wife Elizabeth Ann Meriwether of Va.). Married Mary
Marks of the Broad River Settlement, Ga. (dau. of JAMES MARKS,
REV. SOLDIER of Va., b. in Amherst Co., Va., 1745; d. in Ga., 1816,
and his wife Elizabeth Harvie).
1. Nancy, mar. -- Reuben Jordan.
2. Betsey, mar. Louis Bourbon Taliaferro
3. Martha, mar. George Oglethorpe Gilmer.
4. Lucy, mar. George Gilmer.
5. Barbar, mar. -- Fraser.
6. Rebecca, mar. Charles Jordan.
7. Sarah, mar. Morgan Smith.
8. Frank.
9. James.
10. Edward.

[pg 104 Vol I; pg 135 Vol III ]
JOHN JORDAN, b. Va., 1756; d. Washington Co., Ga., Aug. 20, 1828. Mar. N.C., 1786, WINI-
FRED JORDAN, his cousin. Served in N.C. Troops, joined Gen. Samuel Elberth Regiment in
Ga.; was taken prisoner and exchanged; was at the surrender at Yorktown; received grant
of land for his service, Washington co., Ga. Pension granted to his daughter, Mary (Jordan) Newton of
Athens, Ga. Buried near Sandersville, Ga.
1. Britton (1787-1806), mar. 1814, Peggy (Margaret) Bell. 7 children.
2. Green, mar. Elizabeth Sanford
3. Burwell, mar. Lavinia Hollard.
4. John (1800-1852), mar. Eliza Smith.
5. Patience, mar. Isom Saffold.
6. Persilla, mar. William Tennille (son of LIEUT. COL. FRANCIS TENNILLE, Rev. Sol.,
and his wife, Elizabeth Dixon).
7. Mary, mar. John H. Newton.

[pg 104 Vol I; pg 135 Vol III ]
REUBEN JORDAN, b. Va., 1754; d. Broad River Settlement, Wilkes Co., Ga., 1816. Mar.
Gennette Harvie. (This record is only information for Genealogical Research).
1. Martha, mar. Dr. Bradley.
2. Reuben, Jr., Mar.(1) Nancy Johnson (dau. COL. NICHOLAS JOHNSON. Rev. Sol. of
Ga.); (2) the dau. of COL. CHARLES WILLIAMSON, Rev. Sol. of Ga., and his wife, Nancy Clarke,
dau. of GEN. ELIJAH CLARKE, Rev. Sol. of Ga.)
3. Fleming, mar. Anna Meriwether (dau. of THOMAS MERIWETHER, Rev. Sol. of Ga.)
They moved to Jasper Co., Ga.
4. Margaret, mar. --.
5. Betsey, mar. Dr. George Meriwether.
6. Mortimer, mar. dau. of Hezekiah Gray.
7. Charles, mar.(1) Rebecca Johnson (dau. of COL. NICHOLAS JOHNSON, Rev. Sol.);
(2) Elizabeth Yancey Reid.

[pg 132 Vol III ]
MOSES MATHEWS, b. 1725, Halifax Co., Va.; d. 1806, Wilkes Co.,
Ga. Learned the trade of gun-maker in Va. Moved to S.C., and made
guns for Gen. Sumpter. Received bounty grant of land in Ga. for his
services in S.C. Troops. Married 1749, Sarah Findley, b. in Va.
1. JAMES MATHEWS, b. in Va., Oct. 15, 1755; d. in Wilkes Co.,
Ga. 1828. Enlisted 1775 in 2nd S.C. Reg., under Col. Wm.
Thompson and Gen. Francis Marion. Married (1) widow Jen-
kins, one son. Moved to Ga., 1782, a Baptist preacher. Mar.
(2) 1786, Rebecca Carleton (1762-1840)(dau. of ROBERT
CARLETON, a REV. SOLDIER of Va., and his wife Miss Waf-
ford, who moved to Wilkes Co., Ga., 1785).
1. James, mar. Keturah Pope (dau. of John Pope). She mar.
(2) Henry Long. (JOHN POPE was REV. SOLDIER of N.C.
and Ga. mar. Elizabeth Smith, and was son of JOHN HENRY
POPE, REV. SOLDIER of N.C., and Mary Burwell.)
2. Elizabeth Rebecca, mar. (1) Ephraim Smith Vernal; (2)
Augustua F. Griggs.
3. Jacob Gibson, b. 1790; mar. Winny Jordan.
4. Philip, b. 1792; mar. (1) 1814, Elizabeth Clark (dau. of
DAVID CLARK, REV. SOLDIER of Va. and Wilkes Co., Ga.);
he mar. (2) 1852, Mrs. Wilkes.
5. William, mar. Alice Gaither.
6. Abram, mar. Elizabeth Burrus.

[pg 126 Vol I; pg 155 Vol III ]
THOMAS MERIWETHER (son of Francis Meriwether and his wife
Martha Jameson), b. in Va., 1766; d. Jasper Co., Ga., 1831. Served as
a private under Gen. La Fayette. Received bounty land for his ser-
vices in Wilkes Co., Ga. Married Rebecca Mathews (dau. Gov. George
1. Frank, mar. Miss Butler.
2. George, mar. (1) Miss Jordan; (2) Miss Watkins.
3. Ann, mar. Fleming Jordan of Jasper Co., Ga.
4. Mary, mar. Dr. David Reese.
5. David, mar. 4 times.

[pg 129 Vol I; pg 169 Vol III ]
THOMAS G. MITCHELL, b. 1756 in Va., d. 1826, Thomas Co., Ga.
Served in the 11th Va. Reg., under Col. Daniel Morgan. Received
bounty grant of land for his services, in Montgomery Co., Ga. Mar.
1779, Anna Raines (1762-1832)(dau. of NATHANIEL RAINES, REV.
SOLDIER; served in Va. Troops; d. 1789 in Va., and his wife Susanna
1. Susanna (1785-1850); mar. Littleton Wyche.
2. Amy Goodwin, b. 1782; mar. Gen. Edward Blackshear.
3. Hartwell, mar. Martha Jordan.
4. Nathaniel Raines, mar. Temperance Jordan.
5. Richard (moved from Va. to Old Hartford, Pulaski Co., Ga.);
mar. Sophronia Dickey.
6. Thomas Goodwin, Jr. (1793-1862); mar. 1818, Elizabeth Alston
(1796-1880)(dau. of JAMES ALSTON (1761-1825), REV. SOL-
DIER, and his wife Jane Wilcox; and granddau. of PHILIP
ALSTON, Col. of REV. Army of N.C.).
7. Tabitha, d.y.
8. John, d.y.
9. Robert, d.y.
10. Nancy, mar.(1) Thomas Gallin; (2 --Stone; (3) E. Alexander.

[pg 133 Vol I; pg 175 Vol III ]
REV. JOHN NEWTON, b. Aug. 7, 1732; d. Nov. 20, 1790. Served as a
REV. SOLDIER. Married 1753, Keziah Dorsett.
1. JOHN, JR., b. July 5, 1755; d. as a REV. SOLDIER, in a British
prison. A monument was erected to his memory by the City
of Savannah, Ga.
2. Jemina, b. 1757.
3. Philip Dorsett, b. 1760.
4. James.
5. MOSES, b. Aug. 14, 1766; d. 1826. Married 1793, Elizabeth
Hudspeth. He was a REV. SOLDIER, served under his father,
REV. JOHN NEWTON; was at Savannah, Ga., and was taken
prisoner at Charleston, S.C.
1. Mary Early, mar. James Marcellus Johns.
2. John Hamlin, mar. Mary Jordan.
3. Isaac.
4. Nancy.
5. Elizabeth, mar. Andrew Howard.
6. Grace, mar. George Baskerville Lewis.
7. Sarah Baker.
(His grave was marked by Ga. D.A.R.)

[pg 106, Vol II ]
REUBEN ROBERTS, b. 1752, near Port Royal, Va.; d. Dec., 1842,
Jones Co., Ga. (Will made Nov. 15, 1842.) He mar. Mary Ann ---, living
1842. He was a REV. SOLDIER of S.C., served as Private in Capt.
Summerlin's S.C. Troops, aide to Gen. Morgan. Was allowed Pension,
on his application, Oct. 19, 1832, while a resident of Jones Co., Ga.
Children: (from will)
1. Luke.
2. William.
3. Reuben.
4. James Henry.
5. Peggy, mar. -- Wilder.
6. Sally, mar. -- Funderbuck.
7. Daughter, mar. -- Burnett.
8. Juda, mar. -- Jordan.
9. Clara, mar. -- Chance.

[pg 166 Vol I; pg 223 Vol III ]
FRANCIS TENNILLE, b. Prince William Co., Va., 1747; d. in Ga.,
1812. Enlisted Washington Co., Ga., 2nd Batt. Served as Lieut., Capt.,
and Lieut. Col., Ga. Militia. Married Mary Elizabeth Bacon Dixon
(dau. of ROBERT DIXON, a REV. SOLDIER, and his wife Ann Bacon
of Ga.).
1. Francis (1799-1877); mar. Miss Jordan.
2. William, mar. Priscilla Jordan.
3. Robert.
4. John.
5. Benjamin.
6. Algernon.
7. Sidney, mar. Louise Dunbar Roe.

[pg 180 Vol I; pg 244 Vol III ]
WILLIAM WILLIAMS, allowed pension 1835, while a resident of
Washington Co., Ga. Enlisted 1777, served as private in Capt. Isaac
Moore's Co., Col. Abraham Shepard, and Col. Thomas Clark's N.C.
Reg. Was in Battle of Monmouth; captured at Paramus, N.J., released
and captured again, May 12, 1780 at Charleston, S.C.
NOTE: From Dept. of Archives and History, Atlanta, Ga. "The original
claims of WILLIAM WILLIAMS, REV. SOLDIER, 2/24/1823, and of
Fountain Jordan, 2/18/1822, Rev. Soldier, found in the Office
of Clerk of Court, Wilkes Co., Ga.

[pg 198 Vol I; pg 135 Vol III ]
WILLIAM JORDAN, b. Va., Mar. 31, 1744; d. Ga., Sept. 23, 1826. Served as Lieut., Conti-
nental Army; received land grant for his service, Warren Co., Ga. Mar. 1786, ANNE MEDLOCK

[pg 226 Vol I; pg 323 Vol III ]
Names and Ages of Pensioners from Georgia for Revolutionary Service
Found in the Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary Military
Service, Under the Act for Taking the 6th Census in 1840.
Early Co....Jordan, Elizabeth....57 (Living with Charles B. Jordan)
Troup Co....Jourdan, Faintain....77

[pg 231 Vol I; pg 313 Vol III ]
Names of Revolutionary Soldiers Who Drew Land in Cherokee Land
Lottery in 1838 and the Counties in Which They Lived
Jordan, Benjamin..........Meriwether
Jordan, Charles Sr........Meriwether
Jordan, Job...............Marion
Jordan, William...........Newton
Jordan, Edmund............Oglethorpe {not duplicated}

[pg 235 Vol I; pg 318 Vol III ]
Names of Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers Who Drew Land in the
Cherokee Land Lottery of 1838, and the Counties in Which They Lived
Jordan, Winnefred........Washington
Jourdan, Elizabeth.......Warren

[pg 241 Vol I ]
Terrell Co. (Drawers of Land in Districts of Old Lee Co., Which Became
Terrell Co.)
Jordan, Avens...........Laurens.....1837

[pg 242 Vol I ]
The Following Names of Revolutionary Soldiers Are Not in Knight's
"Roster of the Revolution of Ga." (Found in Lottery Lists in
Milledgeville, Ga.)
Doster Jordan
Overoff Jordan

[pg 246 Vol I; pg 277 Vol III ]
Revolutionary Soldiers of South Carolina (Descendants came to Georgia)
Found in "Old Records Division," Washington, D.C. Adj. General's Office.
No. 30189
Henry Jourdan, Sr.
Henry Jourdan, Jr.

[pg 248 Vol I; pg 275 Vol III ]
They Fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek, Through Which Georgia Was
Freed of the Tory Domination, and a Monument Has Been
Erected to Their Memory on this Battle Ground
Jordan, Dempsey
Jordan, Samuel

[pg 283 Vol I; pg 297 Vol III ]
Jordan, Aven..........Jefferson
Jordan, Dempsey.......Greene
Jordan, John..........Warren
Jordan, William.......Washington
Jourdain, Edmund......Oglethorpe
Jourdain, Fountain....Elbert

[pg 289 Vol I; pg 307 Vol III]
Jordan, Milly........Oglethorpe

[pg 288 Vol III ]
BENJAMIN FRY, of 14th Va. Reg., commanded by Col. Charles Lewis,
before Josiah Jordan, J.P., June 20, 1793, for bounty land.