Some Georgia County Records; Vol 1

The Rev Silas Emmett Lucas Jr

Southern Historical Press

[pg 32][Columbia Co. Deed Book B]
Page 210: Deed dated 3 Dec. 1793 and recorded 5 Dec. 1793, bet. John
Willingham, Junr. and Ann Willingham his wife of Col. Co. of
one part and John Chattin of Pitsilvania Co. and State of Virginia of
other, consid. of 70 lbs, convey tract in Col. Co. cont. 400 acres
gtd. orig. to Mann (Sims) 17 Dec. 1784 and bounded by Sturgess line,
O'Neils line, Jordans line. Signed: John (I) Willingham, Ann (A)
Willingham. Wit: William Willingham, Clayborn (L or S)anders, Luke
Landers (or Sanders).

[pg 34][Columbia Co. Deed Book B]
Pages 254-255: Aug. 16, 1793, John Zachery of Wilkes County to William
Tendill Junior of Columbia County, for 25 pounds law-
ful money of sd. state (Ga.), 100 acres in Columbia County, granted to
Garret Jordan, June 7, 1786, John Zackry (Seal), Sarah Zackry (X)
(Seal). Wit: Benjamin Fenny (X). Rec. Aug. 16, 1793. John Zackry
(Seal), Sarah Zackry (X) (Seal). Test: Abner Zackry, Benjamin Fenny
(X). Rec. Jan. 31, 1794.

[pg 51][Columbia Co. Deed Book C]
Pages 157-158: Feb. 19, 1793, John Sorrils of Columbia Co. to Thomas
Moore of same, for 14 pounds sterling, land on both
sides of Sullivan's Creek, part of a grant to sd. John Sorrils by a
deed bearing date Sept. 20, 1787, adj. Jordan's corner, 22 acres, John
Sorrils (LS). Wit: William Farmer, Junr., Benjamin Garner. Rec. March
4, 1796.

[pg 70][Columbia Co. Marriages, Book B]
Page 79 Sylvester F. Jordan and Rachel Gunby 1 Mar. 1836

[pg 71][Columbia Co. Marriages, Book B]
Page 101 Hensley Landers and Mahala Jordan 10 May 1838

[pg 79][Hancock Co, GA. Deeds 1793-1795]
Pages 14-15: March 10, 1790, Daniel Whatley of Washington Co. to
James Huddleston of Greene Co. for 100 pounds, 400 acres, in Greene Co.
on Little Ogechee, adj. Weazey, Heard's, granted May 24, 1787, Daniel
Whatley (X) (Seal). Wit: David Barely, James Jordan, Samuel Ewing,
John Barely JP.

[pg 116][Hancock Co. Wills & Estate Records; 1794-1804, Vol. A-AAAA]
Pages 177-179: Will of Benjamin Thompson, Senr. of Hancock Co....very
sick and weak in dearly beloved wife my son Jesse
son my daughter Rachel Cutching (Catching?)...sons
Benjamin Thompson, John Thompson, Isham Thompson, Gideon Thompson, Joseph
Thompson and heirs of Zachariah Thompson one dollar to each of them...
daughters Rebecca Jones, Susannah McIntosh & Nancy Cawly one dollar to grandsons Benjamin Wood, Joseph Wood one hundred dollars when
they come of age...wife Anne, Jesse son, and friend Henry Graybill,
Exrs...May 12, 1796...Benja. Thompson (Seal). Wit: Hen. Graybill,
Solomon Jordan, John Goode. Proven by Solomon Jordan and John Goode.
March 10, 1797.

[pg 120][Hancock Co. Wills & Estate Records; 1794-1804, Vol. A-AAAA]
Pages 296-298: Account of sales of est of William Colbert, Feb. 9,
1798. Names: Jonathan Black, Bulan Jordan, James Walker, Thomas
Hawkins, Moses Miles, Jonathan Colbert, William Redock, Ransom Leigh,
Mathew Hawkins, Wider Colbert, James Montgomery, Joel McClendon, Bartley
Walker, William Smith, William Denton, John Liles, Hubbard Farrell,
Michael Rogers, Jacob Bozworth, Britain Jordan, Robert Owsley, Samuel
McGee, Abraham Walker, Richard Jenkins, George Leigh.

[pg 138][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Page 92: Will of Henry Mears. Made July 19, 1812, probated Sept.
7, 1812, Henry Mears of Town of my son William Henry wife Charity Mears...until my sd. son William Henry shall
arrive at the age of 21...friends William Wright and Benjamin Cobert
Exrs...Henry Mears. Wit: Wm. Hilton, Sterling Jordan, Dennis Goodman.

[pg 144][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 154-155: Will of John D. R. Figg. Made Nov. 16, 1818, probated
Jan. 19, 1820...unto my loving wife Polly Figg...708 acres of land by
original survey, adj. where I now and books of accounts
that is now in the hands of John W. my sister Martha Cox,
all my father's estate that is coming to me...wife and Mund Gross and
Britton Jordan, exrs. John D. R. Figg. Wit: Absolen Pryor, John
Whigham, John Bigham.

[pg 148][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Page 197-198: Will of Aquilla Matthews, Sr. Made Oct. 1825, pro-
bated Nov. 7, 1825...being in a low state of my wife
Elizabeth Matthews...200 acres on which I now live...equally divided
between my children and my grandchildren, my three grandchildren, the
children of my daughter Nancy Farmer, to draw on share equal to the
other children, and the children on my son William...sons Thomas
Matthews and James Matthews Exrs...Aquilla Matthews Senr (X). Wit:
Jonathan Ross, Jesse P. Jordan, D. T. Smithe.

[pg 149][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 201-202: Will of Robert Fleming. Made Aug. 28, 1825
... on the south side of Savannah Road, I bought of
Benjamin Jordan and John Batts...

[pg 150][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 217-218: Will of Dennis Williams. Made June 18, 1823, probated
Nov. 13, 1828...wife Sarah Williams. Plantation whereon Eliga Young
formerly lived, 200 acres adj. Mund Gross and others...children Nancy,
Beatus, George, Betsey and Maryan...son Mufrey D. Williams...son
Robert Williams...son James Williams...friend Elam Young and Perry
Sinkfield Exrs...Dennis Williams (X). Wit: Matt Jordan, Mund Gross,
Jno. Hollaman.

[pg 153][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Page 240: Will of Richard Hudson Sr. Made Aug. 1834, no probate
date...unto my son Alfred Hudson...unto my two youngest daughters
Mary Hudson and Narcessy Hudson...unto my six youngest sons Littleton
Hudson, Matthew Hudson, Toliber Hudson, William E. Hudson, James Hudson
and Lawson my wife Martha coming to use from
estate of Richard Speirs...sons Hampton Hudson, Isaac Hudson, Richard
Hudson, Jr., my daughters Nancy Lowery, Dece Pipkin, Elizabeth Hudson,
Sarah Davis, Mary Hudson and Nacissy Hudson...Christopher Lowery and
Harvey Pipkin Exrs...Richard Hudson (X). Wit: D. T. Smith, Thas. G.
Jordan, Sterling G. Jordan.

[pg 159][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 319-322: Will of Moses Brinson, Sr. Made Feb. 18, 1848, pro-
bated Feb. 4, 1850...being of advanced grandson Henry T. son Moses Henry Stephens, husband of Sarah
A. Stephens, formerly Sarah Brinson, my daughter...friend James T. granddaughter Margarett E. daughter Anna
Freeman...grandson Isaac adj. Richard Smith and est. of
Wm. Streetman...daughter Rebecca J. where John Freeman
now adj. Isaac Freeman Connel and adj.
John Way & Thos Benjamin Philps and to each of his three
children by my grandaughter Nancy...Moses, Margaret & Sophia Jane...
to son Moses Brinson, Jr. land adj. Elam Young, J. Connel and another
tract, part of the Pope tract on south side of the Quaker Road. adj.
John the death of Amelia Farmer, my step-daughter...wife
Apsabeth...Moses Brinson Jr., William W. Young, and John Wren, Exrs...
Moses Brinson Sr. (X). Wit: William H. Streetman, John Streetman,
Walter Parker, Amazon A. Brinson. Codicil: In consequence of the death
of Benjamin Isaac Freeman, son of Anna wife
and her daughter now Mrs. Jourdow. Wit: Cabal A. Wright, Walter Parker,
Amazon A. Brinson.

[pg 161][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 322-323: Will of William Swan. Made Jan. 7, 1850, probated
Feb. 4, a feeble state of wife Elizabeth Swan...
my three sons Jabez M. Swan, Joshua Key Swan & Thomas Swan, $125 for
completing their two sons John Swan and Daniel Swan...
sons Jackson son Josiah Swan...sons Sidney & William Swan...
W. Swan. Wit: J. T. Bothwell, T. L. Keys, J. Jordan.

[pg 161][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Page 350: Will of Elizabeth Jordan. Made June 21, 1852, probated
Sept. 6, 1852...having reached a respectable old age...sons Thomas G.
Jordan and Sterling G. daughters Mary Byne and Nancy Lowe...
my grandchildren Dennis Lowe, Frederich Lowe, Sterling Lowe and
Lertretrice my daughter Sarah Rogers...(no signature)...
Wit: Reuben Atwell, John S. Willson, James M. Jordan.

[pg 162][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 360-361: Will of James Gunn. Made June 1, 1844, probated May
2, 1853...
202 1/2 acres in Telfair County, granted to Benjamin Jordan...

[pg 163][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 365-366: Will of Penelope Hudson. Made April 26, 1854, no
probate date...being of advanced age and feeble health...friend
Moses Brinson in trust for my son James C. Hudson, all my land on which
I now live 996 Jane Farmer and Caroline Clark, wives of
Enoch Farmer and Philip Clark...daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews...
children of my deceased daughter Sarah Whigham...Penny Hudson (X). Wit:
E. B. Hook, I. T. Jordan, H. I. Farmer.

[pg 164][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 384-385: Will of Mary Lemle. Made June 4, 1856, no probate
date...advanced in life...son in law Roger R. Dixon, land on Rocky
Comfort Creek, adj. lands of John Jordain, Ambroce R. Wright and others...
my late son Dr. Philip S. Lemle...daughter Elisa F. Dixon...I have
omitted my other two daughters...Mary Lemle. Wit: A. B. Coffin,
J. T. Bothwell, Charles J. Jenkins.

[pg 164][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 386-387: Will of James A. Parker. Made June 6, 1856, pro-
bated July 7, 1856...wife my grandson James R. Stevens,
son of Nathan Stevens, Joseph R. Parker his trustee...two sons in law
Henry P. Watkins and Jefferson Smith, Exrs...Jas. A. Parker. Wit:
J. I. Miller, wm. Houser, W. P. Jordan.

[pg 165][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 390-391: Will of William Parker. Made July 7, 1856, probated
Feb. 7, each of my children Joseph G. Parker, Aquilla Wesly
Parker, Thomas D. Parker, Martha Evans wife of Philip J. Evans,
Dialsha Elizabeth Mosely, wife of Thomas Mosely, Ann Mary Stevens, wife
of Edmund N. Stevens, Francis L. Parker and the children of my deceased
son James A. Parker, the children of my deceased daughter Sarah Jordan,
wife of Sterling G. Jordan...William Parker (X). Wit: Tom P. David,
E. R. Carswell, Thos H. Polhill.

[pg 165][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 396-397: Will of James Fleming. Made Dec. 23, 1857, probated
March 1, 1858...wife Louisa H. Fleming...son James G. Fleming...
children of my brother William Fleming and children of my brother
Benjamin F. Fleming...friend Edward H. W. Hunter, of
person and property of my son James G. Fleming until he is fourteen
years old...James Fleming (Seal). Wit: William A. Wilkins, Joseph
H. Willims, Robert Jordan.

[pg 165][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 397-398: Will of Levinia Carswell. Made Feb. 22, 1858, pro-
bated Nov. 7, 1864...daughter Caroline M. Whigham...son James W.
Carswell...granddaughters Amanda Whigham, Addella Denny, Lucie L.
Carswell...children Edward R. Carswell, James W. Carswell, Caroline M.
Whigham, Louisa L. Denny and the children of my deceased daughter Jane
E. King...Levinia Carswell (L.S.). Wit: Rebecca P. Jordan, Joshia
T. Jordan, Moses Brinson.

[pg 166][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 402-405: Will of Moses Brinson, Jr. Made June 30, 1859, pro-
...1400 acres adj. J. T. Jordan...

[pg 166][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 408-410: Will of John Freeman. Made Feb. 7, 1857, probated
Jan. 9, 1860...having arrived at an advanced age...wife Anna Freeman
son Isaac Freeman...son Moses Freeman...grandchildren, children of my
daughter Nancy Johnson...son in law Jesse Johnson...friend Moses
Brinson and son Isaac Freeman, Exrs...John Freeman (L.S.). Wit:
Joshua T. Jordan. Etheldred A. Wasden, John W. Brinson. Codicil:
granddaughter Gearganna Freeman, dau. of Moses Freeman...son Moses
Brinson having died...friend Henry Farmer, Exr. of this codicil, dated
Nov. 8, 1859...Wit: James W. Clark, Charles Matthew, Isaac F. Adkins.

[pg 167][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 420-421: Will of Rhoda Jordan. Made May 16, 1861. no probate
date...children John G. Jordan, Robert Jordan, Susannah Jordan, Levicy
Jordan, and Mary B. Jordan...daughter Emily Miller...daughter Eliza-
beth T. Murphy...Rhoda Jordan (LS). Wit: James G. Cain, Gurdon I.
Miller, Wm. I. Arrington.

[pg 168][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 437-438: Will of Robert Jordan. Made June 19, 1861, probated
Oct. Term, 1862...sister Emily Elizabeth Murphree...
nephew Robert other sister Susan Jordan, Levicy Jordan &
Mary R. Jordan and my brother John G. Jordan...Robert Jordan L.S.,
Wit: F. A. Sinquefield, Samuel A. Denny, William A. Wilkins.

[pg 169][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Page 448: Will of R. G. Weeks. Probated Dec. 7, 1863, not copied...
Wit: Sterling G. Jordan, George R. Palmer & Thomas G. Jordan.

[pg 169][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 456-457: Will of George W. Belcher. Made Aug. 17, 1864, no
probate date...Fulton County, State of Georgia...sons George &
William...wife and children, when my son William shall arrive at 21...
friends John G. Jordan and William A. Stokes, Exr...J. W. Belcher.
Wit: W. R. Miller, R. M. Lawson, Sherwood Arrington, J.P. Ct.

[pg 170][Jefferson Co. Wills, Book A, 1777-1893]
Pages 462-464: Will of Mary Perdue. Made Nov. 17, 1858, codicil made
Feb. 21, 1871, probated Aug. 6, 1873 and Sept. 1, 1873...daughters
Artimus M. Hudson and Narcissa N. Cason...children Mary V. Perdue, wife
of James Perdue, Robert W. Perdue, Artirnis M. Hudson, wife of Alfred S.
Hudson & Narcissa N. Cason, wife of James M. Cason...sons James M. and
Robert Perdue, Exrs...Mary Perdue (X) (L.S). Wit: Freeman A. Arring-
ton, William G. Griffin, Thomas N. Polhill, James G. Cain. Wit: to
codicil: J. W. Brinson, Michael King, Joshua R. Jordan.

[pg 181][Jefferson Co. Petit Jurors, 1799]
222. Henry Jourdan

[pg 220][Warren Co. Deeds, Book A]
Pages 224-225: Feb. 25, 1796, Isaac Ledbetter of Washington Co. to
William Jordan of Warren Co. for 25 pounds, 130 acres,
part of 200 acres granted to Isaac Ledbetter May 13, 1790...Isaac
Ledbetter (Seal). Wit: Jno. Currie, Jno. Hamill JP. Rec. Dec. 8, 1796.

[pg 256][Warren Co. Deeds, Book B]
Pages 1-2: Jan. 10, 1801, James Bush of Warren Co. to William Gaza
of same, for $600, 380 acres, part of two surveys granted
to Baxter Jordan conveyed to sd. Burk by three different deeds, adj.
Abbott's land, lands granted to Averett & Bush, Jacob Brooks land,
to the branch below Barton's...James Burk (#)(LS), Wit: Joeday
Newsom, Jas McCormick JP. Rec. July 14, 1801.

[pg 265][Warren Co. Deeds, Book B]
Pages 97-98. Sept. 10, 1797, Nicholas Long & Rebecca his wife of Wilks
co. to William Bird of Warren Co. for $876. 122 acres in
Warren Co. adj. Currie, Ledbetter, Camp, Chambless, Few, Jordan...
N. Long (Seal), R. Rong (Seal). Wit: Thos Collins, Thos. Oram JP.
Rec. May 10, 1802.

[pg 308][Warren Co. Deeds, Book B]
Pages 604-6-5: June 12, 1802, James Brooks to Joseph Davidson, for
$200, 100 acres on Rocky Comfort, granted to Baxter
Jordan, Nov. 5, 1788. James Brooks (LS). Wit: John May, John McKinzie.

[pg 310][Warren Co. Deeds, Book B]
Pages 638-639: Aug. 2, 1804, Absalam Cobb of Hancock Co. to Charles
McCallister of Warren Co. for $200, 93 acres, part of
a tract of 200, granted to Baxter Jordan, Nov. 25, 1788. A Cobb (LS),
Wit: H. Nicholson, Joab Brooks.

[pg 330][Warren Co. Will Book A, 1794-1810]
Page 25: Charles Medlock. Last Will and Testament, dated Dec. 9,
1796; probated Jan. 2, 1797. Gives to his wife, Agatha, a horse, saddle
and his household goods outright, and also his slaves Jane and Dinah for
her lifetime and at wife's death said Dinah to become the property of his
son George, and his daughter, Ann Jordan, to have the said Jane. To his
granddaughter, Polly Jordan, he gives his slave Violet. To his grandson
Charles Medlock, he gives his slaves Will and Richmond together with
horse, bedding, &c., to remain in possession of testator's son. George,
until Charles becomes of age. To granddaughter, Susan Medlock, he gives
his slaves Adam and Eve on the same condition. To his granddaughter
Agatha Haley, he gives a slave named Millie on same terms. To his grand-
daughter, Polly Medlock, he gives his slave Tamar. Executors: wife,
Agatha, son, George Medlock, and son-in-law, William Jordan. Witnesses:
Joseph Howell, James Taylor, George Taylor.