Gone To Georgia; Jackson and Gwinnett Counties and Their Neighbors in the Western Migration
William C Stewart
publ: National Genealogical Society

[pg 293]
207. JORDAN: Charles Jourdan was taxed on the Mulberry Fork (Burge's district) in 1801, Radford was in the 1805 lottery list in Jackson County and in 1807, Samuel was in Cochran's district on Mulberry in 1807. Elizabeth in this period married Stephen Key. A Charles Jordan was in Wilkes County as early as 1785. James Jordan was in Hamilton's District, Gwinnett County, in 1819 and in the 1820 census Samuel and Charles, each aged 26-45, and James, aged 16-25, were enumerated. In Jasper County, Ga., 1820, Fleming, Henry (2) and Benjamin were enumerated. (George R. Gilmer's _Georgians,_ pps. 78, 90, 113, tells something of this family, mentioning among others Col. Fleming Jordan of Jasper, who married Ann, daughter of Tom Meriwether.) Pdrhaps a link to the family in Gwinnett County, James Jordan and James Hamilton were joint securities for Ann, widow of John Twitty and their son, William, in the administration of the elder Twitty's estate in Pendleton District, S.C., May 9, 1791 (Court Minutes 1790-1793, p. 7). The family mentioned by Gilmer had Henrico, Albermarle and Louisa Counties, Va., antecedents and in Wilkes and Oglethorpe Counties, Ga., were allied with the Harvies from Albemarle County, and the Hills from North Carolina. Among others enumerated in 1820 in Georgia, were Redin Jordin of Madison County; John C. Jordon of Walton County; James Jordon of Hall County; Archibald and Asa Jordon of Habersham County; James, Jarret and Josiah Jordan, and Edmond and Reubin Jordon of Oglethorpe County, in addition to many others over the state. Tempy Jordan was married to Henry Wade in Franklin County, Ga., Aug. 17, 1815.