Early Records of Georgia - Vol II - Wilkes County
Davidson, Grace Gillam
publ: Rev Silas Emmett Lucas Jr
[Originally published in Macon GA 1933

[pg 3][Minutes of First Court - 1779][Indictment Against Joshua Rials]
[Evidences in Behalf of The State]
Charles Jordin, Drury Rogers, Wm. Henderson, Charles Jordin Junr,
Abraham Hill. -
The Grand Jury -
say - The above is a true bill.
Signed Stephen Heard, Foreman

[pg 6][Minutes of First Court - 1779][Ordered by the Court]
That Charles Jordin Senr, Drury Rogers, William Henderson, Charles
Jordin Junr & Abraham Hill be caled into court & sworn To give Evidence
in behalf of the State Vs. Joshua Rials, Prisoner at the Bar. which was
done accordingly. -
Solomon Nusom was caled into court & Sworn to give Evidence in
Behalf of the Prisoner at the Barr
The Witnesses be examined and Heard in the Presence of the court
& Jury, the Jury Rec'd the charge and Retired.
The Petit Jury came into Court & Brought in their verdict that Joshua
Rials, Prisoner at the Barr is Guilty of High Treason Vs. The State -

[pg 7][Minutes of First Court - 1779][Saturday Morning, 28 August 179]
Ordered, That Charles Jordin Junr & Wm Henderson be sworn to
attend on the Grand Jury & Give Evidence in Behalf of the State Vs.
Dread Wilder - which was accordingly done.

[pg 8][Minutes of First Court -1779][Indictment Against Dread Wilder]
[Evidence in Behalf of the State]
Charles Jordin Junr & Wm. Henderson.
The Grand Jury -
Say - The above is a True Bill.
Stephen Heard, Foreman

[pg 41][Remnant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. Douglass' District]
Charles Jordan............1 poll, 100 acres Wilkes Co.

[pg 42][Remnant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. Douglass' District]
Nathan Jordan.............1 poll, Thomas Ogle, 1 poll
Zachariah Jordan..........1 poll, 700 acres Wilkes Co.
Mark McLendon.............1 poll, Jacob Jourden, 1 poll

[pg 45][Remnant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. Nail's District, Received by Reuben Allen]
Absolem Jorden............1 1/2 polls, 1 slave, 250 acres Wilkes Co.
Thomas Jorden.............1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co.

[pg 53][Remnant Tax Digist -1785?][Capt. Autrey's District, Received by John Autrey, Esqr]
Benj Jorden...............9 polls, 16 slaves, 500 acres Wilkes Co.

[pg 63][Remmant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. Alexander's District, Taken by him]
Demsey Jordan.............1 poll, 250 acres Wilkes Co. Ogeechee river

[pg 65][Remnant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. John Ledbettor's District]
Baxter Jordan.............1 poll, 300 acres Wilkes Co.

[pg 70][Remnant Tax Digest -1785?][Capt. Augustin Davis' District]
Samuel Jurden.............1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co.

[pg 77][Deed Book "G.G"]
Page 289 - Cook, Joseph of Greene Co., to Milly Mann of Wilkes Co.,
200 acres on Buffalo fork of Long creek purchased by said Milly from
Nathan Nalls and Benj. Allen adj both and Edmond Jourdin. Dec. 26,
1790. Presley Rucker, Benj. Bragg, Thos. Kennedy, test.

[pg 90][Deed Book "G.G"]
Page 298 - Jordan, Baxter and wife Margaret to Joab Brooks, 200
acres laid out of two tracts, whereon said Jordan now lives. Jul. 7,1789.
Ethelred Thomas, Jas. Bush, test.

[pg 90][Deed Book "G.G"]
Page 349 - Jordan, James, Lucy, Elizabeth and Warren, sons and daus.
of Benj. Jordan late of said county ec'd, through their uncle Josiah
Jordan ask that he be app. their gdn. Granted Sept. 26, 1791.

[pg 90][Deed Book "G.G"]
Page 431 - Jordan-Jurden, Samuel and wife Jen or Jeen to Edward
Hardy a certain tract on both sides of Well's creek including
improvements, agreeable to a grant to said Jurden. Sept. 24, 1789.

[pg 91][Deed Book "G.G"]
Page 434 - Jurden, Samuel and wife Jen or Jeen to Jesse Hardy, 100
acres on both sides of Well's creek part of a tract bought by said
Jurden from Thos. Holloy, Sept. 24, 1789. Wm. Hollined, Edward Hardy,

[pg 106][Deed Book "H.H"]
Page 115 - Bond, Jesse and wife Rebecka to John Jourdon, 50 acres on
Savney river, (Savannah?) whereon Jas. Gray's wife now lives. May
8, 1790. Hent (or Henry) Gardner, Richard Bell, John Cunningham,
J.P. test.

[pg 111][Deed Book "H.H"]
Page 166 - Goldsby, James and wife Elizabeth to Daniel Saffold, 250
acres on waters of Mack's creek adj land of Edmond Jordan and Thos.
Wootten. Nov. 22, 1790. Jno. Moore, J.P.

[pg 111][Deed Book "H.H"]
Page 310 - Gordon, David and wife Betty to Benj. Blake, 250 acres
bounded N. by Long creek and Ragan's land, S.W. by Sanders Walker,
E. by David Harris. Feb. 4, 1790. Josiah Jordan, David Gordon, test.

[pg 113][Deed Book "H.H"]
Page 347 - Jordan, Baxter to Wm. Bush, Jr., 100 acres already laid out
from two tracts, one of 200 acres granted Apr. 1787, one of 100 acres
granted Mar. 1787. Sept. 26, 1788. Jas. McCormick, J.P., Wm. Bush,

[pg 146][Will Book "H H" - 1819-1836]
Page 5 - Pope, Wylie. All property to be equally divided between wife
Polly and children Josiah Woods Pope, John Clarl Pope, Sally Mary
Ann Pope and Wylie Hill Pope, when sons Josiah w., reaches majority.
Friends Lemuel and Thos. Wootten, Wylie Hill and Jas. Jordan, Excrs.
Signed May 24, 1819. Probated Sept. 5, 1819. Thos. D. McLaughlin,
Richard sale, Tarlton Sheets, John Pope, Test.

[pg 162][Index to Will Book "1 1" - 1837-1877]
Jerdan, John

[pg 195][Original Papers]
Andrews, Abisha, dec'd. Affidavit of Mrs. Agnes Thornton that the
book accounts of her later husband Abisha Andrews shows the est
of Benj. Jordan owes 10s 6d. Dec. 14, 1789.

[pg 201][Original Papers]
Burroughs, Aquilla dec'd. Josiah Jordan and Bird Parks, appointed
admrs Nov. 7, 1808. Returns of Bird Parks, admr for 1813 shows
paid Harrison Smith for moving the family of A. Burroughs from
Wilkes into Oglethorpe Co. Paid Geo. Phillips for medicine and
attendance for Mrs. Peggy Burroughs. Returns for 1814, paid Geo.
Mealor for coffin for Jas. P. Burroughs $2.00. Paid D. Dunn medical
service for Jas. Burroughs, dec'd. Returns for 1816 paid J. H. Pope
for medical services. Receipt of Michael Henderson to Bird Parks,
admr Aquilla Burroughs, dec'd $400.00 in full from est of Wm. Lea,
dec'd in right of Michael's wife. Receipt of Jos. M. Molloy, dist.
Assignor to Bird Parks for receiving two lists of land, one in 11th
Dist. Baldwin Co., the other in 2nd Dist of Wayne Co. Dated Ogle-
thorpe Co. Ga. May 27, 1815. Receipt of John Landrum, Surveyor for
surveying Burroughs claim of land in Wilkes Co., on Long creek and
Broad river 1816.

[pg 204][Original Papers]
Broughton, Salley, minor of Nancy Broughton. Josiah Jordan, gdn
$214.24 to be paid at the age of 14. no date. (He was app. gdn

[pg 244][Original Papers]
Jordan, Benjamin dec'd. Receipt of Daniel Terrondet, R.P., for pay
for letters of administrations to Josiah Jordan Apr. 15, 1789. Receipt
of Benj. Jordan to Hezekiah Jordan for money in order to run land
"if there be any had worth running." Jan. 1, 1787. Acct. of Josiah
Jordan against Benj. Jordan for bacon etc, Va. currency Aug. 1783,
equal to so much Ga. currency. Sanders Walker vs Elizabeth Jordan,
admx of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. Elizabeth confesses judgment Nov. 4,
1788. Receipt of David Criswell to Josiah Jordan, admr for tax 1789.
Bond of Josiah Jordan as gdn to Jas. Lucy, Elizabeth and Warren
Jordan, monors of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. Jan. 23, 1792, Benj. Blake
and Henry A. Pope, Sec. List of property of Jas. Jordan, from his
grandfather Geo. Jordan, dec'd. received of Josiah Jordan gdn, Dec.
31, 1799, viz, slaves Jeffrey, and Ephraim. Receipt of Josiah as gdn
to est of Benj. Jordan, dec'd. 24 slaves etc. Paid Jos. O'Neal tuition
for all 1794. Returns for 1802 paid Henry Hill for Warren's board.
Paid Jas. Echols for Warren going to singing school. Paid Dr. Jas.
Bradley. Paid Theopilus Hill, Warren's board 1803, let Warren buy
a horse. Paid Hipe Hull 7 months board for Warren 1804. Paid
Wm. Prince tuition. Receipt of Jas. Jordan Jan. 1, 1803 to Josiah
Jordan, gdn for his legacy from the est of Benj. Jordan and two
slaves left him by his grandfather Geo. Jordan. Receipt of Jas.
Mitchell to Josiah Jordan, gdn for Betsy Jordans legacy. Receipt
of Theophilus Hill for Polly Jordans legacy, same date.

[pg 268][Original Papers]
O'Neal, Nathan dec'd est. Acct of John Hester for smith work in 1800,
sworn to in Hancock Co. Nov. 1800. Receipt of Ewing Moore, J.P.,
Feb. 1804 to Wm. Wilson, excr for a judgment obtained against him
by Ruth O'Neal. Acct. of Dempsey Jordan for groceries 1800, sworn
to by him in Greene Co., Feb. 1800 and paid by Wm. Stevens, excr.

[301][Original Papers]
Tarver, John dec'd. est. Returns of Jas. Jordan, excr. Receipts of
Elizabeth Tarver, Wm. Gibson, Samuel Tarver and Wm. Gilliam in
part of their legacies 1815. Elizabeth Tarver, wid, vs Richard,
Samuel, Benj., and Andrew Tarver and Wm. Gibson, Wm. Gilliam,
and Jas. Jordan. Bill in equity for dower in real estate, slaves Jesse
and Hannah and Hannah's children. Filed Jan. 1815. Richard Tarver
in his answer says while Elizabeth was living with his father as
his wife, Richard owned land etc and that Hannah was loaned to his
mother by the will of Geo. Jordan, and that Jim was given to said
Richard and Hannah's other children are younger than Jim. Dower
in land awarded July 1818. In her petition Apr. 18, 1814 Elizabeth
says she married John Tarver, dec'd, Sept. 5, 1795 and Apr. 26, 1808
he signed his will in which he named his children, Richard Tarver,
Patience Gibson (then and now the wife of wm. gibson), Mason
Tarver, (then the wife of Robt. Tarver and since intermarried with
Wm. Gilliam), Charlotte Tarver, (then and now the wife of Samuel
Tarver), Benj. and Andrew Tarver, all of Wilkes Co., except Charlotte
and Samuel who reside in Burke Co. That John Tarver died Sept.
6, 1810. That he app David Bates, now dec'd and Jas. Jordan now
of Oglethorpe Co., excrs. That John purchased of Wm. gibson in
1806 or 1807, 25 acres of land being Williams part of a tract he and
his brother Geo. Gibson bought of Wm. Digby. That slave Hannah
and her children were given to the first wife by a Mr. Jordan.

[pg 322][Original Marriage Bonds]
Jordan, Fleming and Martha Gaines Moore, Jun. 12, 1792. Note of consent
from her father John Moore.

[pg 332][First Marriage Book; 1806-1834]
Callaway, Willis R..........Patience Jordan........Nov. 7, 1830....496
Enoch Callaway, M.G.

[pg 342][First Marriage Book; 1806-1834]
Jourdan, William............Elizabeth Runelza......Sep. 25, 1821...243
Jordan, John................Sarah C. W. Hill.......Oct. 26, 1824...320
Jackson, John...............Cintha Jordan..........Aug. 25, 1825...348