Early Records of Georgia - Vol I - Wilkes County
Davidson, Grace Gillam
publ: Rev Silas Emmett Lucas Jr
[Originally published in Macon GA 1933

[pg 10][Records of the Court of Land Commissioners]
[Page 4 - Oct 15, 1773]
Jourdan, Thomas - S.C., a wife, 5 sons and 1 dau. from 12 years to 7
months old. 100 acres on Fishing creek about 1 1/2 miles above Nichol.
Smith's land, where he now lives.

[pg 25][Records of the Court of Land Commissioners]
[Page 18 - Dartmouth, October 10th, 1774]
Jourdan, Robert - N.C. a wife, 3 dau. and 2 sons from 8 to 1 years

[pg 27][Records of the Court of Land Commissioners]
[Page 20 - Wrightsborough, 13th. January 1775]
Jourdan, Samuel - N.C., himself only. 100 acres on south side Ogee-
chee adj. Sanders Walker's upper line.

[pg 46][Will Book "DD" 1779-92 (index)]
Jordan, Benj........1, 22, 150, 151, 190
Jardin or Jordin, Chas.......95

[pg 58][Record of Wills 1792-1801]
Page 4 - Hill, Absalom, SR
(grand)son John Pope, cattle.. To grandaughter Sarah Pope, cattle. To gran-
daughter Patsy Jordan, cattle. To grandson Whitman Cocke, cattle.
Out of the money due me from Edward Pride a young negro woman be
purchased which my son-in-law Josiah Jordan shall have forever for

[pg 81][Will Book "HH" 1810-1816]
Page 12 - Bird, Philemond. To wife Molly all estate for life, to be final-
ly divided between all my children: Susanna Evering, Lee Bird, Job
Bird, Molly Ogletree, Robert Bird, Williamson Bird, James Bird, Caty
Heard, Buford Bird, Elizabeth Jourdan and George Bird, and to the
heirs of Philemon Bird, dec'd. Wife Mary and sons Williamson and
Buford Bird, Excrs. Signed Nov. 21, 1809. Probated May 9, 1810.
John Hendrick, John Mercer, Test.

[pg 90][Will Book "HH" 1810-1816]
Page 48 - Tarver, John. All estate real and personel to be divided be-
tween wife Elizabeth and my six children, Richard Tarver, Patience
gibson, Moses, charlotte, Benjamin and Andrew Tarver. Friends David
Bates and James Jordan, Excrs. Signed Apr. 20, 1808. Probated Jan.
7, 1811. Anderson Bates, James Duke, Josiah Jordan, Test.

[pg 113][Inventories and Appraisements -- Book "LL"; 1806-1807 Indexed]
Page 36 - Fanning, John, dec'd. Inventory of debts Sept. 15, 1804. Bird
Parks, Josiah Jordan, apprs.
Page 37 - Goods etc. Sept. 9, 1803.

[pg 117][Book "MM" - 1807-1810 - Inventories, Sales, etc.]
Page 134 - Burroughs, Aquilla, dec'd. Inventory Nov. 15, 1808. Geo.
Willis, Pitt Milner, wm. Davis, Isaac Eason, apprs.
Page 195. Sale Jan. 9, 1809. Bard Parks and Sarah Jordan, admrs.

[pg 117][book "MM" - 1807-1810 - Inventories, Sales, etc]
Page 197 - Fanning, John, dec'd. Sale Jan. 10, 1809. Josiah Jordan, admr.
"Taken by Matthew Favor in full of his part or one-fifth $249.00. Put
in for the use and board of the children $560.00."

[pg 124][Minutes of Inferior Court - Remnant - 1790]
May 2, 1792 - Thomas Bush, Robert Tate, and John Wallace recommended
to the Gov. for appointment as inspectors at George Town. Josiah
Jordan and Thomas Duke ask that a guardian be appointed for Nancy
Broughton, 5 years old.

[pg 142, 143][Returns - No other data]
Page 70 - Feb. 24, 1801. Palisiah Stallings, guardian of orphans of Moses
Garden. Richard Dukins, Admr of Jo. Dukins, Jesse Norman, guardian
of Norman Pope. James Wootten, Admr of Benjamin Wootten. Josiah
Jordan guardian of heirs of Benj. Jordan. Winnifred Wilder. Admr of
Wm. Wilder and Larkin Collier.

[pg 162][Wilkes County, Georgia - Minutes of Inferior Court - 1801-1812]
Page 65 - Aug. 31, 1803. John Fanning, dec'd. Josiah Jordan and Bird Parks
appointed Admrs.
Page 196 - July 2, 1809. Petition of Admrs to divide estate.

[pg 187][Wilkes County, Georgia - Minutes of Inferior Court - 1811-1817]
Page 79 - July 4, 1814. Edward Jordan, dec'd. Augustus H. Gibson appointed
Admr. "Erased by order of the Court."
James Tole, dec'd., James and Priscilla Tole appointed Admrs. with
will annexed. Nathaniel D. Runnels, dec'd., Terry Runnels apppointed

[pg 188][Wilkes County, Georgia - Minutes of Inferior Court - 1811-1817]
Page 100 - Feb. 6, 1814. Ordered that the bond given by Drusilla Randolph
and Anderson Bates, Admrs. Daniel Bates, dec'd. with William Grant,
Thomas Poster and Edward Jordan, be delivered to Alex Pope to in-
stitute suite for violation.
Mar. 6, 1815. Bennett White, dec'd. Martha White appointed Admx.
James White, Security.

[pg 216][Minutes of Inferior Court - 1824-1827; No Index]
Page 66 - Thomas Daniel, dec'd. John T., and Cunningham Daniel appointed
Admrs. Baker Lipscomb appointed guardian of Wylie M. Pope orphan
of Josiah W. Pope. George W. Mallory chooses John Jordan guardian.
John C. Pope orphan of Wylie Pope chooses James Huling guardian.
George M. Burdine, orphan of John Burdine chooses Simpco A.G.
Noel, guardian Archibald Hayes, dec'd. Will probated, Louisa Hays
qualifies as Excx. Ann Fouche, orphan of George Fouche chooses Wm.
Stayton guardian. Wm. Fouche chooses Susannah Fouche guardian and
she is appointed guardian of George Fouche, both orphans of George

[pg 230][Returns of Administrators and Guardians - Book "I" - 1809-1816]
Page 159 - Fanning, John, dec'd. Bird Parks, Admr. Returns show
paid Matthew Favor board for four children 1809-1810, calico bought
for Nancy, paid David Kerr tuition 1811, hire of slaves,
Page 161 - Returns for 1813 shows saddle bought for Bryan Fanning,
paid Matthew Favor board for Patsy Fanning for 1812. Signed Nov. 7,
Page 163 - Returns for 1807 shows paid Josiah Jordan guardian of the
orphans of Benjamin Jordan, dec'd. on note, paid Marvin Jordan note
in full.
Page 165 - Returns for 1814 shows paid Matthew Favor board for
Patsy Fanning, shoes etc bought for her.

[pg 243][Deed Book "AA" - 1785-1787; No Index]
Page 46 - Walker, Sanders and wife Sarah to Benj. Jordan, land on
Long creek. Feb. 7, 1786. Edmund Nugent, Nathan Fowler, Richard
Barfield, Test.

[pg 244][Deed Book "AA" - 1785-1787; No Index]
Page 62 - Lamr, Zachariah and wife Sarah to Benj. Talliaferro 700
acres on south of Broad river. Aug. 27, 1785. J. Walton, Evan
Ragland, Jesse Jordan, Test.

[pg 251][Deed Book "AA" - 1785-1787; No Index]
Page 179 - Owen, Gleen and wife Dorothy to Wm. Dukes 325 acres on
Long creek including a spring, orig. grant 1784 to Geo. Lumpkin. Mar.
19, 1787. Josiah Jordan, John Holmes, Sydnor Cosby, J.P., Test.

[pg 258][Deed Book "CC" - Badly Worn; No Index - 1787]
Page 39 - Rutledge, James and wife Ann to Thos. Dukes 360 acres on
Long creek, part of a larger grant to Geo. Lumpkin. Mar. 19, 1787.
John Holmes, Josiah Jordan, Test.

[pg 264][Deed Book "CC" - Badly Worn; No Index - 1787]
Page 119 - Coats, Nathaniel, Sheriff to Wm. Greaves 400 acres adj.
Samuel Jourdan, property of John Crutchfield and orig, grant to him.
------, 1787. M. Anthony, Test.

[pg 265][Deed Book "CC" - Badly Worn; No Index - 1787]
Page 149 - Hitch, Thomas to John Banks, ---- acres on Indian creek
---- 1787. Benj. Jordan, Test.

[pg 273][Deed Book "DD" 1788-1789; Indexed]
Page 141 - Hart, James, to Wm. Streetman, 330 acres on western Long
creek whereon said Streetman now lives. Sept, 12, 1787. Benj. Jor-
dan, J.P.

[pg 314][Lottery of 1803]
Jordan, Reddin............2 draws

[pg 317][Lottery of 1803]
Jourdan, Benjamin.....1 draw

[pg 345][Land Lottery of 1821 - 167th Dist]
Jordan, John..............1 draw