Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northwest Arkansas

The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889

[pg 512][Mississippi County]
Jerry L. Hearn is one of the native-born resi-
dents of Mississippi County, Ark., and on account
of long acquaintance and a thorough knowledge
of his many steling qualities, he is held in high
esteem by the residents therof. He was born in
the year 1851, and was one of the sons of Jerry
Lynch, but at the age of eleven years was adopted
by G. A. Hearn, an old settler of the county, and
spent one year in Osceola, attending school, then
moved with his adopted father to Clear Lake,
where G. A. Hearn died in 1881. Here Jerry
L. Hearn spent the most of his youth, and after
attaining manhood was married to Miss Sarah
Mobley, also a native of the county. When twen-
ty-two years of age he purchased a farm of 108
acres near Clear Lake, and ever since then has
devoted much of his time and energies to putting
his farm in good condition, all necessary buildings
forming a prominent feature of the improvements.
By his perseverance and industry his lands now
aggregate 300 acres, with forty acres one mile
west of Blythesville, and the amount of land on
these two farms comprises 120 acres. He has
been the owner of the property where he now
makes his home since 1875, his surroundings being
exceptionally pleasant, and has everything conven-
ient and comfortable about his home. He has
always been active in politics, and in 1884 secured
the contract to carry the mail from Blythesville to
Osceola; does also a good trade in carrying pas-
sengers and doing business for the people of those
places. He and his family are members of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, and he is a member
of Chickasawba Lodge No. 134, of the F. & A.
M. The following are the children born to his
marriage: Lizzie, Mattie, Minnie and Harry.