1805 Georgia Land Lottery

Virginia S Wood, Ralph V Wood

The Greenewood Press

[pg ix-x]
Provision of the act authorizing the 1850 Land Lottery may be summarized as follows:
1.  Year of drawing:  1805

2.  Counties formed:  Baldwin    5 districts   (1 through 5)
                      Wayne      3 districts   (1 through 3)
                      Wilkinson  5 districts   (1 through 5)

3.  Size of land lots:  Baldwin   202 1/2 acres  (2970 feet sq.)
                        Wayne     490     acres  (4620 feet sq.)
                        Wilkinson 202 1/2 acres  (2970 feet sq.)

4.  Grant fee  $8.10 per 202 1/2 acre land lot
               $19.60 per 490 acre land lot

5.  Persons entitled to draw:

    a)  Free white male, bachelor, 21 years of age or
        over, one year residence in Georgia, U.S. citizen     1 draw

    b)  Free white male, married, with wife and/or
        child (legitimate child/children under 21 years
        of age), one year residence in Georgia, U.S.
        citizen                                               2 draws

    c)  Widow, with minor child (legitimate child/chil-
        dren under 21 years of age), one year residence
        in Georgia                                            2 draws

    d)  Minor orphan or family of minor orphans
        (under 21 years of age), with father dead and
        mother dead or remarried.                             1 draw

For each entry in the 1805 Land Lottery, the following data is given:

    1.  Name (surname and given name)

    2.  Descriptive comments (irregularly)

    3.  Registrant's serial number

    4.  Results of registrant's draw or draws (indicated by letters "P"
        and "B", to show whether a prize or a blank was drawn).

    5.  County of residence

HEARN  BENJAMIN        1022    B B     HANCOCK
HEARN  ELIJAH          837     B       GREENE
HEARN  ELISHA          1032    B B     HANCOCK
HEARN  ELISHA SR       1111    P B     HANCOCK
HEARN  GEORGE          1247    B B     JACKSON
HEARN  JONATHAN        1088    P B     HANCOCK
HEARN  JONATHAN        1162    B B     JACKSON
HEARN  JOSHUA          536     B B     ELBERT
HEARN  REUBIN          1128    B B     HANCOCK
HEARN  THOMAS          1114    B       HANCOCK

HEARNE WILLIAM SR      1124    B       HANCOCK