Calendar of Sussex County Delaware Probate Records 1680-1800
deValinger, Leon Jr
Public Archives Commission
Dover Delaware

[pg 176]
Hearn, Ebenezer. Admin. of, to Priscilla Hearn and Lowder
Hearn. Granted [c. May 4, 1786]. Arch. vol. A75, page

[pg 233]
Holder, John. Will. Made Jan. 16, 1792. Heirs: wife Sophia
Holder; dau. E[dna] Holder; father Joseph Holder; Wil-
liam Holder (relationship not mentioned); friend Mary Giles
(of William). Exec'r, friend Smith Lingo. Wits., William
Callaway, William Whaley, Samuel Hearn. Prob. Feb. 9,
1792. Arch. vol. A77, pages 46-49. Reg. of Wills, Liber D,
folio 359.

[pg 238]
Methvin, Mary. Will. Made July 4, 1792. Heirs: sons James
and Thomas Methvin; dau. Lizzie [Eliza] Hearn; granddau.
Mary Methvin (dau. of Meshack Methvin). Exec'r, son
Meshack Methvin. Wits., Joshua Lingo, Sally Lingo, Wil-
liam Langsdale. Prob. Nov. 27, 1792. Arch. vol. A88, page
145. Reg. of Wills, Liber D, folio 378.

[pg 243]
Wells, Thomas. Will. Made Sept. 20, 1791. Heirs: wife un-
named; son Jesse Wells; rest of children unnamed. [No
exec'r]. Wits., Benja[min] Vinson, Jesse Kellam, Ebenezer
Hearn. Prob. Aug. 6, 1793. Arch. vol. A106, page 93. Reg.
of Wills, Liber D, folios 397-398.

[pg 248]
Hearn, Jonathan. Will (copy). Made Jan. 18, 1794. Heirs; sons
Jonathan, Isaac, Elijah, William, Samuel, Ebenezer and
George Hearn; dau. Sarah Hearn. Exec'rs, sons Isaac and
Elijah Hearn. Wits., Joshua Hasting, Hezekiah Hasting,
William Hasting. Prob, March 18, 1794, Arch. vol. A75,
pages 158-160. Reg. of Wills, Liber D, folios 409-411.

[pg 270]
Hearn, Priscilla. Will (copy). Made April 5, 1796. Heirs: sons
Luther, Ebenezer, Thomas, Joseph and Clement Hearn;
granddaus Sally Hearn (dau. of Clement) and Priscilla
Hearn. [No exec'r]. Wits., James Williams, Gannage Wil-
liams, Samuel Hearn. Prob. April 19, 1796. Arch. vol. A75
page 177. Reg. of Wills, Liber E, folios 84-85.

[pg 276]
Freeny, John. Planter. Will. Made Sept. 4, 1786. Heirs: wife
Elizabeth Freeny; sons Joshua, William, John, Elijah and
Thomas Freeny; daus. Sarah, Levina, Ann, Mary and Eliza-
bdth Freeny; Newbold Moor; Elijah Moor; Foshua Hastings.
Exec'rs, wife Elizabeth Freeny and son Elijah Freeny.
Wits., William Hearn, Jonathan Hearn, Elijah Hastings.
Prob. Sept. 27, 1796. Arch. vol. A72, pages 82-84. Reg. of
Wills, Liber E, folios 106-108. [Note: - Arch. vol. A72,
page 83 mentions William Ellegood, Nehemiah Morris and
Levina Moore].

[pg 283]
Elliott, John. Little Creek. Will (copy). Made May 2, 1797.
Heirs: wife Ann Elliott; daus. Sarah, Joannah, Temper-
ance, Peggy and Mary Elliott. Exec'rx, wife Ann Elliott.
Wits., Nehemiah Morris, William Anderson, Sam[ue]l
Hearn. Prob. June 7, 1797. Arch. vol. A70, page 76. Reg.
of Wills, Liber E, folios 129-130.

[pg 298]
Melson, Daniel. Farmer. Will. Made Sept. 2, 1797. Heirs: wife
Love Melson; sons Elijah, Joseph, Benjamin and John Mel-
son; daus. Tabitha, Sally, Elizabeth, Nancy and Love Mel-
son. Exec'r, son Joseph Melson. Wits., John Williams,
Thomas Records, Susannah Larimore. Prob. Dec. 4, 1798.
Arch. vol. A88, pages 40-42. Reg. of Wills, Liber E, folios
189-190. [Note: - Arch. vol. A88, page 42 mentions Sally
Atkins, Elizabeth Smith, Love Hearn].

[pg 303]
Hasting, Joshua. Planter. Will. Made Oct. 13, 1794. Heirs:
wife Rhoda Hasting; sons William, Job, Daniel and Ezekiah
Hasting; daus. Elizabeth, Lydia, Nelly, Grace and Levinia
Hasting; granddau. Leah Hasting (dau. of Ezekiah and wife
Jane Hasting). Exec'r, son William Hasting. Wits., John
Williams, Elijah Hearn, Samuel Hearn, Jr. Prob. April 30,
1799. Arch. vol. A74, pages 201-202. Reg. of Wills, Liber
E, folios 218-219.