Alabama Records

by Pauline Jones Gandrud

[Vol 075, Autauga Co][pg 011][Tombstone Inscriptions]
Hearn, Mary Elen born April, 1852 died May, 1852

[Vol 224, Autauga Co][pg 061][Marriage Book 1]
Page 182 John B Herron to Sarah Parker
2 June 1842 (4th) by A W Chambliss, M.G.
W E Lynch, bondsman; J B Herron swears that
Sarah is over 18

[Vol 178, Bibb Co][pg 020][Marriage Book D]
Page 187. Pendleton Herring to Emaline Barnet. 11 Jan. 1841 (solemnized 13th) by John E.
Green, J.P. Consent of Andrew Herring for son; proved by Pinkney Herring (X)
1850 Census Bibb Co., Ala. No. 404
Herring, Pendleton 30 Ala. farmer $250
Emeline 30 S.C.
Louisa 6 Ala
Nancy 5 Ala
Jane 4 Ala
Margaret 3 Ala
Wm. 1 Ala
next door
Herring, Pinkney 25 Ala. etc.

[Vol 243, Butler Co][pg 075]
{ 1878. Rachel Fleming, 60, widow of John Fleming, veteran of War of 1812,
formerly Rachel Herron, married Fleming 11 Jul 1849 Coosa Co.}

[Vol 068, Clarke Co][pg 002]
John Morriss and wife. Elizabeth Lee Armistead, had 4 children:
1. Wm. Armistead m. Nancy, sister of the late Wm. J. Hearn of Mobile.
2. Rebecca Kimball m. Thomas Buroughs, brother of Westwood Armistead's wife.
3. Washington
4. Martha Jane m. Samuel Forwood, a Marylander who was executor with Westwood Armistead.
of Wm. Armistead's will.

[Vol 068, Clarke Co][pg 029]
List of Legistators From Clarke Co., Ala., in state legistature
1859 - W.J. Hearin

[Vol 068, Clarke Co][pg 061][Book 24, part 2, pg 87]
Matheson's heirs versus Hearin
On 27 Oct., 1845, it was ordered that the report of sale be filed. In the report, the administa-
tor said lands were sold at auction to Thomas Hearin, trustee of Mrs. Eliza Ann Flinn.
In Sept. 1854, Hearin, as trustee of Mrs. Flinn, and her husband, filed their bill of inequity.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 010][Tract Book 2]
Stephen Hearn, Nov. 20, 1849, No. 4502 by military act of 1847, 40 acres NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 15
Township 11 North Range 3 East.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 011][Tract Book 2]
Allen H. Hearon, August 6, 1852, No. 26241 by military act of 1850, 40.00 acres SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Section
28 Township 12 North Range 3 East.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 026][Book 1832-1839]
Page 46. Joseph Hearn deceased. commissioners to divide estate between heirs. 2 heirs. Priscilla
Rebecca Chambers and George K. Hearn. 16 Jan. 1834. Commissioners: John Loften, William Webb
(x) Richard Dickinson, Abraham Walker.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 040][Book 1832-1839]
Page 208. Jesse B. Kirkland dec'd. estate Appraisement of estate. Appraisers: Robert Hearin, Joseph
Tolbert, Phillip Shephard, Harmon S. Bussey, Elijah Cabaness. 30 Dec. 1835.
1830 Census Clarke Co. Ala.
J.B. Kirkland 1 m 20-30, 3 f -5, 1 f 30-40, & 12 slaves.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 043][Book 1832-1839]
Page 243. Edmund Marsh's estate. Division. We found that is the part each one will be allowed
being 3 children and the widow makes 4, We have allotted the wife 3 slaves
The wife (alias Mrs. Hearin) and the 3 children (not named) 5 Jan. 1836.
note: Rhoda Marsh married John Hearin Dec. 14, 1835.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 045][Book 1832-1839]
Page 252. James Furlow. deceased. Dower set off to Mrs. Margaret Furlow W 1/2 SW 1/4 of Section 31
Township 7 Range 3 East 79.93 3/4 acres and W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 6 Township 6 Range 3 East 79.95
acres. 1 March 1836. Commissioners: William Hill, Travis Hill, Thomas Hearin, Robert Hearin, John D.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 057][Book 1832-1839]
Page 430. Nophalet W. Davis (also written Nophlet) Davis. Discent of Widow. Eliza Ann Davis,
widow and relict of her late husband Nophlet W. Davis hereby enteres her descent to will of her hus-
band dated 12 September 1839 and proved in court 8 October 1839. She refuses to accept provisions
of the will 18 April 1840.
1830 Census Clarke Co. Ala. Norphlet (Norfleet) Davis 1m 20-30, & 13 slaves. Clarked Col Ala. Marriages
(WPA) "Naflet" W. Davis to Eliza Hearin Oct. 15, 1838. She was dau. of Robert Hearin. She is
probably the Eliza Ann Davis who married Feb. 9, 1841 james A. B. Flynn. In 1850, she was 31 b.
in Ala.

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 059][Book 18832-1839]
Page 469. Will of Robert Hearin
Amen so be it Robert Hearin of the County of Clarke & State of Alabama being low and weak in body
but of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding to make Constitute and establish these
as my last will and testament - hereby revoking all other & former wills by me heretofore made.

First. To my beloved wife Nancy I give devise and bequeath all my live stock of every nature and kind
whatsoever also all my waggons and farming tools and utensils of every kind and descriptions all my
house hold & kitchen furniture - all my cash on hand and which may be left after paying all my debts
paying the amount which may be due upon my contracts and agreements relatives to my house about
to be erected and all the money legacies hereinafter Contained and specified also the following named
negro slaves to wit old Lewis, Smith Lewis Jacob old Sam old Ben Burton Black Charlotte Patsey Cyn-
thia and her child Ben yellow Charlotte and her two youngest children Clarissa & Caroline Jane - to be
hers and her heirs absolutely & forever - to be disposed of as she sees -----? and proper. I also give to
my said wife to hold during her lifetime all that part of the sixteenth section of which I am seized &
possessed and all the building & improvements thereon and which are about to be erected there on.
Also all my River lands and plantations being the several tracts known as the Mays tract, the Parks
tract and the Wiggins tract also the tract adjoining the sixteenth section being a part of the Arthur
tract - and at her death the said Lands to go to my three sons William Robert & James as hereinafter
more particularly set forth. I nominate constitute & appoint my son Thomas my sole Executor to this
my last Will and Testament.

To my daughter Elizabeth wife of Travis Hill by this my last will and testament I give nothing only
confirming the gift and advancements heretofore made to her.
For the use and benefit of my daughter Polly wife of Elisha D. Bettis during her life & to her children
after her death I give devise and bequeath two thousand dollars in cash also the following named slaves
Old Lucy her son Joe and a girl Linda which said money and slaves my Executor shall hold in trust for
my said daughter Polly until another trustee shall be appointed to receive the same said trustee or
trustees always permitting my said daughter Polly to have and receive the interest use benefit & profits
of said money & slaves free from any debts or contracts of present or any future husband she might
happen to have during her life.

For the use and benefit of my daughter Nancy wife of William A. Morris during her life and to her
children after her death I give devise and bequest the sum of ten thousand dollars in cash also the
following slaves Tom Harry & Annice which said money & slaves my Executor shall hold in trust for
my said daughter Nancy untill another trustee shall be appointed to receive the same said trustee or
trustees always permitting my said daughter Nancy to have and receive the interest use benefits & profits
of said money & slaves from free from my debts or contracts of her present or any future husband
during her natural life.

For the use and benefit of my daughter Sarah wife of Harmon Bussey during her lifetime to her child-
ren after her death. I give devise and bequeath the sume of ten thousand dollars in cash also the fol-
lowing slaves Jack Joe and Margaret daughter of Clarissa which said money and slaves my Executor
shall hold in Trust for my said daughter Sarah untill another trustee shall be appointed to receive the
same said trustee or trustees alsways permitting my said daughter Sarah to have and receive the interest
use benefit and profits of said money and slaves free from debts or contracts of her husband of said
Sarah during her life.

To my son John Hearin I give devise & bequeath the sum of one thousand dollars in cash as his full
share & portion of my Estate confirming the gifts & advancements heretofore made.

To my sons William Robert and James I give devise & bequeath all my river lands & plantations to wit
the Mays tract the Parks tract the Wiggins tract the Sixteenth section and tract thereto adjoining to
them & their heirs and assigns forever after the death of their mother to whom I have given a life
Estate, to my son Thomas I give devise and bequeath the plantation lands and improvements where I
now live including all the lands lying contiguous to my present dwelling also the tract called the mile
or meeting house tract to have to him my said son Thomas & his heirs & assigns forever Also the follow-
ing slaves big Sam Frank Harriett.

To my daughter Elizabeth Davis I give devise and bequeath the sum of two thousand dollars & also the
following slaves new Doll & her two children Rufus & Harris.

To the use and benefit of my daughter Emily Caroline during her life and to her heirs at her death I
give devise and bequeath two thousand dollars also the slaves Bill & his wife Suckey & Suckey's
children Elizabeth & Rebecca and a woman named Judy & a girl Beckey daughter of Clarissa which
said slaves my Executor shall hold in trust untill some other trustee be appointed said trustee always
permitting my said daughter Emily Caroline to have the interest use & profits of said slaves and money
during her life from the control or contracts of any husband she may have.

To my son James I give devise and bequeath three thousand dollars and slaves Allen & Jerry.

To my son Robert I give devise and bequeath three thousand dollars $3000

To my son William I give devise and bequeath two thousand $2000. All the rest of my slaves
not hereby & heretofore herein disposed of I give devise to my three sons William Robert & James to
be equally divided between them share and share alike. After paying all the legacies herein & here-
by given which is to be done out of the notes bonds Judgements & soots due me as speedily as can be
all the rest residue of my said debts due me and all the residue of my property not herein before dis-
posed of I give devise and bequeath to my wife Nancy forever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 16th of August 1840 Robert Hearin (seal)
Signed sealed & declared as his last Will & testament in our presence who have subscribed our names
as witnesses in presence of said R. Harris & of each other
10 lines erased before signing & since interlined a line

A.B Cooper
John R. West
R. Maiben

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 064][Book 18832-1839]
The State of Alabama Clarke County. Personally appeared in open Court Aaron B. Cooper and John R.
West who being duly sworn depose and say that they saw Robert Hearin sign seal and execute the last
Wills and testament hereunto annexed on the day and year in said will named that the said Robert
Hearin at the time of signing and executing said Will was of sound and disposing mind and understand-
ing that they signed their names as witnesses to said last Will and testament in the presence of said
Robert Hearin and of each other and in the presence of Richard Maiben the other witness to said Will
and that said Richard Maiben signed his name as witness to said Will in the presence of the said Robert
Hearin and both these deponents
Sworn and described in open Court
this 7th day of September 1840 A.B.Cooper
Joseph P. Portis Judge C C C C

[Vol 239, Clarke Co][pg 065][Book 1832-1839]
Page 472. Will of Nophlet Davis dated Sept. 12, 1839 probated October 1839
Wife Eliza Ann; my infant daughter (at this time not being named) If said daughter should die without
lawful issue then to be equally divided between Benjamin Davis and Lucy Ann Davis the
daughter of my brother Sugar Davis, Executor; father-in-law, Robert Hearin and friend Robert D.
James. Witnesses: Hen G. Davis, Francis L. Sewall, Claiborne Carter.

[Vol 090, Dallas Co][pg 003][Marriage Book D]
Page 13. Joel McCraw to Elizabeth Beason
6 July 1819 (executed 13th) by E.H.Z.(?) Hearn. #21.

[Vol 017, Green Co][pg 051][Marriage Book A]
Page 35. House Wiley J. and Mary Herrin - 10 December 1825; consent of parents.

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 023][Will Book B]
Book B, page 24. Joseph Hearne, deceased. James McDonald, guardian of
George K. Hearn (aged thirteen), one of the minor heirs of Joseph
Hearne, deceased. Securities: George W. Rice, William Jenkins. 5 March

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 028][Will Book B]
Book B, page 36. Joseph Hearne, deceased. William Chambers and Bart-
henia Hearne, Administrator and Administratrix. Securities: Joseph B.
Chambers, John Nelson and George Briggs. 10 August 1829.

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 029][Will Book B]
Book B, page 44. Joseph Hearne, deceased. James McDonald, guardian of
George K. Hearne, only minor heir of Joseph Hearne, deceased. 10
August 1830.

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 030][Will Book B]
Book B, page 45. Joseph Hearn, deceased. William Chambers, guardian
of the heirs of Joseph Hearn, deceased by virtue of his intermarriage
with Priscilla R. Hearn *(m. 1828 see Vol. 17, page 71)*, Daughter of
said Joseph Hearn, deceased. 18 Aug. 1830.

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 057][Newspaper Items]
16 August 1830
Estate of Joseph Hearne, deceased.

[Vol 014, Greene Co][pg 063][Newspaper Items]
10 March 1831
Married on 2 March 1831 by Rev. J.P. Cunningham, Mr. John Herrin *(aged
42 born S.C.)* to Miss Elizabeth Campbell *(aged 40 born S.C.)*, all of
the vicinity of Havana.

[Vol 017, Greene Co][pg 071][Marriage Book A]
Chambers, William and Priscilla Hearn - 18 January 1828; executed 24th
by T.F.Moody; he is over 21; consent of parents. *18

[Vol 017, Greene Co][pg 105][Addendum]
*18. Letter from Mrs. J.M. Hall Jr., Houston, Tex says, "My Great
Grandmother Chambers was Priscilla Hearn before her marriage to
Wm. chambers, Son of Gen. Joseph B. Chambers of Clark & Perry
Counties, Ala. ca 1828 or 1830. She died before 1838 leaving at
least two sons, one (my Grandfather, James) b. 1831. This is all
I know about her, but wondered if she could have been the same
Priscilla who was a sister to Rev. Ebenezer Hearn, one of the early
Methodist ministers of that area. Rev. Hearn had twin Sisters,
Priscilla & Aquilla."

[Vol 020, Greene Co][pg 078][Marriage Book B]
Page 13.
Herrin, John to Miss Elizabeth Campbell
2 March 1831; of age

[Vol 028, Greene Co][pg 008][Deeds]
Book A, page 154. Elizabeth Herrin of Greene County, Alabama receipt for
slave given by Job Calloway and Isrel Pickens. 5 March 1824.

[Vol 028, Greene Co][pg 058][Marriage Book B]
Page 97.
Campbell, Hugh to Miss Sarah Hearne
23 December 1834 (return dated 24th) by Joseph Ryan, M.G.; of age.

[Vol 028, Greene Co][pg 071][Revolutionary Pensions]
Richard Johnson...His fourth campaign was in the
militia with Captain Boykin to Sholder Hill near Smithfield. His Colonel
was Col. Benjamin Blount. Served against the "annoying and harassing
British and Tories". Took a brigade under Captain Elias Herren and
Lieutenant Young. Placed there to guard the possessions of a Colonel

[Vol 034, Greene Co][pg 088][Newer Cemetery]
James Clark Herren /born July 10, 1844 /died Aug. 5, 1920.
Sarah Alice Herren /born Apr. 11, 1854 /died Mar. 30, 1915 /Wife of
James Clark Herren.

[Vol 120, Greene Co][pg 020][Marriage Book B]
Stephen Herron *(35, N.C.)* to Miss Sarah Johnson *(38, Tenn.)*
27 September 1842 (executed 29th) by D.P. Bestor.

[Vol 120, Greene Co][pg 048][Record Orphan's Court Book A]
Page 160. Inventory of estate of Stephen Heron, deceased. Taken 16
January 1824. Thomas C.H. Gantt, adm'r.

[Vol 140, Greene Co][pg 088][Bible records]
John Orman, b. Nov. 27, 1850, was State Supt. of Education of Ala.;
d. -- in Ala.; m. Mrs. E.D. Herring, Dec. 23, 1880.

[Vol 180, Greene Co][pg 014][Orphan's Court Records]
House, Wiley J., guardian of Sarah Herrin, a minor heir of Stephen
Herrin deceased, she now being Sarah Campbell, Wife of Hugh Campbell;
James Herrin, late a minor heir of same; Winslow Herrin, late a minor
of same. 13 July 1835. Book D, page 128....See our Vol. 17, page 51
for marriage of Wiley J. House to Mary Herrin Dec. 10, 1825. (Ancestors
of Mrs. M. Rex Malone, Darling, Miss.) Wiley J. House was a Methodist
preacher born 1801 died 1877.

[Vol 192, Greene Co][pg 028][Orphan's Court Book H]
Page 215. Receipt of Asa Herring, guardian of James G. Simpson
and Sarah E. Simpson, heirs of Lawrence Whitsett, deceased. 13 March

[Vol 242, Greene Co][pg 076][Orphan's Court Book L]
Herron, William A. In Equity Fairfield District, South Carolina.
William A. Herron as guardian of James Thompson, Sarah Thompson, William
Thompson and Mary E. Thompson. The mother of said minors consents for
him to be guardian. 4 May 1849. Page 439.

[Vol 242, Greene Co][pg 076][Orphan's Court Book L]
Thompson, James, a minor under 21. State of South Carolina, Fairfield
District. William A. Herron, William Herron and Robert Herron of Fairfield
District, S.C. guardian of James Thompson. Guardians bond. These
are children of Alexander Thompson, dec'd. Page 440.

[Vol 019, Jackson Co][pg 044][Deed Book E]
Page 243. Curtis Herrin deed of trust with William McKee of 2nd part and White Barclay & Co of
3rd part. 24 May 1835.

[Vol 146, Jackson Co][pg 041][Mt. Carmel Cemetery]
J(ohn) C. Herron, Company C, 18th Alabama Infantry, CSA (in 1850,
in family of Nancy Herrin; was a John, aged 18, and Isaac
age 16, both born in Alabama)
Isaac Herron, Company C, 18th Alabama Infantry, CSA

[Vol 019, Jackson Co][pg 061][Deed Book D]
Page 140. Plat of Hugh Henry's land. 30 Nov. 1831. William S. Mooney, D.C.S.; Josiah Gilliland and
Isaiah G. Henry, chain carriers.
Page 141. Same, with Samuel Tylor and Elijah Herin as chain carriers. 6 Dec. 1830.

[Vol 010, Jefferson Co][pg 046][Marriages, 1818-1830]
Hening or Herring?, John & Esther Reed. 2 Dec. 1833, solemnized 5th by Jesse Turner, J.P. pg 416,

[Vol 026, Jefferson Co][pg 070][Deeds]
Book 5, page 377. William Reed (x) and Wife Ruth (x) to John Herring.
23 December 1833.

[Vol 030, Jefferson Co][pg 030][Deeds]
Book 6, page 113. Ibzan Herring and Wife, Evelina Herring to William
Hall. 17 Janauary 1827.

[Vol 030, Jefferson Co][pg 032][Deeds]
Book 6, page 151. John Patton and Wife, Adeline Patton to James Herring.
19 July 1837.

[Vol 030, Jefferson Co][pg 040][Deeds]
Book 6, page 309. Ibzan Herring and Wife, Evelina Herring to Thomas
Melton. Witnesses: Charles C. Clayton, Rickets Blythe. 28 May 1836.

[Vol 030, Jefferson Co][pg 043][Deeds]
Book 6, page 382. John P. Herring and Wife, Hetta Herring to Edmund
Wood. 20 September 1838.

[Vol 030, Jefferson Co][pg 096][Marriages]
Page 319.
Hering, Louis W. to Epsey Worthington
17 February 1847 (return dated 18th) by J. Bagley, J.P.
Page 321.
Hering, Isaac to Elizabeth Bass
4 March 1847 (return dated 4th) by J. Bagley, J.P.

[Vol 037, Jefferson Co][pg 040][Will Book A]
Page 359. Burrel Bass. Last will and testament dated 21 June 1870; probated 21 Apr. 1873.
Sons, Pinkney T. Bass; John W. Bass, Burrel J. Bass and Edmond E. Bass; daughter, Ede Parks, wife of
James Parks, Mary Martin, wife of William N. Martin, and Elizabeth Hering; grandchildren who are
the children of my daughter, Colen Goodwin, now deceased; to my grandchildren, the children of my
daughter, Margaret Allen, now deceased; son, Edward W. Bass; granddaughter, Nancy J. Herring,
daughter of my daughter, Elizabeth Herring. Executor: son, Burrel J. Bass, and my son-in-law,
William M. Martin. Witnesses: M.H. Jordan, W.J. Mims, William A. Walker Jr.
Burrel Bass b. 1792, d. 1874, b. N.C.

[Vol 037, Jefferson Co][pg 069][Deed Book 8]
Page 330. James Herring to John Oliver. 1 July 1842. Susan Herring (x) wife of James Herring, also

[Vol 045, Jefferson Co][pg 016][Marriage Book 3]
Bass, Calvin to Amanda Herring
2 July 1850; William P. Herring, security.
Herring, William P. to Martha M. Moore
2 July 1850; Calvin Bass, security.

[Vol 058, Jefferson Co][pg 036][Marriage Book 3 1/2]
Page 170
Herrin, Elisha to Elizabeth Draper
11 September 1858 (return dated 15th) by Isaac W. Sadler, J.P. at
residence of Solomon Draper; parties of age; C.H. Regan, Security.

[Vol 058, Jefferson Co][pg 085][Deeds]
Book 10, page 606. Hiram L. Hutton and Wife Caroline to Lewis W. Herring.
25 August 1851.

[Vol 059, Jefferson Co][pg 018][Marriage Book 3 1/2]
Page 62
Herring, Elisha D to Jane Draper
2 February 1857 (return dated 5th) at residence of Elijah Draper by
Elisha Philips, M.G.; Elijah Herring, Security. Parties of age.

[Vol 093, Jefferson Co][pg 003][Deed Book 11]
Page 279. Robert x O'Barr to C.W. Herring. 10 Jan. 1853.

[Vol 093, Jefferson Co][pg 016][Deed Book 11]
Page 592 Lewis W. Herring and wife Susan Amanda to John Lanson.
25 Oct. 1854.

[Vol 107, Jefferson Co][pg 090][Orphan's Court Records, 1844-54]
Page 504. Benjamin Worthington, deceased. He died leaving a widow,
Judith Worthington, residing in said county of Jefferson, and also
the following persons, next of kin, Margaret R. Truss, wife of John
Truss, Benjamin P. Worthington, who propounds this will for probate,
Benjamin W. Smithson, Julia Ann Smithson, Margaret J. Genery, late
Margaret J. Smithson, wife of William Genery, Tabitha J. Massey, late
Tabitha J. Smithson, wife of James P. Massey, all over 21 years of
age, and Jasper Smithson, John Smithson, Isaac Smithson, and Morrison
Smithson, under 21, and Samuel P. Worthington and Georgiana Worth-
ington, infants under 14, and Hepsila L. Herring under 14, all of
Jefferson County, Alabama

[Vol 107, Jefferson Co][pg 094][Orphan's Court Records, 1844-54]
Page 504. Will of Benjamine Worthington
Worthington, and one part to the child of my deceased daughter Rep-
sibah Herring.

[Vol 107, Jefferson Co][pg 095][Orphan's Court Records, 1844-54]
Note: See our Vol. 30, p. 319, for marriage of Epsey Worthington to
Louis W. Herring, 25 Feb. 1847. 1850 Census of Jefferson Co., Ala.,
Cahawba Valley, Family #53 shows:
Herring, Lewis W. aged 37 b. S.C. Merchant $400
real estate
Susan A. 24 Ala.
Epsy L. 2 Ala.

[Vol 112, Jefferson Co][pg 057][Orphan's Court Records, 1856-58]
Page 129. William Reed deceased. August 6, 1856. Heirs: The widow,
Rutha Reed, Nathaniel Reid, who lives in Austin County, Texas, Hester
Herrin wife of John Herrin, formerly Hester Reed, all over 21 and most
of them lives in this county, several grandchildren are also names
ferson County, Alabama; Hester wife of John Herring, St. Clair County,

[Vol 112, Jefferson Co][pg 060][Orphan's Court Records, 1856-1858]
Page 151. Juda Worthington deceased. Left will. The following are
the next of kin:
Hepsaba L. Herring under 14

[Vol 170, Jefferson Co][pg 022][Orphans Court Records]
Page 150. William Reed deceased. Heirs: Rutha Reed, the widow, who
Rutha Massey all over 21, P.O. Trussville, Hester Herring wife of
John Herring resides in St. Clair County, Alabama, P.O. Branchville,

[Vol 123, Lauderdale Co][pg 066][Census of Persons Dying in 1850]
Herrin, Lucinda 31 F W Tenn. Aug.

[Vol 199, Lauderdale Co][pg 019][Marriages 1824-1829]
Looney, Claiborne to Margaret Hearan
27 Nov 1827 (return dated 29th) by D.W.Howse, J.P.; sec. 22 Mar. 1828.

[Vol 217, Lauderdale Co][pg 069][Marriage (Jan. 1835 - Feb. 1838)]
94 William Birge to Narcissa (Heron, in heading,
Herin in body of license) License dated 21
Apr., 1835. Solemnized by Elias Faires.
Recorded Sept. 22, 1835.

[Vol 217, Lauderdale Co][pg 070][Marriage (Jan. 1835 - Feb. 1838)]
97 Harrison Wesson to Willey E. *(Ellen in cen. 31) Herron.
License issued 26 Apr. 1835. Solemnized by
Thos. Garrard. Recorded Sept. 26, 1835.

[Vol 227, Lauderdale Co][pg 044][Probate Minutes Book A 1852-1853]
Book A, page 423. John Gray, Administrator of John T. Fowler dec'd, filed
petition to sell land in Sec. 29 Tp 2 R9W. The following are the heirs
at law: William P. Herring, George C. Herring, Mary Isaacs, Francis M.
Herring, Arnold M. Herring, Nancy L. Herring, Lucinda S. Herring, Robert
T. Fowler, Mahala White, Mary C. Herring and Daniel Pl Fowler. The first
four reside in Mississippi and the others in Lauderdale Co., Ala. except
Mary C. Herring who resides in Franklin Co., Ala. and Daniel P. Fowler
of the State of Texas. Richard B. Baugh is appointed guardian ad litem
for the minors named. (But the record does not designate the minors. KPJ)

[Vol 227, Lauderdale Co][pg 075][Marriage 1845-1850]
Page 271.
Herring, Fleming Alexander to Lucinda White
22 Jan. 1848 (return dated 23rd) by S.J.W. Ivers, J.P.

[Vol 233, Lauderdale Co][pg 035][Marriage Record Book 5]
Keedy, Henry (clearly written) to Susanna Herring; License issued Oct.
12, 1849; solemnized Oct. 12, 1849 by Duncan Smith, J.P.; Recorded
Nov. 6, 1850; Page 401

[Vol 040, Limestone Co][pg 065][Marriage from Book 1]
Page 254
Hearn, Edmund to Ellen A. Ray
18 Dec. 1838 (return dated 19th) by J.M. Lauderdale, J.P.

[Vol 084, Limestone Co][pg 010][Census for 1830]
Hearn, James - - - - - 1 male 5-10; 1 male 10-15; 1 male 20-30; 1
male 40-50; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15.

[Vol 223, Limestone Co][pg 067][Marriage 1855-July 1860]
Hearn, John to Mary Susan Odoms
License issued 15 Dec 1856 (return dated 15th) by J.A. Johnson, J.P.

[Vol 223, Limestone Co][pg 073][Marriage 1855-July 1860]
Hearn, Lewis to Francis Moore
License issued 25 Nov 1857 (return dated 25th) by G.W. Mitchell,
M.G. "at the residence of Mrs. Moore."

[Vol 223, Limestone Co][pg 086][Marriage 1855-July 1860]
Goodwin, Jessee Thomas to Catherine R.J. Moore
License issued 25 Apr 1859 (return dated 25th) by John Turrentine,
J.P. at the house of Lewis Hearn in Limestone Co., Ala.

[Vol 102, Lowndes Co][pg 010][Law Suits]
June Term 1842 Book 11, p. 109
Oliver, Adm'r versus Hearne & Whitman
Writ of error to Circuit Court of Lowndes
The declaration describes the defendent as administrator of
estate of John McGill deceased.

[Vol 102, Lowndes Co][pg 016][Law Suits]
Book 14, Part I, p. 289. Jan. Term 1846
Hearne's Admx. versus Harbison & wife et al
Writ of error to Orphan's Court of Lowndes
It appears that plaintiff in error was appointed administratrix
of her intestate on 5 December 1836.
Names of distributees are stated in decree (of whom there are
more than five) all whom, it is said, are of full age. One-fifth
is retained by administratrix as widow.

[Vol 102, Lowndes Co][pg 084][Law Suits]
Book 31, Part 2, p. 66 Jan. Term 1870
Fitzpatrick, ex'r versus Hearne
Appeal from Circuit Court of Lowndes
Appellant as Plaintiff and executor of Mrs. Ann Elmore,
deceased brought suit in Circuit Court of Lowndes Co. in the year
1867 for promissory note made 1856.

[Vol 214, Lowndes Co][pg 003][Minute Book C, February Term 1838]
p. 13. Division of the slaves of Thomas Hearne dec'd among
Abigail Hearne, the widow of the decedent; Priscilla W.
Hearne, Elisha A. Hearne, Matilda Hearne, Mary Foster,
William F. Hearne, Emily Powell, Joseph T. Hearne.

p. 14. Division of the real estate of Thomas Hearne dec'd;
distributees are Matilda A. Hearne, Elisha A. Hearne, Mary
Foster, William F. Hearne, Emily Powell, Joseph T. Hearne,
Priscilla W. Hearne.

[Vol 214, Lowndes Co][pg 012][Minute Book C, 1838]
p. 84. Selby Hearne and George T.C. Hearne, administrators
of the heirs of William Hearne Senr dec'd returned a List
of Notes.

p. 85. Division of the Estate of William Hearne, dec'd
Eight heirs, Sarah Poor, formerly Sarah Hearne, Tabitha
Truet, formerly Tabitha Hearne. Abigail Hearne. William
Hearne. Priscilla Stephens formerly Priscilla Hearne and wife of
John Stephens. Selby Hearne, George T C Hearne, Ebenezer T.

[Vol 214, Lowndes Co][pg 033][Book C]
p. 319. Selby Hearne, administrator of William Hearne dec;d
filed receipts of Sarah Poor, dated 2 Jan. 1839.
of Tabitha Truitt 30 Oct. 1838
of Ebenezer T. Hearne 31 Jan. 1838
of Abigail Hearne 4 Jan. 1839
of William Hearne 11 Apr. 1839

[Vol 214, Lowndes Co][pg 055][Will Book B Lowndes Co. Ala.]
Page 1. William Powell of Lowndes Co. dated 14 July 1830
Sister Frances D. Hearne and her husband, George T C Hearn, my
other brothers and sisters, viz: Elizabeth Hearn, James Powell,
Thomas D. Powell, John S. Powell and Sarah Ann Powell, to be
equally divided among them. Executors: George T C Hearn,
Ebenezer T. Hearn. Witnesses: Dixon H. Lewis, John Dudly,
Daniel Bell.

[Vol 214, Lowndes Co][pg 074][Will Bk B page 23]
WILL OF WILLIAM HEARNE SR Lowndes Co. Ala Will Bk B page 23
The State of Alabama ) Know all men by these presents, that I,
Lowndes County } William Hearn Sr, of the State and County
aforesaid have this day given and bequeathed the balance of my
property not heretofore given away, in maner and form as follows

1st I give and bequeath unto my son William Hearne one negro man
named Sam forever.

2nd I give and bequeath unto my son Selby Hearne one negro man
named Lindsay forever.

3rd. I give and bequeath unto my son George T C Hearne one negro
man named Hemp forever.

4th I give and bequeath unto my son Ebenezer T. Hearne one Negro
man named George forever.

5th. I give and bequeath unto my son George T.C. Hearne one negro
woman named Elizer forever, provided he shall pay the sum of
two hundred and fifty dollars to Tabitha Phelps or the lawfull
heirs of her Body, to be paid to her and her children in
five equal instalments the first payment not to fall due
untill after the death of myself and my wife.

6th I give and bequeath unto my son Ebenezer T. Hearne one
negro woman named Candace forever, provided he shall pay the
sum of two hundred and fifty dollars to Tabitha Phels of the
lawful heirs of her Body, to be paid to her or her children
after the death of myself and my wife also two tracts or
parcels of land known and described as follows (towit) The
west half of the south West quarter of Section four in
Township fifteen and Range fifteen, likewise the East half
of the South East quarter of Section five in Township fifteen
of Range fifteen to have and to hold the afore granted land
to him and his heirs forever provided however that George T C
Hearne and Ebenezer T. Hearne shall take into their care and
charge my old negro man Sam during his natural life.

7th I give and bequeath unto my children namely, Sarah,
Tabitha, Abigail, William, Priscilla, Selby, George T C &
Ebenezer all my household furniture, plantation utensils,
excepting one sett of Blacksmith tools which are considered
the property of George T C & Ebenezer T. Hearne, all my stock
of every kind together with all the produce that may be on
hand at the time a Division may take place, also all my
money due and demands to be equally divided amongst my
said children above named which division is not to take place
until after the death of myself and my wife.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this
twenty second day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand
Eight hundred and Thirty two.

William Hearne (seal)

Signed, sealed and Delivered in presence of

John P. Nall
Hardin x Smith

Robert Perry, J P

State of Alabama) Robert Perry came into open Court and being
Lowndes County ) duly sworn on the Holy Gospel of God deposeth
and saith that he was present and saw William Hearne Sr.
deceased in his life time sign and acknowledge the within
instrument in writing in his own act and deed and that he was
then of sound disposing mind and memory and that this deponent
did sign the same together with John P. Nall and Hardin Smith
as witness in the presence of each other and in the presence of
said William Hearne Dec'd. Sworn to and subscribed in open
court this 5th day of November 1832.

Peter Williamson, J C C L C Robt. Perry

Know all men by these presents, that I William Hearne Sr, of the
County of Lowndes and State of Alabama have this day given
and bequeathed a certain portion of my negro property in
manner and form as follows (to wit)

First I give and bequeath unto Tabitha Truitt one negro woman
named Lizza and her children together with her increase,

Second I give and bequeath unto Abagail Hearne wife of
Thomas Hearne one negro woman named Milly Milly & her children
together with her future increase also one negro woman named

Third I give and bequeath unto William Hearne one negro
woman named Candern and her two children together with her
future increase.

Fourth I give and bequeath unto Selby Hearne one Negro woman
named Dolly and her two children together with her future

Fifth I give and bequeath unto George T C Hearne one negro
woman named Maria and her two children, but is understood
that he is not to take her son Tom in his possession untill
after my death and then the said boy Tom to be the Right and
property of said G T C Hearne.

Sixth I give and bequeath unto Ebenezer T. Hearne one negro
woman named Patience and her three children that she shall
take with her.

Seventh I give and bequeath unto Priscilla Stephens, one
negro woman named Cynthia and one negro woman named Marsilla,
be it understood that she is not to take into possession
the one called Cynthia untill after my death, also one negro woman
named Nancy. The said negroes are given her during her natural
life and at her death I give and bequeath unto John William
Stephens the negro woman named Cynthia and a boy called Squire
forever Also I give and Bequeath unto Mary Frances Stephens
the negro woman called Marsilla and a negro girl to be
equally divided between John W. Stephens & Mary P. Stephens
after the death of my daughter Priscilla Stephens wife of
John Stephens. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 16th day of April 1832.

Wm. Hearne Sr (seal)

Signed, sealed & Delivered in
presence of
Robt. Perry, JP
Josiah D Perry
James Powell

State of Alabama ) Robert Perry came into open court and being
Lowndes County ) duly sworn on the Holy Gospel of God
deposeth & saith that he was present & saw William Hearne Sr. Dec.
in his lifetime sign and acknowledge the within instrument of
writing as his own act and ded & that he was then of sound
disposing mind and memory & that his deponent did sing
the same together with Josiah D Perry and James Powell as
witnesses thereto in the presence of each other and in the
presence of the said William Hearne Decd

Sworn to and subscribed in open court this 5 November 1832

Robt Perry

The above instrument is a true copy of the original registered
14 Nov. 1832 John Varner, clk.

[Vol 015, Madison Co][pg 037][Extracts from Huntsville Democrat]
April 30, 1842
Application in bankruptcy
Marshall Co - Rice G. Collins, Asa Herring, Joseph Hickey, Wm. M. Ingram

[Vol 015, Madison Co][pg 055][Extracts from Huntsville Democrat]
November 5, 1842
Applications in bankruptcy
Marshall Co: {20 names including Curtis Herrin}

[Vol 015, Madison Co][pg 073][Extracts from Huntsville Democrat]
Oct 5, 1843
Bankrupt notices:
Marshall County: Millar R. Shores, Henry K. Rainey, Daniel B. Herrin,
John W. Estes.

[Vol 015, Madison Co][pg 073][Extracts from Huntsville Democrat]
Oct 5, 1843
Marshall County: John B. Finley, Elisha Moreland and Richard Bohannon,
administrator of Newton Bihannon dec'd. claim interest in land; Thomas
Atkins, James Childress and Asa Herrin appointed commissioners to
divide said land.

[Vol 035, Madison Co][pg 025][Huntsville Republican]
February 20, 1824
Married on the 28th inst. by Rev. Mr. Archer, Dr. John A. Herring of
Petersburg, Geo., to Miss Sarah E. Weedon, daughter of Dr. F. Weedon
of Blount Co., Ala.

[Vol 038, Madison Co][pg 097][Census of 1850 (incomplete)]
Page 350 Herrin, John 59 S.C.
Martha L. 46 S.C.

[Vol 048, Madison Co][pg 074][Orphan's Court Records]
McDavid, James deceased. Nancy McDavid and Joseph Taylor apply for
Letters of Administration. Securities: David Herron, Thomas Ice and
Thornton Flynt. Appraisers: Edmund Townsend, Stephen King, James Hartin,
Abner Tate, Levi Donaldson. 18 Oct. 1842. Book 8, pg 527.

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 013][Ledger Book For Old Store]
June 24, 1829
Herrin, David
1 gro. buttons

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 019][Ledger Book For Old Store]
July 2, 1828
Herron, David
1 1/2 yds. Cook muslin 1.50
1 yd. cambrick .62 1/2
1 pr. shoes 1.75
1 paper pins .25
1 boss ball
1 tuck comb
1 dressing do

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 049][Ledger Book For Old Store]
September 15, 1828
Herron, David
1 lb. brimstone

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 052][Ledger Book For Old Store]
September 25, 1828
Herin, David
1 1/2 yds. flannel .75

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 054][Ledger Book For Old Store]
October 1, 1828
Herron, David
1 phial laudnan .25

[Vol 055, Madison Co][pg 059][Ledger Book For Old Store]
October 18, 1828
Herron, David
1 doz. all blades .25

[Vol 059, Madison Co][pg 033][Huntsville Advocate]
September 15, 1871
Married on the 6th at the residence of Col. Andrew Erwin of Lafayette
*(Chambers Co.)*, Ala. by Rev. S.C. Hearn, Mr. James Render Dowdell to
Miss Rosa Turner, niece of Mrs. Andrew Erwin *(nee Elvira Searcy)*(see
Tenn. Vol. 7, p.69---daughter of Daniel B. Turner and wife Susan D.

[Vol 059, Madison Co][pg 098][Huntsville Advocate]
February 4, 1825
Died in Triana on the 24th, Doct. John A.H. Herring in his 23rd

[Vol 082, Madison Co][pg 041][Queries]
Ann Meagler m. Jacob Herring in Ala. ca. 1835.

[Vol 082, Madison Co][pg 088][Probate Minutes]
Page 101. James W. Herron applies for letters of administration on
estate of Mary L. Herron deceased. Securities: Gabriel S. Davis,
James R. Taylor, June 2, 1851.

[Vol 082, Madison Co][pg 089][Probate Minutes]
Page 113. James W. Herron of Noxubee County, Missippi produced trans-
script of record of Probate Court of Noxubee Co. whereby it is shown
that James W. Herron was on 8 April 1851 appointed guardian of Eliza
O. Herron and Robert D. Herron, minors residing in Noxubee Co. and
children of the said James W. Herron. June 9, 1851.

[Vol 085, Madison Co][pg 030][1830 census]
Herring, David 1m 5-10; 2m 10-15; 1m 30-40; 1f under 5; 1f 10-15;
1f 20-30.

[Vol 085, Madison Co][pg 069][1830 census]
Herrin, Moses 1m 5-10; 1m 10-15; 1m 20-30; 1f under 5; 1f 20-30;
1f 50-60.

[Vol 085, Madison Co][pg 076][1830 census]
Herring, Will B. 1m 20-30; 1m 30-40; 1f 20-30.

[Vol 100, Madison Co][pg 038][Wills & Estates]
Probate Record 6, p. 447. Account of sale of the property of
Thomas U. Bouldin, dec'd. 16 Nov. 1833, {33 names including Moses Herren}

[Vol 100, Madison Co][pg 091][Chancery Court]
...Dated 18 May 1878; william d. Bu-
ford, and Edward D. Herrin and Charles W. Clarkston (latter two being
infants) by their brother and next friend said Wm. D. Buford state
on Dec. 24, 1867 their mother, then Susan Hunt, a widow, married
William T. McBrown and they resided in Madison County till their
death. Said Willitm T. McBrown died in Madison County in 1873 inte-
state, leaving his widow the said Susan but no children;...

[Vol 111, Madison Co][pg 050][Extracts from Chancery Court Books, "K"]
Page 551. Original Bill dated 12 April, 1841. Edward Cox of
Morgan County states he and Curtis Herron of said County made
note in 1837 to James Cowen who afterward died, leaving
Frances Cowen executrix and David Cowen executor, both of
Marshall Co. The latter resigned and Peter M. Ragsdale was
appointed. Answers of David Cowen, Frances Cowen and Peter
Ragsdale, all of Marshall Co.

[Vol 113, Madison Co][pg 017][Deeds]
Page 492. 18 January, 1856. Shadrach W. Inman to Susan Herrin, late
widow of Duncastle S. Buford, dec'd, now wife of D.B. Herrin, and
John H. Buford, Robert S. Buford, Victoria Lucy *(Lucy V. before)*
Buford and Duncastle Buford, infant children of Duncastle S. Buford,

[Vol 113, Madison Co][pg 067][Deeds]
Page 328. 3 July, 1861. Selina Haley, widow of the late George
Burton Connally of Madison Co., Ala. and the said Selina Haley
as heir of her son William C. Connally if dead, and as his agent
if alive, and Lucy Amanda Baugh as one of the heirs of the said
George B. Connally and Berry Baugh her husband, all of Yell Co.,
Ark., power of attorney to John W. Thompson of Jasper Co., Miss.-
W 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec 28, T4 R2 E, one share being the dower interest
of said Selina Haley, 1/3 being Luch Baugh's and the other 1/3
belonging to Almyra Herring, wife of Ichabod Herring, the said
William, Lucy and Amanda Being children and only heirs of the
said George B. Connaly born to him and the said Selina in the
lifetime of the said George B.

[Vol 133, Madison Co][pg -91][Estates]
{1838; LW&T of Robert Davey; daughter Mary L. Herron, wife of James W Herron}

[Vol 136, Madison Co][pg 041][Marriages]
4B-294 Brookshire, Thomas N. to Sarah E.G. Herron
1 Nov. 1858. No return shown.

[Vol 136, Madison Co][pg 056][Deeds]
Banks, Lawrence S. to James Penn, trustee, to secure debt to
Fountian C. Boston...51 acres, being part of the tract owned by
Frederick W. James, dec'd, that fell to said Banks in behalf of his
wife who was a daughter and one of the heirs of the said Frederick
W. James. 12 July 1830. Wit.: W.B. Herring, R.R. Bell. Book N,
p. 71.

[Vol 137, Madison Co][pg 087][Estates]
Final Settlement of the estate of Duncastle S. Buford; Susan Her-
rin wife of J.B. Herrin, and John H., Robert S., Victoria P. and
Duncastle S. Buford. 5 March 1856. Probate Record 20, page 66.

[Vol 138, Madison Co][pg 095][Book "l"]
Page 393. Original Bill filed 18 May 1878. William D. Buford, and
Edward D. Herrin and Charles W. Clarkston who
are infants under 21, suing by said Wm D. Buford their brother and
next friend, vs. James H. Strode the admr of William T. Brown dec'd,

[Vol 141, Madison Co][pg 062][Marriages]
Book 4B Page 164
Cobb, Thomas to R.A. Herron
License issued 9 July 1856; solemnized 9 July 1856 by
Dickson Cobb, J.P.

[Vol 141, Madison Co][pg 066][Marriages]
Book 4B Page 360
Clarkston, Joseph *(David)* to *(Mrs.)* Susanna Herron
*(Vol. 116, p. 82)*
License issued 1 Oct. 1859. Solemnized 2 Oct. 1859
by Dickson Cobb, J.P.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 026][Marriages]
Bk 3 Page 463 Herrin, Moses to Mary Lindsay
10 Aug 1826 - 15 Aug. 1826 - J.S. Calvert, J.P.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 026][Marriages]
Bk C Page 376 Herring, Moses to Mary Lindsay
License issued 10 Aug. 1826; solemnized, with names
repeated in return, 10 Aug. 1826 by J.S. Calvert, J.P.,
return dated 15th.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 063][Marriages]
413 Herron, James A. to Hester Ann Lanier
License issued 13 June 1851; solemnized 15 June 1851
by Wm. Green an M.P. and J.P.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 066][Marriages]
534 Herrin, Harrison D. to Martha Ann Matherson
License issued 5 Sep. 1853; solemnized 12 Sept. 1853
by S.L. Harris.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 068][Marriages]
55 Herron, D.B. to Susannah Buford
License issued 11 Aug. 1854; solemnized 17 Aug. 1854
by John T. Haden, J.P.

[Vol 147, Madison Co][pg 072][Marriages]
250 Herring, Jacob L. to Paulina Ball
License issued 11 Dec. 1857. Solemnized "at the house of
Mrs. McIntosh in the vicinity of Triana "16 Dec. 1857
by J.G. Wilson, P.G.

[Vol 149, Madison Co][pg 033][Deeds]
Book N, page 159. 1 Oct. 1830. Frances Herron of Williamson Co., Tenn.,
power of attorney to Andrew Herron to collect debts due from Augustus
Hewlett and Robert Davis.

[Vol 149, Madison Co][pg 033][Deeds]
Book O, page 197. 16 June, 1832. David Herron and wife Elizabeth to
Joseph Taylor; N 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec 1 T2 R1W. Thos. Atkins, J.P., Randolph
Sullivan, J.P.

[Vol 151, Madison Co][pg 046][Deeds]
Book K, page 65. 15 Dec. 1825. James Taylor and Wife Jane to David
Herren; 70 acres off N and NW 1.4 sec 1 T2 R1W. Randolph Sullivan, J.P.,
John Moseley, J.P.

[Vol 151, Madison Co][pg 069][Deeds]
Book L, page 243. 22 Nov. 1827. John W. Tilford assigned to William
Alexander of Paris, Ky., in trust, the following notes: {28 names
including J. Herns}

[Vol 153, Madison Co][pg 066][Marriages]
Page 532 Worley, Newton C. to Elizabeth Herron
License issued 6 June 1863
Solemnized 7 June 1863
By Dickson Cobb, J.P.

[Vol 157, Madison Co][pg 048][Huntsville Independent 1879]
Married, Dec. 4 at the Methodist Church by the Rev. Mr. Hearn,
Louis J. Searcy to Miss Sarah E. Binford, daughter of the late Dr.
Henry A. Binford.
At the Methodist Church, Thursday Dec. 4 by Rev. Mr. Hearn,
Mr. R.M. Church to Mrs. Arminda Crawford.

[Vol 165, Madison Co][pg 034][1880]
At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. James H. Ware on June 10, 1880,
by the Rev. W.C. Hearn, Mr. John W. Hereford to Miss Clara S. Ware.

[Vol 165, Madison Co][pg 038][1880]
Married at the Methodist Church Nov. 16, 1880 by Rev. Dr. W.C. Hearn,
Mr. William K. Miller of Nashville, Tenn., to Miss Bessie M. Humphrey,
daughter of Thomas I. Humphrey of the city.

[Vol 165, Madison Co][pg 040][1881]
Married at the residence of the bride's uncle, Captain John D. Brandon in
Huntsville, Ala. Jan. 4, 1881 by Rev. Dr. W.C. Hearn, Mr. Frank M. For-
shee of Chickasaw Co., Miss., to Miss Frankie B. Seelye, daughter of Mrs.
Eliza Seelye.

[Vol 165, Madison Co][pg 083][1885]
Mar. 19
Married at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Isham H. Hobbs near
Huntsville, March 13, 1879, by Rev. Mr. Hearn, Mr. Solon Kelly to Miss
Frances A. Hobbs.

[Vol 165, Madison Co][pg 089][Democrat 1872]
Dec. 10.
Married, at the Methodist Church, Dec. 4, 1879, by Rev. W.C. Hearn, Mr.
Louis J. Searcy to Miss Sarah E., daughter of the late Dr. Henry A. Bin-

[Vol 173, Madison Co][pg 002][Independent 1878]
In Memoriam. Mrs. Arm Boldman was born in Lee County, Va., and died in
Tuscumbia Sept. 30, 1878. She was converted and joined the Methodist
Church when quite young. She leaves four daughters...W.C. Hearn, her

[Vol 173, Madison Co][pg 033][Huntsville Mercury 1891]
Mrs. Cora Rolph, Wife of W.T. Rolph, was born at McMinnville, Tenn. Jan.
13, 1854, married at Bell Factory June 16, 1872, and died of Pneumonia
Feb. 4, 1891. (by Her Pastor, V.L. Herring.)

[Vol 173, Madison Co][pg 046][Huntsville Mercury 1891]
Rev. C.L. Rereing, one of our promising young ministers of the Hazel
Green Circuit has been visiting his Aunt, Mrs. McIntosh. {indexed
as G.L. Herring}

[Vol 175, Madison Co][pg 024][Estates]
Probate Minutes 1, page 169. Oct. 13, 1851. Petition to sell the land of Isaac Welborn Sr. dec'd,
400 acres. Isaac D. Wellborn, William Wellborn, Sarah Davis, Robert D. Herron, Eliza O. Herron,
Isaac Wellborn, William N. Morgan and wife Mary, Isaac Jones, William L. Jones, ... Barron and wife
Judith and Charles C. Wellborn, distributees, are non residents of the state.

[Vol 177, Madison Co][pg 014][Estates]
Pro. Min. 1, page 113. June 9, 1851. James W. Herron of Noxubee Co.
Miss. produced transcripts of Letters of guardianship dated 8th April,
1851, showing that he was appointed guardian of Eliza O. Herron and
Robert D. Herron, minors, residing in Noxubee Co., Miss., children
of said James W. Herron.

[Vol 177, Madison Co][pg 014][Estates]
Pro. Minutes 1, Page 101. June 2, 1851. James W. Herron applied for
letters of administrations on the Estate of Mary L. Herron dec'd.
Gabriel S. Davis and James R. Taylor, securities.

[Vol 177, Madison Co][pg 014][Estates]
Pro. Rec. 19, page 465. Inventory of the Property of E.P. and R.P.
Herron, infant children of James W. Herron and Mary Herron dec'd filed
March, 1854. "Received from the Estate of Robert Davis, 25 Dec. 1852,

[Vol 177, Madison Co][pg 014][Estates]
Pro. Record 3, Page 230. Will of Dr. John A. Hering. Wife Sarah Elisa.
Dr. Frederick Weeden, Executor. 24 Jan. 1825. James S. Richardson,
William A. Rogers, witnesses. Proved 27 Jan. 1825.

[Vol 179, Madison Co][pg 012][Deeds]
Book T. page 409. 24 Oct. 1842. Elias Wellbourn has purchased land of
Sarah Tillman, a part of the consideration being that he is to convey
certain property to Gabriel S. Davie, in trust, for Sarah Tillman for
her life; he conveys all the right of dower of the Widow of Daniel Till-
man senr. dec'd of the land of which he died possessed, and personal
property. At the death of the said Sarah Tillman it shall revert to the
said Elias Wellbourn. Witness Daniel Herron.

[Vol 179, Madison Co][pg 021][Deeds]
Book N, page 311. 25 March 1831. William Whitlock, for love and affection
to James L. Blankenship, infant child of my friend Reall Blankenship, a
slave. Witnesses: Raymond Blankenship, Moses Herren. (Is this Royal

[Vol 179, Madison Co][pg 072][Estates]
Walker, James. James Walker died intestate and ..... the Widow has
relinquished right to administer. Letters of Administration are issued
to Joseph Taylor with David Herron and Andrew Connor, securities. 10
Oct. 1834. Orphans Court Minutes 6, page 68.

[Vol 181, Madison Co][pg 061][Circuit Ct Min Bk 11, 1823-1824]
{12 man jury includes William B. Herring}

[Vol 181, Madison Co][pg 064][Circuit Ct Min 1842/1843]
Page 324. Grand Jurors drawn July, 1843 for Sept. 1843 term:
{ 62 names including David Herron, farmer, Hazel Green }

[Vol 189, Madison Co][pg 061][Pro Rec 5, pg 356]
Account of sale of William Ray's property. Apr.
9, 1831. Purchaser: Mrs. Ray, Mrs. Barkhard, V. Gravatt, John
Blanton, Alfred Moore, Moses Hern, Wm. H. Odom, Nancy Barkham,
Marcella Ray, Wm. H. East, Wm. East, James Yarnell, William Clayton.
Isaac Skillern, admr.

[Vol 193, Madison Co][pg 040][Estates]
Steger, Albert D. applied for Letters of Guardianship for Horace Nunnal-
ly, infant Child of John A. Nunnally; Samuel J. Hearn and Francis Mastin,
securities. Orphans Min. Bk. 6, page 6. 30 Jan. 1837.

[Vol 195, Madison Co][pg 074][[Pro. Rec. 9, page 7]
A List of Accounts on the Books of V.G. Pruit, 1839.
{ couple of hundred names including David Herrin and James Herrin }

[Vol 197, Madison Co][pg 041][Pro. Rec. 10, page 32]
Non cupative will of James McDavid, whose decease
... Letters of Administration granted to Nancy McDavid
and Joseph Taylor with David Herron, Thomas Lee and Thornton Flynt,
securities, on 18th Oct. 1842.

[Vol 197, Madison Co][pg 076][Pro. Min. 24, page 38]
Petition to probate the will of Matilda McIntosh,
filed May 2, 1894 by Vernelia E. Ball, who was named Executor. The next
of kin are Albert G. Ball, Richard E. Ball, Julia Tucker the Wife of
D.O. Tucker and Paralee Herring the Wife of M. Herring, all of Herron,
Giles County, Tennessee ... Elizabeth Hill the Wife of John C. Hill of
Memphis, Tenn., Mattie Williams (?-badly written) Wife of ... Williams
residing in Texas, address unknown and petitioner Vernelia E. Ball of
Madison Co., Ala., all of age.

[Vol 207, Madison Co][pg 046][Deeds]
Bk P, pg 149. 8 May 1834. John Mitchell and wife Sally to David
Harren; NE 1/4 Sec 35 T1 R1W

[vol 165, Madison Co][pg 057][Democrat 1881]
Dec. 14.
Married in Oiles Co., Tenn. Dec. 8th, 1881, at Campbellsville, W.J. Her-
ring of Triana to Miss Ada Walker.

[Vol 141, Madison Co][pg 040][Marriages]
Book 4 Page 427
Connor, Wm. P. to Mary A. Herron *(d. 5 Nov. 1868 @ 53,
cemetery in Noxubee Co., Miss., SGE, Summer 1953, p. 14;
David)*(He, b. 24 Apr. 1814; d. 13 Aug. 1885, Noxubee
Co. Miss.)*
License issued 20 March 1838. Solemnized 29 March 1838
by Albert C. Gibson, Minister.

[Vol 039, Marengo Co][pg 063][Wills Book A]
Page 292. William Greer. Last will and testament dated 21 July 1851 probated 14 November 1851,
filed Sept. 10, 1851. Grandson Warren Franklin Herrin, son of Elijah Herrin and my daughter Amelia;
son Francis M. Greer; daughter Jurutia Ann Dixon; daughters Caroline America O'Neal and Virginia
Ewen Herrn; son Francis M. Greer and son-in-law, Watson S. Dixon, executors. Witnesses: Thomas Y.
Dickson, John L. Hufinger, William S. Norwood.
(In 1850 Wm. Greer 67 b. Ky.; 1850 Census Claiborne Parish, La.)
O'Neal, Gilbert 34 Ala.
Caroline A O 30 "
Wm. B. 12 "
Adeline A.J. 9 "
Mary H. 7 La.

[Vol 186, Marengo Co][pg 013][Marriages]
Page 274
O'Neal, Wm. to Sarah Hearn
18 Dec. 1832 (return dated 27th) by J.B. Landrum, J.P.; Atlas O'Neal,

[Vol 186, Marengo Co][pg 016][Marriages]
Page 279
Webb, Henry B. *(39, S.C.)* to Lucy Hearn *(38, A.)*
6 April 1833 (return dated 9th) by J.B. Landrum, J.P.; William
O'Neal, bondsman.

[Vol 215, Marengo Co][pg 025][Wills Abstracts]
Book A, page 463
Depositions of Mrs. Mary M. Herron, at the residence of B. Hearon, on

[Vol 215, Marengo Co][pg 025][Wills-abstracts]
Book A, page 460
Petition to probate the will of Martha W. Pritchett,
... Witnesses: Mary M. Herrin, Martha Williams

[Vol 215, Marengo Co][pg 044][Marriages]
Page 307
Trippe, Henry to Martha Finch
22 Sept. 1834 (bond); (return dated 25th) by Ebenezer Hearn, M.G.;
Edward Finch, bondsman. *(See his 2nd m. on page 77. She was Daughter
of John & Eliz (Earley) Finch; Granddaughter of Daniel W.; 1st wife,
2 children. Anc. of Henry E. Trippe, 1978.)

[Vol 215, Marengo Co][pg 073][Marriages]
Page 41
Hearn, Elijah to Amelia Greer
31 Jan. 1839 by George Barkley, J.P.; Gilbert O'Neal, bondsman.

[Vol 215, Marengo Co][pg 090][Marriages]
Page 107
Hearn, George to Virginia E. Greer
27 July 1841 (bond); (return dated 5th Aug.) by R.C. Lance; Elijah
Hearne, bondsman.
(In 1850 he was age 40 b. Ga., alone)

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 015][Wills and Estates]
Page 66. Final settlement of estate of William Clapp, dec'd., Barton S. Clapp to retain in his hands
$32.50; Mary Ashburn, widow of decedent; Joseph Craft in right of wife, Margaret, $23.87 1/4; same
to Alexander Boadley in right of wife, Sarah, James Herron in right of wife, Carron, Tillman R.
Clapp, William K, Clapp and Lewis P. Clapp.
Little further list shown is Mary Ashburn, widow of deceased, $47.75; Barton S. Clapp, Margaret
Craft, Elizabeth J. Reed, alias Elizabeth J. Clapp, Sarah Boadley, Carron Herron, Tillman R., William
K. and Lewis P. Clapp, each to get $23.87 1/4. Nov. Term, 1841.

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 022][Wills and Estates]
Page 238. Asa Herring is guardian of James Gillespie Simpson, infant of Samuel Simpson, with John
Wilcher and Michael Ditto, securities. 25 May, 1843.
Also appointed guardian of Elizabeth Simpson.

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 046][Wills and Estates]
Page 318. Petition to sell land Warrant No. 63143. Louvinia Herrin, guardian of Rebecca Herrin,
James Herrin and Rufus Herren (also Herron), minor children of Lemuel A. Herrin, dec'd. (We sent
for them and the warrant was for the Mexican War.)

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 067][Marriages]
Joseph E. Wyatt & Elizabeth Herren, 28 July, 1838; returned 29 July by James Ligon, J.P.

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 072][Marriages]
Page 46. James Herrin & Cary Ann Clapp, 25 Dec., 1838; returned 25 Dec. by Wm. C. Thomas, J.P.
Consent of mother filed of record.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 006][Marriages]
Page 102
Lemuel A. Herrin *(Mexican War pensioner)* and Lavinia S. McWil-
liams *(26,Tenn.)*. License dated 28 Sept. 1841. Returned 28
Sept. 1841. by K.C. Carter, J.P.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 006][Marriages]
Page 103
William Perkins *(25,Tenn.)* and Peggy Hearn *(25,Tenn.)* License
dated 28 Sept. 1841; returned 30 Sept. 1841 by Nathan Newson,
J.P. Return gives her as "Peggy Nearen."

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 031][Marriages]
235 John Herron and Sarah Ann Martin. License issued 14 Dec. 1844.
No return.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 050][Estates]
Page 599. Thomas Ice *(57,Tenn.)*, dec'd; Will.
Heirs of daughter Matilda E. Riche...
...Witnesses D.W. Parker, W.H. Herrin, John Down.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 055][Estates]
Page 65. January 1848. Barton S. Clapp, guardian of William Clapp.
Sums to be distributed to heirs as follows:
Barton S. Clapp $6.32 and 5/8 cents
Margaret Craft, alias Sarah Boadley same amount
Elizabeth J. Reed
Caron Herron
Tillman R. Clapp
William R. Clapp
Sarah Boadley
Lewis P. Clapp

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 058][Estates]
Page 12. Bond of Dozier T. Sutton as administrator of Daniel B. Herron.
B.S. Clabb *(Clapp)* and George Loy, securities. 4 February 1846.
Sutton was one of creditors of estate. A.M. McElroy is entitled
to $21.71 for medical services in last illness of deceased.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 084][Marriages]
P. 37 David B. Herron to Cyrena Adaline Embry
1 Nov. 1847--6 Nov. 1847, R.C. Newman, J.P.

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 085][Marriages]
P. 43 Thomas O. Garrett *(26,Ga.)* and Lovy Herrin *(22,Ga.)* (See
footnote on p. 31)*
1 Jan. 1848--2 Jan. 1848 by Thomas L. Roden, J.P.
(Return shows "Louvicy Herron")

[Vol 096, Marshall Co][pg 093][Marriages]
P. 97 James W. Herron *(24,Ga.)* to Maria Elizabeth Thompson *(24,
18 Jan. 1849 -- 18 Jan. 1849 by P.C. Starnes, J.P.

[Vol 139, Marshall Co][pg 027][Marriages]
203 David A. Walker to Adeline Herron. License issued 7th
June, 1851. Solemnized 15th June, 1851 by Isaac
Brunston, J.P.

[Vol 139, Marshall Co][pg 034][Marriages]
229 William H. Herron to Martha Ann Walker. License issued
23rd Jan., 1852. Solemnized 25th Jan., 1852 by Horatio
Furgason, J.P.

[Vol 139, Marshall Co][pg 036][Marriages]
236 B. Bertram Walker to Elizabeth M. Herron. License issued
3rd April, 1852. Solemnized 7th April, 1852 by H.
Furgason, J.P.

[Vol 139, Marshall Co][pg 061]
More Notes From Final Record No. 3-1/2
Page 114. 31st Dec., 1845. Lemuel A. Herron, next of kin to
Nancy Bowlin, is appointed administrator with Calvin M.
McWilliams and James H. Moore sureties.

[Vol 139, Marshall Co][pg 061]
More Notes From Final Record No. 3-1/2
Page 125. Jan. 1849. Asa Herring, guardian of James C. Simpson
and Sarah E. Simpson files accounts.

[Vol 167, Marshall Co][pg 041][Estates]
Book 5, page 876. 8 Dec. 1856. The petition of James M. Kelly, Admr.
of Calvin McWilliams dec'd states he died possessed of a one/eighth
part, being an undivided interest, in land in Sec 28 Twp 8 R3 and left
as his heirs Sarah R. McWilliams and Nancy J. McWilliams, Daughters of
decedent, under 21, residing with John McWilliams in Marshall Co., Ala;
that Eveline Connor the Wife of Torance Conner, Vina Herrin Widow of
Lemuel Herrin, Laura Cooper the Wife of Obadiah Cooper, John M. McWilli-
Census of 1850 - Marshall Co., Ala. - Dist. #22, Family #233
Herren, Lavina age 26 born Tenn.
Rebecca 7 Ala.
James 6 "
Rufus 2 "

[Vol 065, Marshall Co][pg 020][Willis and Estates]
Page 181. Asa Herring files accounts as guardian of Sarah E. Simpson, infant of Samuel Simpson,
dec'd., from June 1841 to Oct. 31, 1842.
Also files accounts as guardian of James G. Simpson, infant of Samuel Simpson, dec'd.

[Vol 097, Montgomery Co][pg 097]
From Huntsville (Ala.) Advocate, Sept. 14, 1869..."In Montgomery,
Alabama on the 9th, Henry Herron was mortally shot by Robert H. Knox,
his Brother-in-Law."

[Vol 196, Montgomery Co][Marriage Book D]
Page 211 Herring, John to Mary E.H. Breeney
21 March 1837 (return dated 21st) by Henry W. Hilliard

[Vol 196, Montgomery Co][pg 068][Marriage Book 'E']
Page 68 Herring, Joel to Sarah Combs
17 Aug 1840 (return dated 18th) by Perez Colman, J.P.

[Vol 231, Montgomery Co][pg 078][Daily Alabama Journal]
November 15, 1851
Died in this city on 23rd at residence of his mother, Dr. John B.
Herron in 38th year. Native of Charleston, South Carolina but for the
last 17 or 18 years a resident of this city. Left a mother,
affectionate wife and a family of little children. (In 1850 he was
36, South Carolina)

[Vol 231, Montgomery Co][pg 099][Lawsuits to State Supreme Court]
Book 19, Part 1, Page 238 June Term 1851
Lindsay versus The State
Error to Circuit Court of Montgomery
The charge in the indictment is that defendant sold to one Henry a
slave, the property of Maria Herron, a certain commodity towit:
One gallon of whisky, without consent of master.

[Vol 135, Montgomery Co][pg 013][Marriage Book B]
Page 50. William Hearn (x) & Sarah Patterson
30 October 1822 (executed 29th October) by William
Graves, J.P. David Roach swears that Sarah is over 18.
David Roach, surety.

[Vol 135, Montgomery Co][pg 014][Marriage Book B]
Page 53. Ebenezer T. Hearn & Elizabeth Powell
21 October 1822 (executed 24th) by William Graves
Consent of Thomas Powell for daughter. David T.
Fitchett, surety.

[Vol 135, Montgomery Co][pg 014][Marriage Book B]
Page 55. George Thomas C(oker) Hearn & Francis Powell
26 November 1822 (executed 19th Dec) by John G.
Ashley. Willis Smith, surety. Consent of Thomas Powell
for daughter to marry "Mr. Thomas Hearn."

[Vol 135, Montgomery Co][pg 014][Marriage Book B]
Page 56. John Stephens & Miss Pricilla Hearn
22 November 1822 (executed 28th) by William Graves, JP
William Stephens, surety, who believes that Miss Pricilla
Hearn is over 18.

[Vol 027, Morgan Co][pg 032][Marriages]
Page 106
Gillentine, Richard to Liana Stovall
Nov. 12, 1826 (return dated 19th) by Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 027, Morgan Co][pg 039][Marriages]
Harvell, Asa to Mary Lockhart
Jan. 23, 1828 (return dated 23rd) by Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 027, Morgan Co][pg 088][Pensions of War of 1812]
Francis B. Mynatt...
Attest: ...Also John R. Witt (aged 30) and Jesse C. Herring (aged 36).
Witness my hand and seal of July 1846...

[Vol 027, Morgan Co][pg 094][Pensions of War of 1812]
James McCroskey...North Carolina Militia...Testified by
John M. Smith and S.H. Herrin and J.C. Barr, Postmaster
at Somerville, Alabama.

[Vol 032, Morgan Co][pg 044][Marriages]
Page 266. James Lott to Catharine Swann, April 27, 1835, executed by Jo. Herring,
Note: See Historical Quarterly of Alabama, Fall 1945 Page 467. He was son of George.

[Vol 032, Morgan Co][pg 045][Marriages]
James M. Cosby to Emeline Nunn, June 18, 1835, executed by Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 032, Morgan Co][pg 047][Marriages]
Page 274. Elias Croft to Ruthy McMinvis (McMinnis?), August 26, 1835, executed 26th
by Jo. Herring, J.P.
Note: In 1850 Census he 34(36?) b. SC, she 34 B. Tenn.

[Vol 032, Morgan Co][pg 051][Marriages]
Page 283. Abner W. Nunn to Arvazina Cosby, December 1, 1835, executed 1st by Jo.
Herring, J.P.
Note: In 1850 Census he 40 b. SC, Arvazina 33 b. Alabama.

[Vol 074, Morgan Co][pg 001][Marriages]
Page 303.
Gibson Wolfe & Sarah Ann Cosby
Sept. 8, 1836; m. Sept. 12 by
Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 074, Morgan Co][pg 016][Marriages]
Page 347.
Dempsey Baker & Malinda Wilson
5 November, 1838; married Nov. 6 by
Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 074, Morgan Co][pg 029][Marriages]
Harvey Wallace & Elizabeth A. Boyd
30 July, 1840; m. July 30 by
Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 074, Morgan Co][pg 040][Huntsville Advocate]
July 12, 1872
State of Alabama, Morgan Co.
Joseph Herring, deceased. James W. Herring, admr.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 017][Marriages]
Ratliff, Addison to Elizabeth Inman
30 Nov. 1842 (return dated 8th Dec) by Jo. Herring, J.P. (In 1850
he was aged 32 b. Ala.; she aged 24 b. Ala.)

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 018][Marriages]
Page 431.
Irwin, William to Susan Ann Herring
6 Nov. 1842 (return dated 6th) by Sylvanus Gibson, M.G.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 022][Marriages]
Page 443.
Reeves, Samuel M. or N.? to Melvina Hodges
24 May 1843 (return dated 25th) by Jo. Herring, J.P. (In 1850 he aged
34 b. Ga.; she aged 20 b. Ala.)

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 033][Marriages]
Page 476.
Graves, Andrew to Lucy Ann Hubbard
22 Jan 1845 (undated return) by Jo. Herring, J.P. (In 1850 he aged
21? b. Tenn.; she aged 33 b. Ala.)

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 035][Marriages]
Basham, R.H. to Martha Ann Speaks
24 May 1845 (return dated 24th) by Jo. Herring, J.P. (She was Dau.
of Wiley & Eliz. (Murphy) Speaks. We have Bible record.)

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 043][Marriages]
Page 510.
Wallace, William A. to Catharine M. Love
12 Sept. 1846 (return dated 15th) by Jos. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 045][Marriages]
Page 516.
Herring, Benajah B. to A.F. McDaniel
20 Oct. 1846. No return shown. (In 1850 Census are Amanda F. Herring
aged 23 b. Ala. with a child 7 mo. old)

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 054][Marriages]
Page 2.
Basham, Arty to Amy F. Jenkins (looks like Ann in census)
23 Feb. 1848. "Executed by Joseph Herring, J.P."

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 065][Marriages]
Page 43.
Henson, Samuel to Elizabeth Webster
9 Sept. 1849 (return dated 9th) by Joseph Herring, J.P.
Johnson, Reuben G. to Martha Herring
15 Sept. 1849 (return dated 16th) by Wm. Irvin, L.P.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 069][Marriages]
Page 62.
Wallace, John H. to Sarah A. E. Love
28 May 1850 (return dated 29th) by Jo. Herring, J.P.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 075][Marriages]
Page 83.
Basham, Harvey R. to Mary Ann Johnson
23 Dec. 1850 (return dated 24th) by Joseph Herring, J.P.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 077][Marriages]
Page 92.
Chunn, Western R. to Nancy A.B. Oden
13 Mar. 1851 (return dated 13th) by Joseph Herring, J.P.

[Vol 105, Morgan Co][pg 085][Tombstone Inscriptions]
Herring, Jesse G. /Elder/ b. 1 Jan. 1843/ d. 13 July 1896

[Vol 118, Perry Co][pg 007][Marriages]
Griffin, John to Cinthiana Herron
2 March 1827. #267
Census of 1830 - Perry Co., Ala. - 7th page
Jno. Griffin: 1 male 20-30; 1 female under 5.
Census of 1840 - Perry Co., Ala. - 25th page
John Griffin: 1 male 30-40; 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15;
1 female 40-50.
Same man?

[Vol 198, Perry Co][pg 009][Marriages]
Massingale, Leroy to Elenor Lovelady
18 November 1829 (return dated 18th) by Ebenezer Hearn, M.G.
See our Vol. 8, page 22 for heirs in will in Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. of
Alfred Massengale, dec'd, including one Leroy Massengale, who resides
in Miss. Aug. 1836. Alfred Massengale was Son of Solomon Massengale
Rev. soldier, who died in Madison Co., Ala.

[Vol 198, Perry Co][pg 027][Marriages]
Herron, William to Rody Fisher *3
25 January 1831.

[Vol 198, Perry Co][pg 055][Marriages]
Herring, Bryant to Nancy Haggard
25 December 1837 (return dated 27th) by Geo. Everett, M.G.
Census of 1840 - Jefferson Co.
Bryant Herrin: 1 male 20-30; 1 female under 5; 1 female 20-30.

[Vol 241, Perry Co][pg 032][Marriages]
Tingle, Jesse S. to Thena or Theresa? Hearne or Horne?
4 August 1836 (return dated 9th)
Census of 1840 - Perry Co.
Jesse S. Tingle: 1 male under 5; 1 male 20-30; 1 female under
5; 1 female 20-30.
Same page:
Michael Horn: 1 male 20-30: Henry Horn: 1 male 30-40.

[Vol 070, Sumter Co][pg 045][Newspaper extracts]
Livingston Journal
February 18, 1876
Mr. Joseph Herring of Gainsville died of Typhoid pneumonia
last week.

[Vol 070, Sumter Co][pg 076][Newspaper extracts]
From Tuskaloosa Gazette, Feb. 24, 1876
Died in Gainsville of typhoid pneumonia last week, Joseph Herring.

[Vol 128, Sumter Co][pg 052][Marriages]
Page 165.
James Hearn and Nancy Jarman
February 20, 1841, Solemnized 25th by J.G. Washington, J.P.
Bryant jarman, bondsman. Bryant Jarman swears that Nancy Jarman is over 18.
(1850 census shows him 45 b. Ga. and her 26 b. N.C.)

[Vol 132, Sumter Co][pg 074][Marriages]
Page 285.
Elijah Hearne & Mary K. Jarman.
10 April 1844 (solemnized 16th) by D.S. Wood, M.G. Bryant
Jarman, bondsman, who certifies that Mary K., daughter of
Thomas Jarman, is over 18.

[Vol 158, Sumter Co][pg 042][Wills]
Page 95. James Hearn. Will dated 10 November 1855...probated
16 February 1856.
Wife Nancy Hearn; and my children; wife executrix and friend, E.H.
Rowland, executor. Witnesses: A.J. Winningham, elijah Walker.
1850 Census, Sumter Co., Ala., Family #1275
Hearn, James 45 Ga. Farmer $2000
Nancy 26 N.C.
Thomas J. 8 Ala.
James M. 6 Ala.
Margaret M. 4 Ala.
Andrew J. 2 Ala.
See our Vol. 128, p. 52, for marriage of James Hearn to Nancy Jarman
25 Feb. 1841.

[Vol 164, Sumter Co][pg 083][Wills]
Page 395. Thomas x Jarman. Will dated 29 November 1869 probated 6 April
Wife Mary; son Thomas Jarman; grandson William T. Jarman; son-in-law, Wil-
liam Drinkard and his children; heirs of my deceased son, Bryant Jarman
and heirs of my deceased daughter Roxana Drinkard; grandson William
Hearn; my living children towit: Serena Hitt, Nancy Hearn, Ann Rinland?
and himself and heirs of deceased children towit: Bryant Jarman, Roxana
Drinkard and Mary Pratt. Executor: Benjamin P. Portis. Witnesses: J.
J. Gordan, S.H. Hardin.

[Vol 023, Talladega Co][pg 043][Deeds]
Book A, pages 159. David M. Hearn (signature "Herrin") to John Cox.
Witnesses: A.Q.Nicks, R.H.Grantham. On next page, name is signed
"Hearn". 18 April 1835.

[Vol 023, Talladega Co][pg 053][Deeds]
Book A, page 351. George Watts to James Tussell. Witnesses: John Cox,
Daniel M. Hearne. 4 June 1836.

[Vol 023, Talladega Co][pg 063][Marriage Book A]
Herren, David M. to Rachel Trussell
4 February 1834 (return dated 9th).

[Vol 212, Tallapoosa Co][pg 030][Marriage Book 1842-1850]
Page 40. James Herrin to Ann Conine
1 Feb. 1843 (solemnized 7th) by N.D. Campbell, J.P.

1850 Census Tallapoosa Co. Ala. Twp 21 No. 419
Herron, James 53 Ga
Ann 30 Ga
Arnold 20 Ga
Tabitha 18 Ga
Wade L. 14 Ga
Stephen W 6 Ala
Martha Ann 4 "
Wm 3 "
Green 9/12 "

[Vol 212, Tallapoosa Co][pg 037][Marriage Book 1842-1850]
Page 79 Britain Conine to Sarah J. Herrin
21 Mar. 1844 (solemnized 21st) by Edward J. Hamil, M.C.M.E.C; Samuel Akers, bondsman

[Vol 212, Tallapoosa Co][pg 039][Marriage Book 1842-1850]
Page 98. G G John (also written 3 times as Johns) to Mary Beasley
5 Aug. 1844; Alexander Herrin, bondsman.

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 011][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Burton, E(lijah) M & Margaret Hearn, 16 June 1841 (16 June).

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 038][Deeds]
Farley, Owen to Ebenezer Hearn. 22 Mar. 1824. Bk. A p. 76.

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 066][Deeds]
Paul, James to Zabed Hearn, both of Tuscaloosa Co. 24 Aug. 1824. Bk. A. p. 310

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 072][Marriages]
Hogan, John B. & Miss Huldah Herring, 12 Dec. 1857 (17th)
"We give our consent to marriage"
Melvin Herring, guardian
Mrs. Margaret Herring
at res. of Mrs. Herring.

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 078][Marriage]
Jolly, James M. & Margarette Herring, 9 Sept. 1846 (10th).

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 080][Marriages]
Jones, Jolly & Caroline Herring, 4 Oct. 1858 (6th) at res. of Mr. Herring, father of Caroline, who con-
sents; Jolly of age.

[Vol 007, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 082][Orphans Court]
Glover, William deceased. Malchijah McMath appointed the Administrator.
Securities: Stephen Herring, Tilman Moses. Appraisers: Richard Murphy,
Stroud Shamblin, Pinckny Herring, Stephen Herring, William Pearson. 5
Oct. 1840. Book 2, page 83.

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 010][Wills]
Book 4, page 8. 16 December 1868; probated 8 Nov. 1869. Fannie McMath *(age
57 in 1850 b. S.C.; Widow of Elisha)*. One half of my estate to Sarah Eliza-
beth Tannehill *(m. Marion Tannehill)*; other half to Children of Joseph
McMath, deceased and to Children of C.C. McMath, deceased. Witnesses: John
Salmon, Noble Sterring or Herring.

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 027][Orphan's Court Records]
Moses, Samuel deceased. Decree to sell land. Heirs: Mason Moses, the Widow;
William Herring *(m. 1830)* (who intermarried with Elizabeth Moses, Daughter of
deceased)* (living in Limestone Co., Tex. 1867; son of Elisha, 1812 soldier.
See Lone Star State.)*, John T. Moses (Son of deceased), Hamilton Ray *(m. 1829)*
(who intermarried with Mary Moses, Daughter of deceased), Samuel Moses (Son of
deceased), Elijah Herring *(1834)* (who intermarried with Epsey Moses, Daughter
of deceased), Alexander Acker *(m. 1833, Son of Jos & Ruth (Alexander) Acker,
age 40 T)* (who intermarried with Nancy Moses *(34 A)*, Daughter of deceased),
Charles R. Bennett *(m. 1831)* (who intermarried with Massinessa Moses, Daugh-
ter of deceased). 21 July 1845. Book 3, page 277. *6

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 050][Marriages]
Moffatt, William F. *(M. in estate)* to Harriet S. Lyon *(Peter; Vol. VII
Page 97)* 22 Dec. 1835 (return dated 24th) *(by Ebenezer Hearn, J.P.
Page 394.)*

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 056][Deeds]
Hearn, Ebenezer and Wife Hearn to George Starr. Lots in Tuskaloosa.
25 Jan. 1832. Book H, page 442.

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 060][Marriages]
Manderson, John H. to Rhoda Rosana Herring
10 Dec. 1858 (return dated 14th) at res. of Elcany Herrin; William P.
Herring says that John was 22 years of age on 17th of last August.
*(Page 438)*

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 060][Marriages]
McMath, C.C. to Margaret R. Herrin
25 Dec. 1858 (return dated 30th). *(Page 450.)*

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 063][Marriages]
Newell, Robert to Mary Ann Herrin
10 Dec. 1846 (return dated 10th) *(by James Peirson, J.P. Page 270.)*

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 063][Marriages]
Newton, John to Rosine Hern
21 Feb. 1838 (return dated 21st) *(by Dan. Baker. Page 51.)*

[Vol 008, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 074][Deeds]
Hearn, Ebenezer *(Son-in-law of Jos. Walker; see West's)* and Wife Mary Hearn
to George Starr. 7 October 1829. Book G, page 643.

[Vol 011, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 033][Marriages]
Richarson, James to Sarah Jane Herring
5 Feb. 1850 (return dated 6th).

[Vol 011, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 044][Deeds]
Book K, page 321. 26 Jan. 1835. Hardy Clements and Wife Maria Ann
Clements to Henry Herrin. 81.92 acres.

[Vol 013, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 021][Marriages]
Slaton, John to Beda Malinda Herrin
28 July 1840 (return dated 29th).

[Vol 013, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 024][Marriages]
Samuel, T(aliaferro) F. to Emaline W. Hearn
30 Mar. 1846 (return dated 31st). Note: Letter to us from Mrs. T.
Leslie Samuel, 2537 Agnew St., Montgomery, Ala. 36106. June 22, 1867.
"Taliaferro f. Samuel b. Nov. 14, 1814 in Caroline Co., Va. Son of
Brooking & Phoebe Dew Samuel came to Ala. Mentioned being at a ball
(clinton's Early Tuscaloosa) m. Emeline Hearne b. Ala. Possibly lived
at Elyton before moving to Tuscaloosa."

[Vol 013, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 033][Marriages]
Sharp, R.M. to M.N. Herring
14 Sept. 1853 (return dated 13th) by Stephen Herring, J.P.; Parties
not of age; the Father of Sharp gives consent and Elijah x Herring
(his mark), Father of the girl gives consent.

[Vol 013, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 057][Marriages]
Tatum, William to Margaret Herring
18 Feb. 1859 (return dated 20th) at res. of Margaret Herring.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 004][Marriages]
Watts, Abraham to Lucelia Herring
15 August 1826 (return dated 15th) *(by Jolly Jones, J.P.; Deed Book
S, page 141 shows Quit Claim Deed showing Herrin heirs.)*

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 017][Marriages]
Williams, G.C. to Adaline Herring
25 September 1851 (return dated 26th) *(by Jolly Jones, J.P.)*.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 024][Marriages]
Wheeland, Edward to Emaline Musury
2 May 1859 (return dated 2nd) at the residence of Mr. Herring.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 055][Deeds]
Book M, page 310. 18 April 1836. Henry Herrin and Wife x Harriet to
Hardy Clements. Witnesses: Larken Elliott, Samuel Hendrix, J.P.'s

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 055][Deeds]
Book M, page 312. 21 November 1836. Daniel Herrin and Wife x Margaret
to Hardy Clements.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 055][Deeds]
Book N, page 210. 17 October 1837. Elisha Herring and Wife Sarah (x) to
Milton B. Strickland. Witnesses: William Glover, David Buck. 40.35

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 096][Tombstone Inscriptions]
Greenwood Cemetery, Tuscaloosa
Hearn, Margaret V. /Wife of Elijah M. Burton/ born July 11, 1821/ died
January 26, 1892.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 096][Tombstone Inscriptions]
Hearn, Elizabeth/ no dates

[Vol 047, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 002][Original Files]
{ Acker, Alfred, dec'd. ca 1844. Pinckney Herring buys one small
table $3.00; 1 bucket & lot of irons $4.00 }

[Vol 047, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 040][The Spectator]
May 25, 1872
Married in Carson, Bolivar Co., Miss. on 15th, A. Corbin Burton of
Tuscaloosa to Mary F. Blanchard by Rev. M.C. Hearn.

[Vol 047, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 046][Tuscaloosa Times]
May 22, 1872.
Married on 14th near Carson's Landing, Miss. by Reb. W.C. Hearn of
Little Rock Conference, Capt. A. Corbin Burton of Ala. and Miss Mary E.
Blanchard of Bolivar Co., Miss.

[Vol 067, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 069][Deeds]
Page 241. Deed of gift from Elizabeth Hearn *(60, N.C.)* of Tuska-
loosa County, Alabama "for natural love and
affection for two sons, Francis M. Hearn and William C. Hearn *(21,
Ala.)*, of same place." Lots in Tuskaloosa, said half lot was sold
by Robert M. McLaughlin to William R. Hearn on 7 November 1827, and
transferred by William R. Hearn to Ebenezer Hearn on 17 March
1828, which lot is now in my possession.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 013][Deeds]
Book R, page 170. 4 Nov. 1840. Deed of gift from James A. x Wilson of
Tuscaloosa Co. to Lucinda Herring, Daughter of Stephen Herring of said
county, a minor. 80 acres in S 31 T 20 R 6 W. Witnesses: Leander Hays,
Susan B. Hays.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 022][Deeds]
Book R, page 302. 20 Nov. 1840. Alfred Acker to Pickney Herring.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 030][Deeds]
Book R, page 461. 16 Aug. 1840. William Herring and Pinckney Herring,
firmly bound unto Mason Moses, Widow of said Co. in sum of $612. William
Herring shall maintain and support Mason Moses during residue of her
lifetime in reasonable food and clothing and medical assistance if

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 036][Deeds]
Book S, page 14. 13 Nov. 1840. Henry Herren to Elcany Herren. S 17 T 22
R 8 W.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 036][Deeds]
Book S, page 15. 13 Nov. 1840. Daniel Herren to Elcany Herren. S 17 T 22
R 8 W

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 036][Deeds]
Book S, page 16. 14 Nov. 1838. Henry Herren to Elcany Herren. S 17 T 22
R 8 W.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 039][Deeds]
Book S, page 76. 12 Feb. 1838. John McElroy and Wife Milly to Daniel
Herren. Lots.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 042][Deeds]
Book S, page 141. 21 Mar. 1842. John Elam and Wife x Elizabeth, Abram
Watts and Wife x Celia, and Adam Fair and Wife x Kesiah to Henry Herrin
and Elkany Herren, quit claim. (Note: John Elam m. Elizabeth Herrin, 1827
Abraham Watts m. Lucelia Herring, 1826; Adam Fair m. Keziah Herrin 1830.)

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 042][Deeds]
Book S, page 142. Henry Herren and Wife x Harriett, Elkany Herren and
Wife x Maria to Jackson Slaton. S 16 T 22 R 8 W.

[Vol 078, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 042][Deeds]
Book S, page 143. 4 Apr. 1842. Henry Herren and Wife harriett (no x) and
John Slayton and Wife x Beady to Elkany Herren, all right to estate of
Daniel Herren, deceased, both real and personal.

[Vol 079, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 001][Tombstone Inscriptions]
Herring, Adaline J. /born Oct. 1855/died Sept. 1929.
Herring, J.E. /Masonic Emblem, W.O.W./born June 1880/died Apr. 1924.

[Vol 079, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 014][Deeds]
Book T, page 54. 5 Sept. 1842. Edward Kennedy and Wife x Lucy Ann to
Samuel Hosmer. Wit. Pinckney Herring, Jane x Herring.

[Vol 081, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 001][Orphans Court Records Book 6]
Page 253. Winder H. Acker, child of Alfred Acker, deceased, aged 15 years the 9 day of March,
1856, had no means of supporting and educating himself in a respectable manner, and William Herring
making application to have said child bound to him. Nov. Term, 1855.
Note: Winder H. called "Hilmon Acker" in Census.

[Vol 081, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 006][Orphan's Court Book 6]
December 28, 1855
Page 278. Stephen Herring's estate. Mrs. Herring, widow of Stephen Herring, deceased, had
declined to administer on said estate. That Stephen Herring had died intestate and Melvin Herring,
son of decedent, made application for letters of administration. Securities: James H. McMath, Wm.
Bryson. Appraisers: James H. McMath, Wm. Bryson, Pickney Herring.

[Vol 081, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 009][Orphans Court Book 6]
February 26, 1856
Page 313. Stephen Herring died intestate in said county, leaving as heirs:
The widow, Margaret Herring and children:
Louisa, wife of J.P. Croft
Lucinda, wife of Wilson Strickland
Melvin Herring (petitioner), all over age of 21 and residing in Tuscaloosa Co.
Noble Herring )
Hulda Herring ) Minors under 21, residing in Tuscaloosa Co.
Martin Herring )
Margaret Herring )

[Vol 081, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 073][Deed Book W]
Page 222. Deed of gift from Michael Collins (x) to son, George Collins, for love and affection, 1
Negro boy named Monroe, aged about 6 years. 6 January, 1847. Witnesses: Wesley Collins, Owen Col-
lins, Pinckney Herring.

[Vol 099, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 049][Deeds]
Book X, page 295. 26 Nov. 1849. Amory Fisher and Wife Elizabeth to
Stephen Herring.

[Vol 109, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 024][Marriages]
James, Thomas E. to Miss Ellen Mitchell
4 December 1861; Noble Herring, Sec.

[Vol 126, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 023][Orphan's Court]
Page 222. Clay McMath deceased. Noble Herring, administrator. Nov. 9,

[Vol 126, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 023][Orphan's Court]
Page 222. William Tatum deceased. Mark Tatum, Noble Herring apply
for letters of administration. Securities: M.C. Thomas, James Ray.
Nov. 9, 1864.

[Vol 142, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 003][Orphan's Court]
Book 9, page 489. 24 August 1866. G.W. Bryson deceased. Mary Bryson,
Adm,x. The only heirs are: Mary Bryson, the Widow, Adaline Wife of John
Herrin of age of 21, Rachel E. Bryson, Tracy E. Bryson, Wm. J. Bryson,
Susanah R. Bryson, Daniel B. Bryson, minors under 21.

[Vol 142, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 019][Orphan's Court]
Book 10, page 8. 7 October 1868. Benjamin Johnson deceased. E.A. Powell
Administrator de bonis non. Heirs: The Widow, Delpha A. Johnson, Allen
Johnson, John W. Johnson, E.C. Snider, Vina A. Herring Wife of ...
Herring (page 44 shows Newton Herring), all over 21 and Kenneth Johnson
under 21, all residing in Tuscaloosa Co. and Elbert Johnson, over 21,
residing in Miss.

[Vol 142, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 032][Orphan's Court]
Book 10, page 93. 22 January 1869. Jerome D. Cowley deceased. Applica-
tion for dower and sale of land. Sheba E. Cowley entitled to dower.
Heirs: Sheba E. Cowley, Widow, over 21, res. Tuscaloosa Co.; Mary S.
Wife of William Herring, over 21, res. La.; P.A. Parsons, over 21, res.

[Vol 168, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 004][Deeds]
Book 4, page 94. 12 Jan. 1857. Melvin Herring to A.C. Thomason. 390
acres in 9-12-6 W.

[Vol 168, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 005][Deeds]
Book 4, page 117. 16 July 1856. William Lewis and Wife Amelia *(Aurelia)*
N. of Gainesville, Ala. to William P. Herring. Land in 14-24-3 E. in
Tuskaloosa Land District. Lewises acknowledge in Sumter Co, Ala.

[Vol 184, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 071][Tuscaloosa Clarion 1881]
Sept. 20, 1881
State of Alabama) Probate Court. Sept. 5. Thomas L. Shamblin, admr.
Tuskaloosa Co. ) of estate of John Carroll, deceased. Petition to
sell land. Newspaper notifying Samuel Carroll and Effie Herring,
residing in Linestone Co., Tex.

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 010][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Brown, Gasway & Matilda Herring, 21 May 1838 (1839)

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 049][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Elam, John & Elizabeth Herrin, 5 May 1827 (8 May).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 052][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Fair, Adam & Keziah Herrin, 13 Nov. 1830 (18 Nov.).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 067][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, Ibzam & Everlina Rickey, 17 Sept. 1828 (18 Sept.).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 067][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, Pinckney & Jane Acker, 26 Dec. 1827 (28 Dec.)

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 067][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, William & Elizabeth Moses, 18 Jan. 1830 (20).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 068][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herren, Henry & Harriet Matthews, 2 Jan. 1830 (5 Jan).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 069][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, Elijah & Epsey Moses, 6 Oct. 1834 (8 Oct.).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 070][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herrin, James W. & Elmira L. Hanna, 22 Apr. 1837 (25 Apr.)

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 070][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, Elkany & Mariah Eliott, 15 Aug. 1836 (18 Aug.).

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 075][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herrin, F.L. & Effy Carrol, 7 Aug. 1852 (13 Aug.)

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 077][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herin, Washington & Sarah E. Burchfield, 29 Sept. 1854 (3 Oct.); Mr. T.J. Burchfield, father of Miss
Sarah, consents; Pinkney Herrin consents for son; at res. of Thomas Burchfield.

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 077][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, William Jackson & Lucinda Harris, 6 Mar. 1855 (8th) at res. of Mrs. Harris.

[Vol 002, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 079][Marriages A-H Grooms]
Herring, Elisha & Maria Acker, 10 Dec. 1856 (23 Dec.) at res. of Herring.

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 074][Marriages]
Herring, Amasiah & Margaret Hill, 11 Oct. 1859 (13th) at res. of Wm. R. Hill; Henry Herring consents
for son.

[Vol 003, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 080][Marriages]
Herring, William L. & Mary Eastham, 28 June 1859.

[Vol 025, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 056][Deeds]
Book N. page 215. 16 October 1837. Joab x Herring and Wife x Lucinda to
Milton B. Strickland. 40 acres.

[Vol 041, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 041][Newspapers]
Tuscaloosa Observer
January 2, 1869
Married on the 19th November 1869 in Columbus, Miss. by Rev. W.C. Hearn,
Mr. William J. Prowell of Dayton, Alabama and Miss Maggie, daughter of Capt.
W.H. Jemison of Pickens County, Alabama.

[Vol 079, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 014][Deeds]
Book T, page 55. 14 Jan. 1843. Elijah x Herring to Pinckney Herring.

[Vol 081, Tuscaloosa Co][pg 048][Deed Book 5]
Page 64. Elkany Herren and wife, Mariah (x), to Jesse Latham, 23 Dec., 1844. Lots.

[Vol 121, Original Land Records][pg 099][Land Office at Demopolis]
David R. Hearon of Clarke Co.
Applies for purchase of NE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 29 Township 12 Range 3 East. April 9, 1835.
Signed David R. Hearon