Shiloh: The Battle That Changed the Civil War

Larry J Daniel
Simon & Shuster 1997
ISBN 0-684-80375-5

[pg 180]
"Nearly simultaneous with the departure of McAllister's battery,
S.A.M. Wood's brigade passed through Raith's camp and inched
north of the Purdy-Hamburg Road toward Marsh's brigade and Cap-
tain Jerome B. Burrow's battery. A bullet pierced the chest of 27th
Tennessee Colonel Christopher Williams; his body was later removed
to his home in Memphis. Lieutenant Colonel B.H.Brown, despite the
pleadings of a captain, conspicuously mounted William's black mare.
He was in turn shot, the ball penetating his left thigh. Captain Isham
G. Hearn shouted, "Charge the tigers!" as a bullet entered his brain
just above the right eye. A nearby comrade sadly recalled that years
earlier Hearn had been his Sunday-school teacher. Major Alexander
H. Helvenson of the 16th Alabama was also struck in the thigh."