Some Georgia County Records; Vol 2

Being Some of the Legal Records of Clarke, Jasper, Morgan,
Putnam, Oglethorpe and Greene Counties, Georgia

The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
Southern Historical Press
ISBN 0-89308-057-8

[pg 4][Clarke County Will Book A, 1803-1822]
(p. 43) William Herring.  Last Will & Testament dated Oct. 8, 1812;
probated Jan. 4, 1813.  Gives to daughters Rebecca P. Herring, Susan M.
Wright, Martha Lane, Mary S. Elder; sons Cyril, James and Arthur; to
wife, Betsey T. Herring.  The following minor children are given shares
of the estate, they to receive same as they severally become of age or
marry: William B., Richard H., John A., Frances P., Jane F., Matilda,
E. Ann, Sarah C. Herring.  Executors: Richard Cox, Young Gresham,
Thomas Moore and John Gerdine.

[pg 5][Clarke County Will Book A, 1803-1822]
(p. 69) James Akin.  Last Will and Testament dated June 23, 1813;
probated March 3, 1817.  Gives to children of daughter Nancy, $1.00;
to his two sons, James and John Akin and his two daughters Jeannette
Herring and Millie Nix, $1.00 each; to daughter, Dinah Morris, a cow
and calf; "these bequests to be in addition to what I have already given
them."  To beloved wife Frances; to son William, and six unmarried
daughters, Betty, Frances, Polly, Sally, Tabby and Rhoda Akin.  Executors:
Wife Frances, and son William Akin.

[pg 25][Clarke County Admnrs. & Gdns. Bonds, Book A]
Decendant     Admr            Date            Sureties
Jesse Lane    Charles Lane    Jan. 4, 1813    White Rossiter
                                              Moses Herring

[pg 30][Clarke County Admnrs. & Gdns. Bonds, Book A]
John Johnson Cox, Guardian of Jane F., Elvira and John Herring,
orphans of William Herring, dated Jan. 25, 1819.  Thos. Moore, Geo. W.
Moore, sureties.

[pg 34, 35, 36, 37][Clarke County Marriages, Book A]
Henry Lane        Martha Herring     Jan. 1, 1809
John Black        Nancy Herring      Oct. 12, 1809
Sterling Elder    Polly Herring      May 7, 1812
William Wright    Susannah Herring   Jan. 7, 1808
William Herrin    Elizabeth Wilson   April 7, 1813
John I. Cox       Betsy Herring      July 12, 1814
Thomas Worsham    Sallie Herrin      July 25, 1807

[pg 39][Marriage License Book "A" (Second Book A), Clarke Co GA]
Howell Elder           Rebecca P. Herring   Oct 16, 1817      pg 68

[pg 48][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol 1]
Page 42:  Court of Ordinary, November Term, 1814 on the 7th day
of sd. month.  Present: Joel Crawford, Joseph White.  Wm. Traylor. L.W.
& T. of James Lockwood, late of this county, dec'd., was provided by
Isaac Rosser; letters testamentary and warrant of appraisement issued to
William Lockwood and William Herrin, exrs. named therein.

[pg 55][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills, Vol. 1][Jan 7, 1817]
Page 98: In the case of the admr. of est. of Greene McAfee, decd.,
Calvin Downey being dissatisfied with the decision, enters an appeal
by William Cook, his attorney and gives Stephen G. Hearn security for all
future cost which may accrue.

[pg 76][Jasper Co. Ordinary Ct. Min. & Wills. Vol 1]
Page 247: ...L.W.& T. of Joseph Higgenbothem having been proved by oaths
of Henry Boswell & Samuel Hearn...Nov 4, 1822.

[pg 79][Jasper - Randolph Co. Estate Records]
Pages 8-26:  Estate of John Mosses dec'd.  Inventory: Nehemiah Williams,
Richd Head, Garland Nardwich, Robt. E. Richardson, appraisers.
Sale 16 & 17 Aug. 1809.  Buyers: {52 people including Jas Hearn}.
Rec. 25 Nov. 1809, John Collier, C.C.O.

[pg 82][Jasper - Randolph Co. Estate Records]
Pages 61-63: Account of sale of James Pinson 7 May 1810.
Buyers: Jane Pinson, Abel Pennington, John Duglass, George Green,
Jeremiah Willingham, Jonathan Beard, Elijah Gibson, John B. Hetl, George
Park, Arthur C. Atkinson, Martin Standley, William Brooking, John Philipos,
Arnold A. Atcherson, William Dugless, James Brown, Alexander Hearn, Thos.
Siler, Samuel Powel, John Welch, Wmson Robey, Samuel Baker, Philip
Higgerson, Wm. Wilson, George Lampkin, A.C. Arkinson, Admr.

[pg 116][Putnam Co. Wills, Book A, 1808-1822]
Pages 154-155:  Seth Hearn of Putnam Co., being in a low state of my nephew Seth Harris Lamerth(?), provided he stays with
my wife Sally Hearn until he is my mother Rhoda the
Philadelphia board of foreign missions.  Seth Hearn.  Wit: illegible
dated:  Feb. 10, 1821.  Proven: May 7, 1821.

[pg 121][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 34-35:  L.W.& T. of Thimothy Robey of Putnam wife
Anna Robey...sons Williamson Robey & Richard Robey.  200 acres in Jasper in Pike Co...son Robert Robey...sons Malichi Robey &
George A. Robey land in Habersham Daniel McIver one dollar...
three youngest sons Richard, Malichi & George A. Robey...children Jane,
Williamson, Robert, Martha, Eliza, Susan, Richard, Malichi & George A.
Robey...wife Anna & Williamson Exrs.  Timothy Robey (Seal).  Wit: James
Brannon, Joshua Hearn, Francis S. Hearn.  Dated: July 27, 1825.

[pg 122][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 42-43:  L.W.& T. of Phoebe Hearn...Putnam Co...son Francis
S. Hearn...son Elisha Hearn...sons Joshua Hearn...make payment to the
est. of Elisha Hearn Sr...sons Francis & Joshua Hearn Exrs...Phoebe
Hearn (Seal).  Wit: Isaac Thompson, Seth Thompson, Dated: March 28,
1822.  Proven: April 3, 1826.

[pg 124][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 75-76:  L.W.& T. of Jonhathan Hearn Putnam beloved
wife Betsey dau. Sarah Elender son Zabad Hearn,
to son Jacob son William in Baldwin (now
Putnam) Co...part of lot drawn by Henry Peebles of Warren Co., Johnathan
Hearn (Seal).  Wit:  Irby Hudson, Elisha Williams, Gilford Heath,
Gabriel R. Thomas.  Dated: Feb. 6, 1827.  Proven: Sept. 3, 1827.

[pg 128][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 122-123:  L.W.& T. of Asa Hearn...Putnam Co...wife Eliza-
beth Hearn, children Alexander McKinney Hearn, Elisha Maddison Hearn,
Michael Farlow Hearn, Emily Franklin Hearn, Elmira Ellison Hearn...
Elizabeth Hearn & Lot Hearn my brother Exr...Asa Hearn (LS).  Wit:
Warren J. Phillips, Wm D. Philips, Wilson Roby.  Dated: July 6,
1827.  Proven: Sept. 8, 1831.

[pg 134][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Page 187:  L.W.& T. o Frances McLendon...Putnam grand-
son Asa Hearn son of my daughter Polly alias grandchildren
James Jackson McLendon & Rebecca Caroline Allaim(?) my daughter James M. Jacob McLendon...Lot Hearn & Jacob
McLendon Exrs...Frances McLendon (X) (L).  Wit: G. Ward, Alfred
Franklin, Seaborn Read.  Dated: Oct. 26, 1839.  Proven: May 6, 1844.

[pg 134][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 189-190:  L.W.& T. of Lot Hearn...Putnam the
Hearn Manual Labor School at Care Spring, Floyd County, in this state..
to the executive committee of the Georgia Baptist wife
Frances Hearn...niece Emily F. Randle...To children of my brother
Zabed sister Mary Hamilton...the children of my brother
Samuel Asa Hearn son of William Hearn my brother..
William Hearn brother & Col. John B. Walker, Ears...Lot Hearn (Seal).
Wit: G. Lynch, Matthew Cofer, Charles N. Hearn.  Dated: June 12, 1844.
Proven: Jan. 13, 1845.

[pg 135][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Page 196: L.W.& T. of William Hagen...Putnam Co...David Moore
is to have my bay filly...wife Martha Hagan and dau. Mary Hagen...
William Hearn Exr., William Hagen (L). Wit: Wm. J. Rivers, G.G.
Linch, Andrews Means (?). Dated: July 6, 1837.  Proven: Dec. 26,

[pg 137][Putnam Co Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 225-226:  L.W.& T. of Benjamin Hearn...Putnam dau.
Nancy Green, formerly Nancy son Osborn in
Harris County, lot#21 in the 21st Dist...dau. Julia Whaley...son Joseph
Hearn...son Benjamin Hearn...dau. Malinda Jackson...dau. Maytilla Norton..
bro. Francis S. Hearn Sr. Exr...Benjamin Hearn (X) (L).  Wit: Irby H.
Scott, Kinsay(?) Black, Jonas Biswell.  Dated: July 20, 1848.  Proven:
Nov. 6, 1848.

[pg 138][Putnam Co. Wills, Book B, 1822-1857]
Pages 244-246: L.W.& T. of Frances Swanson...Putnam
Ellis W. Sammons to hold in trust for my niece Frances Warren, wife of
James M. Warren...niece Rebecca Caroline Allen, wife of John Allen...
my late husbands property Lot Joel Jacob Lewis James Jackson McLendon.  Elmir Calla-
way, Ellis W. Sammons & James W. Mappin Exrs...Frances Swanson (Seal).
Wit: W.B. Jordan, James M. Warren, Thomas J. Maddox.  Dated: 1850.
Proven: Nov. Term 1850.

[pg 159][Oglethorpe Co. Wills, Book A, 1793-1807]
Page 164. Mary Gresham.  To my beloved daughter Agnis Herring one Negro
girl named Winny.  To my beloved son Benonia Gresham a bed and furniture.  To
my son Harris Gresham's daughter Mildred Gresham one Negro boy Bob, and the
said Harris is to keep the Negro boy until Mildred comes of age or marries.
My Negro woman named Bet should have her freedom after my death.  Exor: son
Harris Hudson.  Dated 16 Nov 1803.  Signed: Mary Gresham.  Wit: Gidion (X)
Brown, Ezra Glenn, Sarah (X) Brown.  Rec. 3 Sept 1806.

[pg 214][Greene Co Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 542-543: 24 Aug 1790.  Benjamin Davis of Burk Co. to William Harriss
of Greene, for 10 pds. lawful money of the state, 287 1/2
acres in Greene, formerly Washington Co, originally granted the said Davis
16 Sept 1784, bounded S by Anglin's (?) land, E by Johnson, N by the Aca-
demy, on the waters of Fishing Creek.  Signed: Benjamin Davis.  Wit:
Moses Herrin, Shedrick Briges, 9 Aug 1791, Moses Herrin attested before
(. Porter, J.P. Rec. 1 Jan 1792.

[pg 214][Greene Co Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 545-546: 12 March 1791.  Charles Burk of Wilks Co. to William
Hearn, for 100 pds, lawful money of the state, 522 acres on the waters
of Little Ogeechee bounding Wm. (?, or Mr.) Turner.  Signed:
Charles Burk.  Wit: James (X) Turner, Lewis Lanier, J.P., Levin Smith.
Rec. 14 Mar 1792.  Jno. Hairison, Pro., Ezel. Parkes, C.S.C.G.C.

[pg 220][Greene Co Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 587-588: 12 March 1791.  Charles Burk of Wilkes Co to Jas. Turner
of Greene, for 50 pds. sterling, 200 acres in Greene Co.
on the drains of Little Ogechee.  Signed: Chas. Burk. Wit: William Hearne,
Levin Smith.  Proved by the witnesses 22 Feb 1792 before Lewis Lanier J.P.
Reg. 22 Feb 1792.

[pg 234][Greene Co. Deeds, Book 1]
Pages 717-718: 27 Feb 1792.  Britton Rogers* of Greene Co. to Judkins Hunt
of same, for 200 pds. sterling, 350 acres on waters of
Fort Creek the place where the said Rogers lives adj. White, Rutledge,
Ross, Hearn, Parcham; it being part of two tracts run in said Rogers name.
Signed: Britton (R) Rogers, Elizabeth (X) Rogers.  Wit: James Thweatt,
Ross, David Dickson J.P. Reg. 18 March 1793.  *& Elizabeth his wife.

[pg 263][Greene Co Deeds, Book 2]
Pages 264-265: Orange Co., N.C. 5 Feb 1796.  I Joshua Smith of Wake Co.
N.C. appoint my trusty friend Joseph Sears my lawful attor-
ney to recover all debts, etc. which shall be owing to Moses
Hearing late of Orange Co., now in the state of GA., from a judgment I
obtained against said Hearing in Wake Co. at Sept. Session 1790, as will
more fully appear from the transcript of record from the Clerk of Wake Co.
in the possession of my said Attorney.  Signed: Joshua (X) Smith.  Wit:
Fras. Moreland J.P., SHD. Forest J.P. State of N.C., Orange Co. "I do
hereby certify that Francis Moreland Esq. who hath attested within power
of attorney are acting Justices of the Peace in Orange Co. 14 Feb 1797."
Signed: Abner Bruce Cl., J. Benton. Reg. 14 Sept 1796.

[pg 319][Greene Co Misc. Rec. Book A, 1787-1801]
Page 13: Jan. 6, 1794, Joseph Smith Estate cont'd by Vouchers...
Proven Acc't by Dr. A. West, Jas. Park, John Diamond, D. W. Easley
(or Earley?), Jas Thompson, Agnes Boudin...Note payable to C.J. (Fudd?)
Wm. (Hearn?) Schoomaster, Pro. Acc't. by Wm. Boudin, Receipt from
Robt. Warnack, Receipt for ___ crying Jas. Y(ou)bery, Pro. Acc't by
Wm. Boudin, Wm. Huck, Receipt from Charles T(ea)se, Receipt from Thos.
Espry, Pro. Acc't for Alxr. Brown.

[pg 328][Greene Co Misc. Rec. Book A, 1787-1801]
Page 110: Sarah Haskins, Thomas Haskins and Archibald Gresham,
Esq. Applied for Letters of Admn. on Est. of Thomas Haskins late of
Greene Co., dec'd Feb. 19, 1799.  May 6, 1799, Letters of Admn. were
gtd. Sarah Haskins, A. Gresham on the Est. of Thomas Haskins dec'd.
and a Warrant of Appraisment directed to Messers: David Lockhart,
John Cook, (Tho?) Heard and Moses He(aron?).

[pg 336][Greene Co Misc. Rec. Book A, 1787-1801]
Pages 234-236: Jan. __, 1798 Molly Carmichael, Richard Bradley*
Davis Gresham Esqr. applied for letters of admn. on est. of Joseph
Carmichael, late of this county, dec'd.  Letters of admn. granted Feb.
13, 1798, warrant of appraisement to Messrs. A. Gresham Esq., Lewis
Jenkins, Jno. Browning, Wm. Patrick, Esq., & Moses Hearon.  List of
articles belonging to est. of Joseph Carmichael, dec'd.  Total amt.
$1986.25.  Rec. March 6, 1798.