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My ancestors were William C FINCHER and Elizabeth CALLOWAY. According to Fincher In The USA (see below) the father of William C FINCHER was James "of the Revolution" FINCHER. They give little evidence (and they do acknowledge the lack) of this relationship though it seems to be consistant with what little is known. Does anyone have any evidence at all concerning the parents of William C FINCHER or the children of James FINCHER? Please email me at

Published Works Relating to FINCHER

The major work about the FINCHERs has been

Fincher in the USA 1683-1900
by Evelyn Davis Fincher and Ann Wilson Fincher
Greenville SC

an updated version, now titled Fincher - 300 Years in the USA has just been published! 1425 pages, fully indexed. $59.75 plus $5.25 shipping. It may be ordered from

Ann W Fincher
27031 Pemberton Drive
Salisbury MD 21801

Are there other works about the FINCHERs? Do any books about other lines have sections on FINCHERs? Are there any articles in any genealogical publications that deal with any FINCHERs? Please let me know.

FINCHER Websites

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Are there other pages with FINCHER information?

FINCHER Descendants

Descendants of Francis FINCHER Mostly contributed by John Robertson. Also information from a GEDCOM dated 8 Jun 1993 submitted to CompuServe by Jeffrey Harper. (where are you Jeff?) All information except names has been removed for people born 1920 or later.

Descendants of Hilliard Judge FINCHER . Is he a descendant of Francis FINCHER? How so? This is a direct link to Mitch Fincher's page. Be sure to check out the other FINCHER information on his page.

Can anyone add to these? Please let us know.

FINCHER Census Records

Not much here at the moment, just a few miscellaneous records of varying completeness that I've collected. Mostly of my own line. I plan to eventually pull all the census records up to 1860. (yeah, I know. Promises! Promises!)

Some census indices from some southern states

Binary File Icon Census Records. This is a ZIPped up text file. Updated 01 Oct 1997

The FINCHERs in the 1920 census of Nevada Co AR
This file is in html format for easy viewing with your web browser.

FINCHER Extractions From Published Sources

A Twentieth Century History and Biographical Record of North and West Texas
Capt B B Paddock
The Lewis Publishing Co - Chicago - New York

page 252
EDWARD A. FINCHER, who is identified with the agricultural interests of Montague county, Texas, and whose address is R.D.4. Nocona, was born on a farm in Nevada county, Arkansas, Oct 12, 1859, son of Daniel F. and Margaret C (Wilbanks) Fincher, natives of Georgia. William Fincher, the grandfather of Edward A., was a Methodist minister and farmer in Georgia, whence he moved to Alabama and later to Arkansas, where he continued farming and preaching for some years. Late in life he retired from active labor and made his home with his children. His life was productive of good works, he enjoyed the respect and confidence of a large circle of acquaintences, and he lived to the ripe old age of eighty years. His children were Powell, William, James, Daniel F., John, Bailey, Lydia, Elizabeth, Lucinda and Martha. Daniel F. Fincher moved with his father from Georgia to Alabama, where he was married, and in 1857 again turned his face westward, Arkansas the objective point. There he bought land and was engaged in the work of improving and cultivating it when the great Civil war came on. Unlike his worthy father, who sympathized with the Confederacy, he was a Union man at heart and opposed to secession; but after the war opened he was conscripted and forced into the Confederate ranks, where he remained until the war closed. He was in many hotly contested battles, never, however, being captured or wounded, and throughout the whole of his army life he never fired a bullet at the enemy.

Some Georgia County Records; Vol 3 (Nothing in Vols 1 or 2)
The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.
publ: Southern Historical Press

Confederate FINCHERS

In April 1865, during the final days of the Civil War, as the Confederate Government evacuated Richmond, its archives were shipped south, burned, or abandoned. Some of the military records passed into the hands of Union Army officers and were sent to the War Department in Washington. There the Adjutant General in July 1865 established a bureau in his office for the "collection, safekeeping, and publication of Rebel Archives." In 1903 the Secretary of War persuaded the Governors of most Southern States to lend the War Department the Confederate military personnel records in their possession for copying.

These captured and copied Confederate records, as well as Union prison and parole records, were abstracted by the War Department between 1903 and 1927 to compile military service records of Confederate officers, noncommissioned officers, and enlisted men. NARA, however, does not have any Confederate pension files, which are state, not federal, records.

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