Some Georgia County Records; Vol 3

Being Some of the Legal Records
Bibb, Butts, Fayette, Henry, Monroe
and Newton Counties, Georgia

The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

publ: Southern Historical Press

[pg 67][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 389-401: Inventory and Appraisement of Estate of Allen
McClendon late of Butts County taken on Dec. 23, 1835...Items listed
first names of 72 negroes valued at $30, 400, goods and chattels, notes
on Isaac C. Parks, Archibald Smith, William Hilloway, Adam Blair, William
Jones, Charles Hobbs, Hiral Lester, Turner McGlaun, Austine Cook, John B.
Russell, William R. Anderson, Sarah & Peurefoy Tingle, William F. McTyre,
William Russell, William Haden, John Jones, Eli Parks, Jesse Tolleson,
Arthur Hamilton, James G. Norris, Amos Edmonds, Heath & Clemans, Joseph
Campbell, Peter W. Walker endorsed by Henry C. Gills, John Weaver, R.
Bickerstaff, Pouncey Maxcy, E. L. Young & Co., William Benson, Thomas J.
Ferguson, John Goldsmith, William McWhorter, Fergason & Evans, John
Tillery, Daniel T. Dupree, Isaac Hendrick, George Eubanks, Edward Weaver,
John M. Phillips, Hugh Wise, David Evans, Thomas Bearden, Joel McClendon,
Daniel Osborn, Kirksey & Hendrick, Power & Powers, William B. Dickerson,
Low & Mickelberry, John H. Weaver, William F. Mapp, Zion R. Ballard,
David Madden, James Hagen, L. Long, William Duffie, John Akins, Nathan
Jordan, William Pryor, J. R. Martin, Martin & Andrews, John Parham, Jordan
Milam, David Montgomery, Bazel Smith, Jefferson Hicks, John W. Newman,
Cook & Gray, Matthew Orr, William Akin, Dudley Cook, Lemmon Rogers,
John Reed, Bolin Brown, Gillis Wright, William McCulloch, VanBiber Leek
& Cunningham, Edmond Head, Joseph Sentell, Thomas Coker, William Hardy,
Rainey Neil & Cunningham, Thomas Fincher, William Miles & Co., Frances
Miller, Lovejoy & Martin, Waller & Waller, Alfred Anderson, S. H. Horn,
Washington C. Cleveland, Nicholas Peurefoy, Isaac Parks, McClendon &
Martin, Allen W. Prior rec'd. for collection 4 notes on Nicholas & Cas-
well Peurifoy and one note on Jeptha McClendon, Andrew Tenant, James H.
Edwards,... Listed were 15 farm items in Pike County...Total of estate
$40,758.96 1/2. Certification by Appraisors James H. Campbell, J.M. Mc-
Clendon, John Goodman of true appraisement of goods, chattels and credits
of estate of Allen McClendon, dec'd. as furnished by William F. Mapp,
Admr...Sworn before Charles R. Waller, J.P. Mar. 14, 1836...Recorded
Apr. 16, 1836 John McCord C.C.O.

[pg 69][Butts County Wills, Administrations of Estates, 1821-1841]
Pages 420-422: Estate of John R. Cargile dec'd. in acc. with Mary
Cargile, Extx. 1835...Return No. 2, Vouchers 1-48 paid E.A. Broddux,
George Thomas, William H. Crane, Charles Cargile, Samuel Fulton, William
Tanner, George Sutten, John Hendrick overseers wages, White & Gresham,
Spencer & Mays, Hamlin Freeman, John McLure, John Saunders, Thomas J.
Giles, Clerk of Court, James H. Stark, Charles Cargile, Grant fee on 5
lots of land, Zachareah White, Green H. Walker, John Hinton, W.F. Wagen-
croft, W.G. Barton, John Price, F.& J. McLendon, Thomas House, McLin &
Maddux, T.& J. Saunders, Arch Fincher, Alex Crowder, Will A. Moore city
surveyor, T.& J. McLendon for damages done to their goods by accident
at the ferry ($27.34), H. Waller, Hollis Cooly, J. Wakeman, James H.
Stark, Josiah Harkness, W.C. Penn, David Merriwether, Credit received of
W. Gammage for sale of lot of land in Monroe County, received for
entertaining travellers ($18.98), received of George Thomas, sundries,
cotton sold to Smith & Rogers, note vs Blankenship, John Hendrick, Young
R. Harris note, entertaining travellers 7 Co. $23.68 3/4, Claims vs
William T. Burton, Claim vs Thomas House, travellers $25.50, cart sold to
Jesse Hodge, trade for a yoke of steers taken in part for a bad debt on
John S. Shearer...Total $1,194.20 3/4...Returned June 14, 1836, Mary
Cargile, Extx.

[pg 124][Butts County Marriages]
Page 143
Fincher, James.........Freeman, Cynthia........Apr. 17, 1852

[pg 130][Butts County Marriages]
Page 217
Fincher, S.C...........Mounes, F.M.............July 1, 1866

[pg 130][Butts County Marriages]
Page 218
Fincher, John F........Dearing, Sara...........May 15, 1864

[pg 135][Butts County Marriages]
Page 290
Fincher, Christopher...McCurdy, Mary Ann.......Dec. 25, 1870

[pg 139][Butts County Marriages]
Page 354
Hardy, Le Roy..........Fincher, Julia..........Dec. 31, 1874

[pg 204][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 563: Bill of Sale headed Henry Co. dated 28 Jan. 1828 bet.
William W. Boyette and George Morris both of Co. William W.
Boyette has made 5 promissory notes for $30 each and 2 other notes one for
$22.09 and the other for $18.12 1/2 payable to Anthony Dyre or bearer and
payable on 25 Dec. notes have been endorsed by sd. George
Morris lyable in the 2nd instance to Moses Roper (or Rosser?) and for
consid. of sum of $5.00 by sd. George Morris to sd. William W. Boyett
in hand paid...sells the following negroes to George Morris to wit:
Jenny about 21, Mary about 8 months. Signed: E.W. Boyett Wit: James
C. Stelle, Willey J. Hefflin. Rec. 14 July 1828. Witness to the signing
said of grantor was William W. Boyett and was dated 14 July 1828 bef.
Thos. Fincher, J.P. Rec. 14 July 1828.

[pg 204][Henry County Deed Book A]
Pages 567: Deed headed Henry Co., dated 23 Aug. 1827 bet Henry Hagin
of Apling Co., Ga. and Nathan Breed of Henry Co...consid. $100...conveys
tract in 2nd Dist. Henry Co., Lot No. 54, cont. 202 1/2 acres...Signed:
Henry Hagin. Wit: William Fincher, John (X) James, William C. Fincher
swore to signing on May 3, 1828 bef. Joshua J. Evans, J.P. Rec. 22 July

[pg 205][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 576: Deed headed Georgia, dated 6 Feb. 1828 bet. Bryant Ed-
mundson of Henry Co. and Jonathan Mackey of the other...consid. $1100...
conveys tract cont. 202 1/2 acres in Henry Co., known as Lot No. 90 in
2nd Dist. Signed: B. Edmundson. Wit: William Fincher, Jonathan A.
Mackey. Sworn to by Jonathan Mackey and Elijah Allen on 23 July 1828.
Rec. 6 Aug. 1828.

[pg 207][Henry County Deed Book A]
Page 591: Deed headed Bibb Co., dated 13 Jan. 1828, bet. John Finch
of Co. afsd. and Bidwell and Casey of Richmond Co. Augusta...consid. of
$200...conveys tract, eot No. 79 in 12th Dist. Henry Co. cont. 202 1/2
acres. Signed: John (X) Fincher. Wit: Jephthan V. George, Robt. M.
Reid. Sworn to 16 Aug. 1828. Rec. 18 Aug. 1828.

[pg 215][Newton County Will Book 1, 1823-1851]
Pages 60-61: Newton County: L.W.& T. of John Fincher being
weak in daughter Mary Lambeth, one feather bed and furniture...
to daughter Margaret Pope, on bed and wife Nancy
Fincher, residue for herself and education my children...daughter
Lucinda Fincher, son James Fincher...son John J. Fincher...daughter
Permelia Fincher...son Leonard Fincher...daughter Isbeal Fincher...
daughter Elithy Ann Fincher...wife Nancy, John Clark, Prior Reaves,
Pleasant Evans, Exrs...13 Oct. 1832. John Fincher (X) (Seal). Wit:
Turman Walthall, Edward W. Lane, L.P. Hargrove, John Clark, Prior
Reeves, Pleasant Evans (X). Proven 1 July 1833 by Clark & Reeves. Reg.
3 July 1833.