Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wake County, North Carolina,
Watson, Joseph W.
Rocky Mount, N.C.

[pg 109][Deed Book K]
p. 146 State of N.C. grant #1251 to Jesse Olive,
April 17, 1797, a tract of 21 acres lying between Beav-
erdam Creek and Houses Creek adjoining Henry L ----,
Dillard, and Cardin's former line.

[pg 087][Deed Book H]
p. 438 Elizabeth Carden of Wake Co. to Moses Bird
of same, Aug. 30, 1784, for 25 pds. N.C. currency a
tract of "hundred acres" lying on both sides of Houses
Creek and on Gulles Branch adjoining Dillard. Wit:
John Freeman, Joel Bird.

[pg 092][Deed Book H]
p. 498 Micajah Mickelroy of Wake Co. to Thos.
House of same, June 2, 1789, for 55 pds. species a tract
of 200 acres on the south bank of Crab Tree Creek and
on the Poplar Branch adjoining said Mickelroy, it being
a tract of land granted from the State to Thomas House
to Charles Carden. Wit: Wm. Spaight, Wm. Ring.

[pg 162][Deed Book Q]
p. 230 Elizabeth Cardin of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. to
Jesse Olive of Wake Co., Sept. 24, 1799, for 10 dollars
a tract of 350 acres in Wake Co. lying on both sides of
Houses Creek at the mouth of gulloways Branch adjoining
Micajah Muckelroy, Ozias Vincent, and Elizabeth Cardin's
old line, it being part of a tract granted by the State
to said Elizabeth Cardin by grant bearing date Aug. 9,
1779. Wit: Abel Olive, Joseph Embry.