Wake County, North Carolina, County Court Minutes
Haun, Weynette Parks.
Durham, N.C.

[pg 001][2-3][03 Jun 1777]
Elizabeth Carden Widow of William Carden came into Court and prayed Administration on
her Decd. Husbands Estate, which was granted on her entering into Bond with Suffic-
ient Security in the Sum of two Hundred pounds proc. Money (towit)
Nathaniel Kimbrough and James Pey Securities who were approved of, Ordered that She
have a certificate to to the Governor, of her having entered into Bond in this Court,
in Order to procure letters of Administration.

[pg 008][19][02 Sep 1777]
Thomas Wootten Esquire Sheriff of Wake Returned the account of Sales of the Estate of
George Slimmons, William Cardin and Micajah Barbee Deced. whereon he was allowed two
and an half Commissions.

[pg 009][22][02 Sep 1777]
Charles Cardin Orphan of William Cardin decd. came into Court and made Choice of
Elizabeth Cardin his Mother for his Guardian and at the same time the Court appointed
the said Elizabeth Cardin Guardian to John and Sarah Cardin who are not of Age to
Chose for themselves who entered into Bond with Nathaniel Kimbrough and James Pey
her Securities in the Sum of 150 including ? each Guardianship.

[pg 025][65][01 June 1778]
Elizabeth Carden Administrator of the Estate of William Carden Deced. came into Court
and Settled her account of Current of said Estate which was Orderd to be Recorded.
Whereon there appears to be a Balance of 80..18..0 due to the Orphans of the said
William Cardin.

[pg 031][83][07 Dec 1778]
A Deed from Richard Hartsfield to Moses Park? (Pack?) was in Open Court duly proved
by the Oath of William Cardin a Witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered.

[pg 048][127][06 Dec 1779]
Present The Worshipful Theophilus Hunter, Joel Lane, John Whitaker, Esquire,
The following Grants from Richard Caswell Esq. Governor of the State of North
Carolina to Sundry Inhabitants of said County was exhibited into Court and Ordered
to be Registered (towed)
{ 150 to 200 entries including Elizabeth Cardin 550 acres No. #330 }

[pg 075][196][03 Dec 1781]
A Deed from Thomas House to Charles Cardin was in Open Court duly acknowledged
and Ordered to be Registered.

[pg 087][222][02 Sep 1782]
A Deed from Charles Cardin to Micajah McKleroy was in Open Court duly proved by the
Oath Daniel Freeman a Witness thereto and Ordered to be Registered