Early Records of Georgia - Vol II - Wilkes County
Davidson, Grace Gillam
publ: Rev Silas Emmett Lucas Jr
[Originally published in Macon GA 1933

[pg 034][1785 Tax List - Capt Elsberry's Dist]
Peter Goldsby, Banks, Thornton, Banks, Muckle
William Carden 1 poll, 200 acres Wilkes Co
Holifield, Cadenhead, Trailer, Phillips, Hill

[095][Deed Book "G.G."]
Page 214 - Pye, James and wife Susannah to Wm. Carden, 250 acres on
Marks creek a north fork of Long creek. Jul. 25, 1789. J. Moore, J.P.

[pg 108][Deed Book "H.H."]
Page 268 - Cardin, William and wife Dicey to Jas Pye, 200 acres on
north fork of Mack's creek, bounded on all sides vacant, agreeable to
a grant to said Cardin. Sept. 9, 1789. John Moore, J.P.

[pg 118][Deed Book "H.H."]
Page 243 - Pye, James and wife Susannah to David Freeman, 200 acres
on waters of Macks creek adj lands of John Smith, Wm. Cardin and
Jane Patton. Jul. 5, 1789. John Moore, J.P.