Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Deed Books A-E
Farmer, Michal Martin
LC# 99-72621

[pg 027][Deed Book A, 1794-1796]
p. 218 6 June 1791, John Smith & Margret, his wife, to Bradley
Smith, all of Wilkes Co., Ga., for 50, on Macks Creek waters in said
co., 200 acres, beg. white oak, N25 E35 ch. to hickory on Dread
Thornton, N40 W20 ch. to black oak on Dal. Freeman, S15 W12 ch. to
black oak, N55 W38 ch. to cor. not mentioned & not in plat on Wm.
Carden, S15 W35 ch. to black oak on surveyed land, S30 E20 ch. to beg.
(signed) John (X) Smith, Margret (X) Smith. Wit: Jno. Moore, J.P. 50
received from Bradley Smith.

[pg 109][Deed Book C, 1798-1800]
p. 148 Ga.: Aug. 1796, James Pey, Senr. & Susanna, his wife, to
James Pey, Junior, all of Oglethorpe Co., for 20, on Macks Creek in
said co., beg. on creek adj. Daniel Freeman to cor. pine, S70 E50 on
Bradley Smith's line to Benjamin Fry's line, on Benjamin Fry's line to
creek, creek is line to beg., it is part of tract granted to William Carden,
3 Oct. 1785, 100 acres. (signed) James Pey, Susanah (X) Pey. Wit:
Joseph Martin, J.P.

[pg 184][Deed Book D, 1800-1806]
p. 86 27 Jan 1798, Irby Dewberry of Warren Co., Ga., to Reuben
Radford of Oglethorpe Co., Ga., for $72, in Oglethorpe Co. on Bigg
Creek, 45 acres, adj. the old Franklin Co. line, Cardin, Reuben Radford
& Isaiah Bailey. (signed) Irby Dewberry. Wit: John Hawkins, George
Cunningham, John Griffen, J.P.

[pg 186][Deed Book D, 1800-1806]
p. 92 4 Oct. 1799, William Carden & Dicey, his wife, to James Pey,
all of Oglethorpe Co., for $60, 30 acres in said co., beg. black oak on
Pey's cor., on Goosby's line to cor. post oak, on new line made by
Carden and Pey to maple in fork of branch, down branch to Pey's line, on
Pey's line to beg. (signed) William (X) Carden, Dicey (X) Carden. Wit:
Thos. Nunnally, James (X) Goolsby, Mary (X) Carden. 26 July 1800,
proved by Jas. Goolsby before Charles Campbell, J.P.

[pg 385][Deed Book E, 1806-1809]
p. 353 10 Nov. 1807, Robert Carden of Clark Co., Ga., to Benjn.
Blanton of Oglethorpe Co., Ga., for $150, 200 1/2 acres in Wilkinson
Co., Ga., 22nd Dist., Lot No. 208, adj. Lot Nos. 209, 183, 207 & 213
on Rocky Creek, in fee simple. (signed) robert (X) Carden, Jane (X)
Carden. Wit: Thomas Wood, William Wood, Christopher Kimbill, Wm.
Wood. Oglethorpe Co.: proved by Christopher Kimbell, 9 Mar. 1808,
Alexr. McEwen, J.P. Recorded 6 July 1808.