BUSTIN Genealogy and
Family Roots

The Immigrant BUSTIN

Three of the five earliest records refer to Christopher "BURSTON"'s relationship to John GATHER/GATER, who paid for his passage to America.

From Cavaliers and Pioneers Vol 1

[Patent Book No. 1 - Part I.]
John Gater, 300 acs. Eliz. Citty
Co., 21 Sept. 1636, p. 389. Being a
neck of land on the E. br. of Eliz. Riv.
upon the N. side, bounding Sly. on sd.
river., Nly. into the woods, Wly. upon
a Cr. & Ely. upon a Cr. called "dun
out of the moier." 50 acs. for his own
per. adv. & 250 acs. for trans. of his
wife Joane Gater & 4 pers: Tho. Hale,
CHRISTO. BURSTON, Edward Bosaker,
Thomas Rouse. Renewed.

From Lower Norfolk Co VA Court Records by Alice Granbery Walter

[pg 32][06 Jul 1640]
It is ordered by this Court that Mr: John Gather shall give to
his late servant Christofer BURSTEN on barrel of eares, one sute
of apparell, one shirt, one pare of shoes and one pair of stockins,

[pg 136][17 Jul 1643]
Whereas John Gater is indebted unto Xop: BURSTEN ye some
of 3 [pounds] Sterling. It is therefore ordered that ye sd John
Gater shall make payment of ye sd debt with 71 lb tob for
Court Charges by ye last of Oct next otherwise execucon.

[pg 221][16 Feb 1645/6]
Know all men by these presents that I Wm: Durford of eliz-
abeth River Shipwright for divers Causes mee herewith move-
ing have bargained and sold and doe by these presents bar-
gaine, sell and deliver unto Xpofer BUSTIAN on black
Coulored Cowe cropt on both eares a slitt into and two
pieces taken from underneath, one yearling Cowe Calfe pyde
collored of the aforesaid marle one black bull yearling
cropt on both eares a slitt in the neare eare to have hold
and injoy the aforesaid Cattle with theire encrease to him
and his heires, exors &c and to his or theire owne proper
use and benefitt Without the lett hinderance or disturbance
of him ye said William Durford his heires &c forever. In
wittness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand this 30 Sep
Signed & delivered in presence of Will Durford
Edd: Loyd, Thomas Tooker.

[pg 230][15 Jun 1646]
Concerning the difference in question betweene Thomas Marsh
& Xpofer BUSTIAN. It is ordered that the said Thomas Harsh
shall pay unto the said BUSTIAN 5 dayes worke of a sufficient
hand and the Court Charges else exec.

Early History

The BUSTINs remained in the vicinity of Lower Norfolk Co VA until after the Revolutionary War. In 1784 Christopher (V) BUSTIN, g.g.grandson of the immigrant, died in Lower Norfolk Co. His minor sons John and Christopher (VI) BUSTIN moved to Halifax Co NC with their step-mother. In early 1795 they sold land in NC that they had inherited from their father and moved to Warren Co GA. They did not stay there long. By 1800 Christopher (VI) BUSTIN was back in South Carolina where his wife's father had died. By 1805 John BUSTIN had moved to Greene Co GA. They were both in Putnam Co GA by 1820.

Descendants of Christopher BUSTIN

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BUSTIN Last Wills and Testaments

William BUSTIN
Grandfather of the Christopher BUSTIN who married Elizabeth DUNN

Benjamin BUSTIN [Abstract only]
Brother of Christopher BUSTIN who married Elizabeth DUNN

Christopher BUSTIN
Son of William BUSTIN and Elizabeth LEWELLEN

Son of Christopher BUSTIN and Elizabeth DUNN

Christopher BUSTIN
Son of Christopher BUSTIN and Elizabeth DUNN

Texas Deaths

The following people were found in the Texas Death Index for 1903-1940
NAME                            COUNTY         DATE           FILE NO

BUSTIN  CHAS NEWTON             TRAVIS         07/31/32       32256
BUSTIN  DAVO                    PARKER         04/04/17       11383
BUSTIN  DELILAH ELLEN           WILLIAMSON     10/20/38       48379
BUSTIN  ETHEL MARGAREET         WILLIAMSON     04/30/20       15358
BUSTIN  G E MRS                 HARRIS         05/31/13       10694
BUSTIN  JACK, INF OF            STEPHENS       05/18/25       19514
BUSTIN  JOE THEODORE            GONZALES       09/08/19       26629
BUSTIN  MARTIN THOMAS           MCLENNAN       09/09/40       42823

No BUSTIANs or BUSTIONs were found

Published Works About the BUSTINs

The Family and History of George Washington Bustin
Larry Bustin
612 Trace Road
Laurel MS 39440

Drake-Arrington, White-Turner, Linn-Brown and Two Dozen Related Southern Lines
(pages 71-76)
Jo White Linn, C.G.
Box 1948; Salisbury NC 28145-1948
LC# 84-81760; ISBN# 0918470-17-x

BUSTIN Researchers

Halifax Co NC to Warren Co GA

Around 1795 the brothers John and Christopher BUSTIN moved from Halifax Co NC to Warren Co GA. Moving with them from Halifax Co were several other families, including FLEWELLENs, PITTS, WILLIAMS, PERSONs, and others. These families were associated with each other for at least fifty years. Besides moving together, they married each other and witnessed each other's deeds and wills. In the belief that none of these families can be considered in isolation I'm trying to put together a GEDCOM file that includes all these families and covers five generations, the period from roughly 1750 to 1850. Any information you have that should be included here would be greatly appreciated.

Download the GEDCOM file. (as of 12 Aug 1997)

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