Date:    Wed, 17 Apr 1996 23:26:12 EDT 
From:    George Archer  
Subject: Finding People by Name 
Picking up on the NGS/CIG meeting earlier this month, there were some 
URLs you can use to search for people with a surname of interest, 
even find an old boy/girlfriend, roomate, classmate, etc. Not 
included below are the search engines that could theoretically be 
used to search on a surname, and then there is Veronica, Gopher, 
Archie and the MIT server (below) that scans the usenet email headers 
for a surname. 
People Finders 
  WWW People Profile Registry
  Internet Email Address Finder
  World Email Directory
  Person Locator (commercial)
 Missing Persons 
   Obituary Page Searching persons known to be or presumed dead
            Dead Pepople Server ( 
             Missing Persons Classified Ads 
              Homeless & Missing 
              Homeless children reunited with birth family or put 
              with adoptive  families in country of birth  or another 
              country  People 
 Yellow and White Pages Directory Central Source Yellow pages NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages (TM) YellowNet Nynex Interactive Yellow pages World Yellow Pages Network Bell Atlantic Interactive Yellow pages World Wide Yellow pages  Residential and business white Residential and business white
 Phone Directory demos of CD's 
 The Internet Phonebook
 Infoplus Internet Directory
 Online telephone directories worldwide
 Phone Books
    Find a Person by Surname Who Posted to a Newsgroup 
     Body: send usenet-addresses/ 
       eg  send usenet-addresses/Archer 
     (Returns the email address of anyone who has "Archer" in the email 
     address from messages recorded since Aug/Sep 1991.) 
 All the above from my NetGuide. 
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 Author of NetGuide: Genealogist's Guide to Internet, an etext at: 
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