Date:    Tue, 26 Mar 1996 23:51:06 EST  
From:    George Archer   
Subject: Map Resources on Internet, Jess Lewis:  
My son, while "surfing", recently came across a new (?) map service,  
that is really neat, and will be of interest to Genealogy Buffs.  
It is located at.......     
Probably the most obscure of sites with the most active links to map resources is:    
For those who want more on maps, here is a section on maps from my NetGuide, Section I.6.  
- WWW sites:  
o Maps  
  US Geological Survey home page  
  .gif collection and aids  
  National Mapping Information page  
      (Click on "Map Dealers, then state you want. List of USGS map dealers  
  The Map Store  
  Old Maps of Paris  
  Geographic Information Experiment  
  Xerox PARC Map Viewer  
  Mapquest - Interactive Map Creator  
  Israel Sensitive Map  
  Map of Califorinia counties  
  Kentucky Atlas and Gazetteer  
  Kentucky Place Names  
  University of Minn. John R. Borchert Map Library  
  OSEDA -- Thematic Maps for Missouri & United States  
  Maps of Montana  
  New England and Upper Connecticut River Valley  
   A Major map site with links to maps everywhere on Internet  
  Oregon Maps  
  Texas Maps Page  
  U.S. and International  
  US Gazeteer  
  Census Maps  
    1880 Federal Census, partial extraction  
  State Shaded Relief Maps  
  Three Dimensional Maps- Digital Elevation Model  
  JHU/APL Digital Relief Map of the US (Image Browser)  
  Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library  
  The Virtual Tourist, a geographic directory of WWW servers  
        "Tour the Virtual World" - maps  
  ASCII Atlas  
  University of Texas at Austin Perry-Castaneda Library and links to other maps sites -  
      Links to many other map sites.  
  National Atlas Information Service  
  Pointers to Map Resources on Internet  
  Centennial (dynamically-changing map through history)  
  University of Minnesota Borchert Map Library  
  George Mason University - WWW Virtual Library - Index  
  World of Maps  
  Australian WWW servers/services- Interactive map  
  National Atlas of Canada on SchoolNet  
  Map of Germany  
  Map of India  
  Street Map of Limerick  
  Street Maps of Dublin c.1904 and Today  
  Riga, Latvia -  
  Kedainiai, Lithuania -,161  
  Lithuania - Sensitive Lithuania Map (click on city and get  
    information on major cities )  
  Old maps of Dutch towns  
  Scottish Ordnance Survey maps from the late Victorian period  
  Oxford University Bodleian Library Map Room  
      Official British depository for all map publishers. Largest  
      collection of Ordnance Survey maps in existence  
  Ukraine Map -  
  Chevnnisty, Ukraine  
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