Frank Angus Forsyth, Sr.

Fearless Fosdick

Frank Angus Forsyth, Sr. was born July 12, 1922 on a trip his mother had made from Detroit, USA to Toronto, Canada to visit her sister. While she was there she went into labor. She returned to Detroit a few weeks later with Frank Angus Forsyth, Sr. He was raised and educated in Detroit until his father died after a long illness. At that time he moved to Toronto to live with his aunt. During that time he graduated from Danforth Technical School in Toronto in 1938. He got a job as a tool and die maker but left it to join the RCAF in Dec, 1941, when war was declared. When he went to war, his mother sold his Model A 1932 Ford. He didn't really care about the car but was upset because all of his tools were in back in the rumble seat!!! That guy got a great bargain!!! He earned his wings on March 1, 1941 and finished flight training and went to England in early 1942. On his 21st Birthday, July 12, 1943, he transferred to the US Army Air Corps in England. His father and mother were US citizens having emigrated from Scotland to the US.

Having been born in Toronto with an American father, Frank carried a dual citizenship. When he turned 21, he could legally choose American Citizenship, thus joining the US Air Corps. At that time he went from flying Spitfires to P47's and the pay was a little better. After the Korean War, he was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in Palmdale, California and worked as the Chief of Flight Test and Air Craft Acceptance on the F102 and F106 program for the Air Force. On Nov 29, 1958, he was the 15th man and the first Air Force pilot to fly Mach II, twice the speed of sound, qualifying in a F106A. He was the first pilot to fly a fighter air craft across the US from coast to coast, only touching the controls on take off and landing (auto pilot) on March 23, 1960. This was one of the first planes with computer controls with a black box the size of a suitcase.

Fearless held the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with two Silver Clusters, Air Force Commendation 2 clusters, Air Force Longevity Award 3 clusters, American Campaign Medal, European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal and US Service Medal.

Fake Belgium Passport while Frank was with the Belgium Underground

Picture of Frank's plane after it crashed in Belgium

Another picture of the belly landing in Belgium- note the Fearless Fosdick painting on the side of the plane.

Original sketch of the Fearless Fosdick painting

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Frank A. Forsyth Jr. - May 1, 2005